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  • Music Painting

    Music Painting

    20 November 2020

    This term year 9 pupils have been studying the work of American pop artist, James Rosenquist.

  • Art Mocks

    Art Mocks

    20 November 2020

    This week has seen the year 11 and 13 pupils taking their Art mock exams.

  • When life gives you lemons...

    When life gives you lemons...

    20 November 2020

    Over the last few weeks, a major change has struck Sherfield, with that of course being the need for masks in school. As somebody who has been at Sherfield for nearly all my life, it is odd to see students and teachers alike walk the halls wearing masks.

  • A Listening Ear

    A Listening Ear

    18 November 2020

    Year 10 have been focusing on Mental Health in PSHE this term.

  • Bringing theory to life

    Bringing theory to life

    18 November 2020

    The Year 9 GCSE PE group have been enjoying some practical elements within their lessons, putting their knowledge of the anatomy and physiology theory to the test.

  • Our View of the World

    Our View of the World

    13 November 2020

    Year 6 have been exploring what affects our view of the world in religious studies.

  • Circuits & Mini-Shelters

    Circuits & Mini-Shelters

    13 November 2020

    This week in Outdoor Education Year 6 used their knowledge of circuit symbols to create giant circuit diagrams in the woods. 

  • Every Penny Matters

    Every Penny Matters

    13 November 2020

    This week at Sherfield, our school has supported two significant charity events: Remembrance Day and The BBC Children in Need Appeal. All charities are struggling to secure enough donations to stay afloat as a consequence of Covid-19 and the closure of their shops and cancellation of fundraising eve...

  • Polar Bears and the Titanic in Year 2

    Polar Bears and the Titanic in Year 2

    13 November 2020

    This week Year 2 have been role-playing boarding the Titanic and writing a log book with details of their accommodation, food and activities.

  • Year 3 Library Time

    Year 3 Library Time

    12 November 2020

    Year 3 have really been enjoying their time spent in the library this week.

  • Year 5 Gymnastics

    Year 5 Gymnastics

    12 November 2020

    Year 5 have been creative during their Gymnastics lessons in PE and have been looking at different paired balances and how to implement these into a routine. Pictured are some of their ideas.

  • Mini-Beast Hunt

    Mini-Beast Hunt

    11 November 2020

    This week in outdoor education, Year 1 read the story ‘Norman the Slug With a Silly Shell’.

  • Poppies in the Nursery

    Poppies in the Nursery

    11 November 2020

    The children in Caterpillars have made a lovely collage to commemorate Remembrance Day 2020.

  • We shall remember them...

    We shall remember them...

    11 November 2020

    Sherfield marked Remembrance Day with the laying of stones. Alfie, Prep School Head Boy, invited all pupils to paint a stone with a poppy. 

  • GCSE Art and Design Exhibition

    GCSE Art and Design Exhibition

    08 November 2020

    After working exceptionally hard on their GCSE Art and Design, the class of 2020 were sadly unable to exhibit their work during the summer term due to the new restrictions.

  • A Moment in History

    A Moment in History

    06 November 2020

    You may well remember a really poignant newsletter introduction last year from our Head Girl of Senior Prep, India regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. A fascinating piece of writing as she projected herself into the future, to a time where she was retelling the story of the pandemic to her grandchildre...

  • Anatomy and Motion

    Anatomy and Motion

    06 November 2020

    In Science, Year 7 have been making model arms and dissecting chicken wings to help them learn about movement.

  • Year 3 Maths

    Year 3 Maths

    06 November 2020

    In Year 3 they have been learning to add and subtract 2-digit and 3-digit numbers. 

  • Netball Coaching

    Netball Coaching

    05 November 2020

    During Year 5 and 6 Games the girls have been working on the accuracy of their netball passing and 1-2 passing to get around a defender.

  • Autoportrait


    05 November 2020

    In French, a few Year 7 pupils took up the challenge of creating some magnificent masked self-portraits which unfold to reveal a grand array of French adjectives and eye-catching illustrations.

  • Atlas Antics!

    Atlas Antics!

    04 November 2020

    As Year 5 begin their new thematic learning topic...

  • Outdoor Art

    Outdoor Art

    04 November 2020

    Year 4 had a lovely Outdoor Learning session where they took part in an Autumn scavenger hunt and created outdoor art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. 

  • Caring Letters

    Caring Letters

    04 November 2020

    As part of our Enrichment programme, Year 3 have been communicating with Applewood Care Home.

  • Year 12 Sewing Bee

    Year 12 Sewing Bee

    02 November 2020

    In the first half term year 12 students took part in a sewing bee. They studied the work of Keith Haring and David Hockney to create a series of garments. Once the garments were completed, students learnt how to take a professional photo shoot using studio lighting, for our glamourous year 13 models...

  • Ceramic Face Tiles

    Ceramic Face Tiles

    16 October 2020

    This term year 9 and 10 researched the artist Louise Futon, who creates decorated ceramic face tiles.

  • Year 9 Montserrat Tourist Operators

    Year 9 Montserrat Tourist Operators

    16 October 2020

    After studying the causes and devastating impacts of the Soufriere Hills volcano on Montserrat, some of the year 9 pupils worked together to create a tourist campaign to encourage visitors back to the island.

  • The student becomes the teacher

    The student becomes the teacher

    16 October 2020

    Year 10 took on the role of teacher this week to teach the others in their groups the four key mathematical constructions using a pair of compasses and a ruler.

  • Rotary Club Fair

    Rotary Club Fair

    16 October 2020

    Today the Year 4 Junior Rotary club held their fundraising fair. It included fun activities and games which pupils in Years 3 and 4 took part in.

  • Who are the best learners?... Are you curious?

    Who are the best learners?... Are you curious?

    16 October 2020

    Professor John Hattie says, ‘if you ask children who are the best learners and why? – too many will say those who just seem to get it, or are naturally talented.’ Hattie also says that ‘these are the very attributes that do not relate to learning, learning involves a challenge. Learning involves bei...

  • Cracking Smiles

    Cracking Smiles

    16 October 2020

    In Science yesterday Year 4 looked at their eggs, after being submerged in five different liquids for a week. They wanted to see the affect each liquid had on the egg shell. After observing the appearance and feel of each egg, they made conclusions about which drinks were better for their teeth.

  • Kensukes Kingdom

    Kensuke's Kingdom

    16 October 2020

    In Outdoor Education this week Year 5 took inspiration from 'Kensuke’s Kingdom', completing their shelters and building signal beacons to attract passing ships.

  • Woodland Skeltons

    Woodland Skeltons

    15 October 2020

    In Outdoor Learning this week, Year 3 used their knowledge of the human body to create their own woodland skeletons. 

  • Creepy Capers

    Creepy Capers

    15 October 2020

    Reception Class 1 have loved the wonderfully creepy activities this week. In their adult-led sessions, they have been writing and making potions and learning festivals rhymes and songs.

  • Pterodactyl Project

    Pterodactyl Project

    15 October 2020

    Year 9 Design and Technology students have been working hard on their Pterodactyl project.

  • Walk like an Egyptian

    Walk like an Egyptian

    15 October 2020

    Year 4 had such a fun day on Wednesday. The pupils made a superb effort to dress up as an ancient Egyptian.

  • Day of the Dead

    Day of the Dead

    15 October 2020

    Over the last two weeks year 3 and 4 art after school club have been working on a design for a Day of the Dead pillow.

  • How to make...

    How to make...

    14 October 2020

    Year 3 pupils have been learning to use the different features of instruction writing, including imperative verbs and adverbs.

  • Growth Mindset

    Growth Mindset

    14 October 2020

    On Mondays Year 9.2 tutor group focus on their growth mindset and particularly motivation, setting goals, self-belief and resilience.

  • Coaching Peers

    Coaching Peers

    14 October 2020

    This week in Health, Fitness and Well-being pupils have been creating their own fitness sessions in pairs and then delivering their fitness session to another pair. This is to develop important skills such as creativity, collaboration and communication.

  • Eau De Forest

    Eau De Forest

    14 October 2020

    In Outdoor Education this week, Year 1 had fun choosing from a range of nature activities.

  • Danish Long Ball

    Danish Long Ball

    13 October 2020

    Another Monday morning, means another sports session during tutor time for 7.4 and this week it was Danish Long Ball! It was great to see the pupils practising a range of skills such as sprinting, kicking, throwing, dodging and most importantly – working together in a team!

  • Global Citizenship

    Global Citizenship

    13 October 2020

    The Global Citizens have had a very busy half term addressing the Global issues of Poverty, Fair trade, Food Waste and Sustainable Farming. The pupils have organised a food collection with all of the donations going to Spotlight in Basingstoke who help over 300 families in the local community.

  • Peculiar Pets

    Peculiar Pets

    13 October 2020

    In the Young Writers Enrichment programme this half term the Year 3s have been working on the theme of ‘Peculiar Pets’. 

  • Virtual Farm Visit 

    Virtual Farm Visit 

    12 October 2020

    The Year 9, 12 and 13 Business Studies pupils participated in a virtual farm visit to Chilton Manor Farm.

  • Sherfield Mural

    Sherfield Mural

    12 October 2020

    The Sherfield Community Artists have been busy producing a design visual for their client presentation this week.

  • Sound Maps and Teeth in Year 4

    Sound Maps and Teeth in Year 4

    09 October 2020

    In Outdoor Learning, Year 4 used super listening skills to create Sound Maps of the woods. 

  • Engaging students in their learning

    Engaging students in their learning

    09 October 2020

    Autumn term is always very busy in Sixth Form, especially for Year 13 students, who are juggling the additional demands of finishing their university applications and revising for November mock exams.

  • Inventive Revision

    Inventive Revision

    09 October 2020

    Year 11 have been using biscuits to creatively revise circle theorems in GCSE Maths - a topic which has lots of diagrams to memorise!

  • Down to the woods

    Down to the woods

    09 October 2020

    This week the Ladybirds nursery children having been learning about woodlands. They have been making hedgehogs out of clay and a woodland train track.

  • Year 7 Dodgeball

    Year 7 Dodgeball

    09 October 2020

    7.4 had fun in their first Monday Morning Sport session during morning tutor time where they enjoyed a dodgeball competition. After some great performances the scores were tied at 2-2. What a great way to start off their week!

  • Senior Girls Volleyball

    Senior Girls Volleyball

    09 October 2020

    During Senior Games, the girls have been participating in a range of sports and this week they took part in a Volleyball tournament! Given not many of the girls had played before, it was great to have some of our Spanish and American students coaching their peers.

  • Year 3 & 4 Art ASC

    Year 3 & 4 Art ASC

    09 October 2020

    Year 3 and 4 Art after school club have been working with clay this half term. They have studied the Native American Indians and made their interpretation of a totem pole.

  • Landmark Models

    Landmark Models

    09 October 2020

    In Outdoor Learning this week, Year 2 created landmarks with natural materials and also role played the Great Fire of London with model houses.

  • Sixth Form Lunch Tasters

    Sixth Form Lunch Tasters

    07 October 2020

    This week, in the Sixth Form we were lucky enough to host two Sixth Form taster days for small groups of the Year 11s, which included a wonderful array of new lunch options for the students to trial and give their feedback on.

  • What’s the most accurate predictor of academic achievement for children?

    What’s the most accurate predictor of academic achievement for children?

    02 October 2020

    Since everyone returned to school last month, it has been wonderful to see the smiles on the faces of our children as they arrive each day, whether that’s a pupil in Reception on their first day, a girl in Year 8 back after so long at home, or a young man in the Sixth Form after a summer without exa...

  • Egyptians, Funny Bones and Medicine in Outdoor Learning

    Egyptians, Funny Bones and Medicine in Outdoor Learning

    01 October 2020

    In Outdoor Learning this week...

  • A school without children is a soulless place

    A school without children is a soulless place

    25 September 2020

    As a teacher of Classics and History I have often found myself digging out a good quotation from one or other of the Greek, Roman or Medieval philosophers to start an assembly or lesson, and this, from Alexander the Great’s teacher, seems to sum up well the current climate.  Although Aristotle was t...

  • Years 3 and 4 Boys Hockey Tournament

    Years 3 and 4 Boys Hockey Tournament

    25 September 2020

    In Years 3 and 4 boys hockey yesterday, they put the skills they have learnt over the last few weeks to the test in to a competitive tournament where team 'Wales' were crowned the overall champions!

  • Health, Fitness and Wellbeing

    Health, Fitness and Wellbeing

    25 September 2020

    Isabelle, Darcy and Ava in Year 8 worked on their burpees in Health, Fitness and Wellbeing to improve their muscular endurance and power.

  • Make Believe

    Make Believe

    24 September 2020

    This week the Ladybird children have been playing with the babies and putting them to bed, they have also been playing on the toy laptop pretending to do some work and learning colours.

  • Storage Solutions

    Storage Solutions

    23 September 2020

    Emilie in Year 13 has been working hard developing her own storage solution inspired by the work of Tom Raffield in 3D Design. Emilie is aiming to produce a modular piece of furniture that can be adapted for the different needs of various users.

  • Music Technology

    Music Technology

    22 September 2020

    Students have really enjoyed getting hands on in the recording studio as part of Music Technology enrichment on Friday afternoons.

  • An evening under the stars

    An evening under the stars

    21 September 2020

    What a fabulous evening Year 7 had building their community spirit and learning the skills of collaboration and communication. Rounders and den building kicked off the evening where there was great team work and lots of smiles!

  • How we will stay together, while the world stays apart

    How we will stay together, while the world stays apart

    18 September 2020

    I have been asked on several occasions recently, what lessons have been learnt and what changes have been made at school and in our community since the coronavirus pandemic took hold?

  • Ancient Greece

    Ancient Greece

    18 September 2020

    As part of their thematic learning this half term looking at Explorers, Invaders and Settlers, Year 5 have been learning about Ancient Greece.

  • Lego Mindstorms

    Lego Mindstorms

    18 September 2020

    Lego Mindstorms is back for the 2020-21 season.

  • ISA Art Competition 2020/21

    ISA Art Competition 2020/21

    18 September 2020

    The ISA hold an annual Arts competition and this year’s shortlisted entries to represent the school are the following...

  • Welcome to the Millionaires Club

    Welcome to the Millionaires Club

    18 September 2020

    We launched our Accelerated Reader programme last year and started the race to become word millionaires. Little did we know then, that COVID 19 would try to put a spanner in the works!

  • Bonjour mes amis

    Bonjour mes amis

    18 September 2020

    In year 1 the children have had their first French lessons.  They have learnt to sing the song ‘Bonjour mes amis’, have found out simple facts about France and made a flag.

  • Journey Into Space

    Journey Into Space

    17 September 2020

    Year 5 have started the term by learning about Holst’s Planet Suite and this week were creating their own music to represent ‘Venus: Bringer Of Peace’.

  • Write like Roald Dahl!

    Write like Roald Dahl!

    17 September 2020

    The children in Year 3 have been spotting key features of Roald Dahl's writing.

  • Learning Outside

    Learning Outside

    17 September 2020

    Year 3s really enjoyed making some insect homes, inspired by Roald Dahl’s story of James and the Giant Peach.

  • Leaf Printing

    Leaf Printing

    16 September 2020

    In Year 3's outdoor enrichment activity afternoon they had a go at leaf printing whilst trying to identify the different trees and plants that the leaves had come from. They also found a selection of minibeasts hiding under logs!

  • The Number Line

    The Number Line

    16 September 2020

    Year 4 went outside to explore the number line during one of their Mathematics lesson this week.

  • Bubble Photography

    Bubble Photography

    15 September 2020

    The Art of Photography enrichment group, made up of year 9 & 10 pupils, were making large bubbles in the school grounds.

  • Negative and Prime Numbers

    Negative and Prime Numbers

    14 September 2020

    In Maths last week year 7 completed a negative numbers treasure hunt in order to consolidate this topic. This required them to run around hunting for clues to complete all of the questions.

  • Meet our Head Boy and Head Girl

    Meet our Head Boy and Head Girl

    11 September 2020

    We hope you have had a great summer (given the circumstances) and we are delighted to welcome you all back for another academic year here at Sherfield School.

  • Apples and Yoga

    Apples and Yoga

    10 September 2020

    On their first day back, the Butterflies went to the dance studio to sing and dance. They talked all about their names and what class they are in now.

  • Dance Duets

    Dance Duets

    10 September 2020

    Year 11 GCSE Dance pupils Annabelle and Ruby are enjoying exploring duet work for their dance performance.

  • Years 3, 4 and 7 Boys Hockey

    Years 3, 4 and 7 Boys Hockey

    09 September 2020

    The Year 7 boys enjoyed playing hockey in their games lesson last Wednesday. For the majority of the boys this was their first experience of Hockey and they all did a fantastic job working on their dribbling and passing and developing their understanding of the basic rules in Hockey!

  • Time Capsules and Artifacts in Year 4

    Time Capsules and Artifacts in Year 4

    08 September 2020

    They have had fun in Year 4, creating time capsules and getting to know their new pupils and teachers. They were also transported back in time to 1922 when Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun's tomb filled with treasure. We had fun discovering the artfacts that were found inside.

  • Welcome Back Boarders

    Welcome Back Boarders

    07 September 2020

    We were delighted to welcome our boarders back last week which kicked off with a day of team building, icebreaker games and dodgeball!

  • Speech Day 2020

    Speech Day 2020

    03 July 2020

    Our Speech Day premiered on YouTube and Facebook at 4:30pm yesterday. Thank you to all those that tuned in and for your fantastic feedback. We hope you enjoyed watching it as much as the pupils and staff enjoyed putting it together.

  • A very different year at Sherfield

    A very different year at Sherfield

    03 July 2020

    Well done everyone!  We have made it to the end of a very different year at Sherfield!  I don’t believe we have ever had so many volunteer home tutors before, however, with the utmost respect for everyone, I truly hope we don’t require your help in quite the same way in the future!

  • Year 3s French Café

    Year 3's French Café

    02 July 2020

    To celebrate the end of their first year of learning French, year 3 have had a French café with croissants, pains au chocolat and brioches.  Bon appetit!

  • End of Year Celebrations!

    End of Year Celebrations!

    02 July 2020

    Our classes, pupils, bubbles, houses, tutors and phases were all able to join in the end of term celebrations this week whether that be online or in person.

  • Oh I do like to be beside the Victorian seaside!

    Oh I do like to be beside the Victorian seaside!

    26 June 2020

    This half term in humanities year 2 have been learning about seaside holidays in Victorian times. 

  • We Handled It

    We Handled It

    26 June 2020

    It was nearing the end of February this year and I was starting to get excited about my birthday. It was on a Friday which always feels extra special as celebrations can continue into the weekend. My younger brother had just had his so all the focus was now on mine. My mum had booked the day off wor...

  • Welcoming Back Our Pupils

    Welcoming Back Our Pupils

    26 June 2020

    On 1st June we were excited to welcome back to school our nursery, reception, year 1 and year 6 pupils. The following week we were able to welcome back year 2, year 3, year 4 and year 5 and last week we welcomed back year 10 and year 12. They returned to a new reality of socially distanced learning ...

  • The Paper Bag Challenge

    The Paper Bag Challenge

    26 June 2020

    The Year 4’s did the Paper Bag challenge today. Each group represented a family living in a crowded and poor shantytown in Kolkata.

  • Maths Outside

    Maths Outside

    26 June 2020

    In maths this week, Year 2 have been revising shape and pattern. They have worked outside to make repeating patterns and symmetrical pictures using natural materials.

  • Good Vibrations

    Good Vibrations

    25 June 2020

    Year 4.2 have been enjoying lunch and break times outside. This week they took part in a fun science experiment where they explored how sound vibrations travel through the air.

  • A Dragon at Sherfield School

    A Dragon at Sherfield School

    24 June 2020

    Year 1 have had a week of excitement. It all kicked off when they watched some ‘CCTV’ footage showing a special visitor in the school grounds.

  • Hadrians Wall

    Hadrian's Wall

    23 June 2020

    To complete their Romans topic, in history, year 3 have been building Hadrian’s Wall. Alexander is remote learning at home and created an absolutely fantastic and detailed model.

  • Time Learning Remotely

    Time Learning Remotely

    19 June 2020

    We hope you and your family are well! We wanted to tell you what we have done in Lockdown, so this is our story during our time inside.

  • The Pupils become the Teachers

    The Pupils become the Teachers

    18 June 2020

    During Morning Motivation this week some of our Year 6 pupils led from the front, having created their own routines during their Fitness and Wellbeing session.

  • Beside the Seaside

    Beside the Seaside

    18 June 2020

    In Humanities Year 2 are learning about Seaside Holidays in Victorian Times. They were set a challenge of making a model bathing machine. Theo, Vrishank and Harry from 2.2 all made these models at home.

  • National Portrait Gallery Photography Competition

    National Portrait Gallery Photography Competition

    17 June 2020

    Hold Still, a portrait of our nation in 2020.

  • Year 10 Summer Art Exam

    Year 10 Summer Art Exam

    17 June 2020

    This Summer Year 10 GCSE Art students have been working on designing a box for the hair dye brand Pulp Riot. They have created their own individual concepts and researched a variety of contextual source materials from Street Artist Banksy to Korean Pop groups.

  • Year 11 Landscape Photograpy

    Year 11 Landscape Photograpy

    16 June 2020

    This week Year 11 Art and Photography pupils investigated the theme of Landscapes as part of their Year 12 Prep.

  • Lockdown Olympic Games 2020

    Lockdown Olympic Games 2020

    16 June 2020

    Who needs Tokyo 2020 when you have Sherfield School's Lockdown Olympics 2020!?

  • Handmade with love

    Handmade with love

    15 June 2020

    During this current situation Shrihan, Year 3, has been very touched and wanted to do something for the Keyworkers. He's made 47 candles, one for every carer at Applewood Care Home. He made the candles (with a bit of help from mum), packaged them and handed them over to the care home. They were very...

  • The Robin Hood Experience

    The Robin Hood Experience

    15 June 2020

    Reception Class went on a sensory walk last week to discover what it was like to live in the forest like Robin Hood.

  • Our GEMS X journey

    Our GEMS X journey

    12 June 2020

    After many weeks of researching and developing ideas on how to tackle water pollution and economic water scarcity, our solution was the ‘cstraw’.

  • Taking Stock

    Taking Stock

    12 June 2020

    As we head into the final few weeks of an interesting, challenging yet extremely rewarding year at Sherfield, it is perhaps a good time to take stock and consider the year ahead. We are all acutely aware of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and this is so evident currently with the recurring debat...

  • Building a Hole for our two new Footgolf courses!

    Building a Hole for our two new Footgolf courses!

    12 June 2020

    In Maths this week Year 6 were tasked with designing a hole for a new Sherfield Footgolf course. They needed to create a design and work out the area and perimeter of their hole.

  • Year 1 English, Maths and Art Outdoors!

    Year 1 English, Maths and Art Outdoors!

    11 June 2020

    Year 1 have been enjoying working outdoors this week. In English, they wrote wanted posters to help the Sheriff on Nottingham capture Robin Hood. 

  • Nature Art

    Nature Art

    11 June 2020

    Year 2.2 and Year 5 created Mandalas this week and sourced all of the materials used outside.

  • Year 6 Wellbeing

    Year 6 Wellbeing

    10 June 2020

    Year 6 went on a walk in the woods this week and were set two challenges - to create a mammal, insect or reptile and a portrait of Mrs West using anything they can find in the woods!

  • Year 3 Science and Stories

    Year 3 Science and Stories

    09 June 2020

    Year 3 have really enjoyed being back in school.

  • A Level Art Preparation

    A Level Art Preparation

    08 June 2020

    Last week pupils were studying Life Drawing and the use of Chiaroscuro (strong directional lighting). Pupils produced their own photoshoot trying to capture dramatic lighting, having researched a range of different source material.

  • Virtual Battle of the Bands 2020

    Virtual Battle of the Bands 2020

    05 June 2020

    Following on from the success of our Virtual Rock & Pop concert, the Music Department invited pupils to put together their own ‘band performances’, to take part in a virtual version of our iconic Battle Of The Bands event.

  • Year 6 Fitness and Wellbeing

    Year 6 Fitness and Wellbeing

    05 June 2020

    This week some Year 6's were able to take part in Morning Motivation in person! 

  • In Year 4 this week...

    In Year 4 this week...

    05 June 2020

    Year 4 created some lovely pictures using natural found objects in Art. Henry creating his natural paintbrush (with a little bit of help from a power drill). Alexis’ wonderful natural paint brushes

  • Reception and Year 1s First Week Back

    Reception and Year 1's First Week Back

    05 June 2020

    The pupils in Reception and Year 1 have been getting stuck into their new topic, Robin Hood. They’ve enjoyed comparing the character profiles of Robin Hood and The Sheriff of Nottingham through this role on the wall activity.

  • 60 years from now...

    60 years from now...

    05 June 2020

    60 years from now, I imagine myself sitting in my rocking chair with one of my grandchildren. He tells me that in history at school, he is learning about the Coronavirus and his teacher has told his class some things that he is finding quite scary. Hundreds of thousands of people died and there was ...

  • Year 7 Portrait Reproduction

    Year 7 Portrait Reproduction

    04 June 2020

    Our Year 7s have been looking at portraits in Art and they were asked to reproduce a painted portrait in a photograph. Their photos are uncanny we're sure you will agree...

  • Roman Shields

    Roman Shields

    03 June 2020

    As part of their Romans topic, Year Three’s half-term challenge was to research, design and make their own Roman Shield. They all enjoyed the task and made some fantastic creations!

  • School Review

    29 May 2020

    In March 2020, Maya Boyd from Muddy Stilettos Hampshire came in to review the school. She spent the day touring every part of the school, visiting the classrooms and speaking to staff and pupils, leaving no stone unturned in order to get a true feel for the school. You can read her full review here.

  • Year 4 - Virtual School Week 6

    Year 4 - Virtual School Week 6

    22 May 2020

    In English, Year 4 have been writing animal poems this week. They have followed a structure and focused on developing some powerful noun phrases, including adjectives and prepositions to add description.

  • Year 3 and Year 5 History

    Year 3 and Year 5 History

    22 May 2020

    Year 3 are learning about The Romans in History.  They have learnt about how and where Roman Roads were built.  They were challenged to build their own mini Roman Road, which Lachlan, Rafe and Shrihan did a fantastic job of!

  • Kindness Week

    Kindness Week

    22 May 2020

    It's Mental Health Awareness Week this week and this year's theme is Kindness.

  • GEMS X - The Final

    GEMS X - The Final

    22 May 2020

    What a fantastic journey this team has been on, the first team from the UK to enter GEMS Global Challenges and to be shortlisted on their first attempt was a superb achievement. 

  • Year 7 learn to play the Ukulele!

    Year 7 learn to play the Ukulele!

    15 May 2020

    Learning from home wasn’t going to stop Year 7 learning ukulele as planned for the summer term!

  • Bees and Explorers

    Bees and Explorers

    15 May 2020

    In Science this term, Year 4 have been learning about different habitats, with a focus this week on bees. In History, Year 4 have been learning about different explorers.

  • Covid-19 - My Thoughts and Experiences

    Covid-19 - My Thoughts and Experiences

    15 May 2020

    We are currently experiencing what could be seen as the biggest restriction of civil liberties for our generation since the Second World War. As a student nearing the end of my secondary education, these unprecedented circumstances have given rise to a whole new set of opportunities and challenges w...

  • Measures & An Island Home

    Measures & An Island Home

    15 May 2020

    In maths this week, Year 2 have been learning all about measures.  They have been finding out about temperature, weight and capacity.  The children have been asked to look in cookbooks for temperatures, weigh household items and make potions for the fairy godmother!  What a lot of fun measuring can ...

  • Year 4 Art

    Year 4 Art

    14 May 2020

    Year 4 were tasked with making trees from objects and designing monuments to celebrate the keyworkers including a monument of keyworkers holding hands, based on the red army sculpture on the A33 and a rainbow flower bed!

  • Apple Swans

    Apple Swans

    13 May 2020

    The Year 10 Food class were set a practical challenge of making apple swans! Why not give it a go and impress dinner guests (when we can have guests again!)

  • GEMS X Update… The Bootcamp

    GEMS X Update… The Bootcamp

    13 May 2020

    Our Year 9 GEMS X team have been extremely lucky this week as they have attended two days of a virtual bootcamp in Dubai. On the downside, it has meant that students have had to face two 6am starts! The team attended workshops run by industry experts in a variety of fields from Design,  Digital Mark...

  • VE Day 2020

    VE Day 2020

    08 May 2020

    Senior Prep pupils were definitely very busy, baking scones and cakes, following 1940s recipes, making bunting and celebrating with garden parties and socially distanced street parties. Well done to everyone that shared their photos. Gaby, Year 6 made scones and delivered them to elderly neighbours....

  • Virtual Reception Class - Week 4

    Virtual Reception Class - Week 4

    07 May 2020

    Reception class are continuing to learn new life skills throughout this online learning period. One of the most popular being, learning to ride a bike without stabilisers!

  • Virtual Year 4.2 - Week 4

    Virtual Year 4.2 - Week 4

    07 May 2020

    This week Year 4 have been studying habitats. Joao-Ricardo demonstrated that he was able to compare and contrast the same habitat at different points throughout the year, clearly noting the plants and animals that would be living there.

  • Introducing our new staff members

    04 May 2020

    We have three new members of staff. One has already started with us and two are due to start in September 2020.

  • This week in Year 1

    This week in Year 1

    01 May 2020

    This half term the children in Year 1 will be learning all about plastic pollution and the impact it has on our planet’s oceans. In English this week, they have begun a new story called Somebody Swallowed Stanley written by Sarah Roberts.

  • This week in Reception

    This week in Reception

    01 May 2020

    Reception Class are learning about fractions this week. They started off by finding half of 2D shapes, then found half of various food items in their homes and are now finding a quarter of a shape.

  • Emotional challenges and their impact

    Emotional challenges and their impact

    01 May 2020

    The response of the Sherfield School community during the current crisis has been absolutely astonishing, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every individual for their continued efforts.

  • Year 4 explore puppets and Columbus

    Year 4 explore puppets and Columbus

    30 April 2020

    This week Year 4 have been studying Christopher Columbus.

  • Make it with Mr M

    Make it with Mr M

    29 April 2020

    Mr Marshall will be posting weekly challenges that encourage pupils to be creative and make small toys from everyday materials.

  • Defying Gravity

    Defying Gravity

    28 April 2020

    In this week’s Science investigation lesson, Year 7 and 8 were looking at a simple experiment where water seems to defy gravity.

  • Pre Reception go travelling

    Pre Reception go travelling

    24 April 2020

    Last week Pre Reception travelled around Europe.

  • The Sherfield Spirit!

    The Sherfield Spirit!

    20 April 2020

    Aaryan in Year 6 has been very busy during the Easter holidays. He cooked Indian meals and took them up to Basingstoke Hospital for the frontline workers to say thank you for all that they are doing.

  • Top 10 Tips for a Smooth Transition into Reception Class

    16 April 2020

    1.  Sherfield is the place to be! 2.  Let’s Talk about School 3. Sharing is Caring 4. Sherfield Says Relax 5. I can do it too! 7. Strike a Pose 8. What’s your name? 9. Sherfield Says 10. Make a Date

  • Art Master Challenge Continues

    Art Master Challenge Continues

    03 April 2020

    This week there have been some fantastic entries. Challenges have included 'make a short video demonstrating how to wash your hands', 'make the best sculpture from your recycling bin' (winner pictured -India, Darcy and Harper's magic bean tree) and make the best alphabet.

  • Year 11 Artists

    Year 11 Artists

    03 April 2020

    Year 11 Art pupils have been undertaking a 10-hour Mock exam at home this week.

  • Year 3 Poems

    Year 3 Poems

    02 April 2020

    Year 3 have been planning and writing their own poems using an ABAB rhyme scheme. They chose their own theme and thought of lots of different rhyming words to get them started. Aliza , for example, wrote this superb one about the coronavirus!

  • Independence, resilience and adaptability

    Independence, resilience and adaptability

    02 April 2020

    In the past few weeks, we have all needed to embrace significant changes and operate in a very different way.  I would very much like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the dedication and hard work of our staff, they have managed to seamlessly migrate years of classroom practice to an online...

  • Year 12 Art

    Year 12 Art

    02 April 2020

    This term Year 12 artists have been working on producing work that would form the graphics for the cover of a Biology textbook.

  • Reception Class this week...

    Reception Class this week...

    02 April 2020

    Reception class have been learning to tell the time. They identified key features of clocks and then made our own natural clocks with seasonal objects that they found outside.

  • Supercooled water experiment

    Supercooled water experiment

    01 April 2020

    In Science last week, Year 7 and 8 were challenged to design and conduct a science investigation to discover how to make supercooled water (below its freezing point and will freeze the moment you knock it or disturb it).

  • Singing for Fun

    Singing for Fun

    31 March 2020

    Pupils and staff alike have kept the feel-good factor of group singing alive by joining in ‘Singing For Fun’ over the last two weeks.

  • Online Music-Making

    Online Music-Making

    30 March 2020

    Year 9 have been exploring online music-making possibilities this week using Google Chrome Labs’ Song Maker. Continuing with their unit on Film Music, pupils were tasked to create their own theme for a comedy film.

  • Year 1 goings on

    Year 1 goings on

    27 March 2020

    The children in Year 1 have been set different challenges each day in order to keep fit, learn life skills and get stuck into creative activities.

  • Year 4s cross-curricular study of World War II

    Year 4's cross-curricular study of World War II

    27 March 2020

    Year 4 have been studying World War II in history and this week have recreated 1940s wartime dances and a dance to a song about a girl who died during the war, sung wartime songs such as 'we're going to hang out the washing', baked wartime scotch shortbread and Yorkshire puddings using rationed item...

  • Sherfield Spirit

    Sherfield Spirit

    27 March 2020

    At the end of our first week's adventure into the wonderful world of online learning, I must thank you all for your support and commitment.  The Sherfield Spirit is strong and the whole community have been fantastic in embracing the challenges of working in a new way. 

  • Year 8.1 fancy dress form time

    Year 8.1 fancy dress form time

    27 March 2020

    8.1 decided to make form time a little more fun the week before the holidays by dressing up! The form group had been superb all week adjusting to Zoom lessons and thought now was a good time to make the most of not having to wear a school uniform.

  • What a week for our Reception Class

    What a week for our Reception Class

    27 March 2020

    In Reception Class, the children have been given daily life-skills activities e.g. time management and tying shoelaces. They took these on whole-heartedly!

  • Year 11 bring their pet to tutor time

    Year 11 'bring their pet to tutor time'

    26 March 2020

    Tutor group 11.3 had a 'bring your pet to tutor time' twice this week, because, when at Sherfield Virtual School, why not!?

  • California training!

    California training!

    25 March 2020

    On Wednesday Sherfield staff continued to develop their online learning skills receiving more training in using Zoom technology.

  • Art Master

    Art Master

    23 March 2020

    In light of the current climate, I wanted to lift peoples spirits and have decided to run a special challenge each day called 'Art Master' (the return). I ran this on the Art residential trip this year and if you haven't seen Taskmaster (what's stopping you - catch up on UKTV / Dave) it is a series ...

  • The New Digital World of Education

    The New Digital World of Education

    20 March 2020

    As we approach a very uncertain and different future, I would very much like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your fabulous support.  It’s always incredible how communities come together during difficult times and this period is no different.  We are entering a new virtual world with so...

  • Year 10 Art Nature Exhibition

    Year 10 Art Nature Exhibition

    17 March 2020

    Last term Year 10 pupils completed a project on Micro Bugs. Pupils worked in a variety of media to learn a range of recording skills and accurately observing shapes from nature.

  • Poetry and Shakespeare

    Poetry and Shakespeare

    16 March 2020

    After the “Book Week” success, last week has been just as busy with some very exciting events in the English department!

  • Pi Day 2020

    Pi Day 2020

    13 March 2020

    14 March is Pi-day, a day which celebrates this awesome irrational number. As a school, pupils have been involved in various events both in and out of the classroom in the run up to the special day tomorrow.

  • Science Week 2020

    Science Week 2020

    13 March 2020

    This week students at Sherfield have been recognising British Science Week by taking part in a number of activities.

  • Spring in the Nursery

    Spring in the Nursery

    13 March 2020

    The Butterflies Nursery children made the most of the lovely Spring sunshine today to enjoy a woodland walk in the grounds and see all of the daffodils. The children really enjoyed building a pretend camp fire with the sticks they found in the area and sat down to admire their efforts.

  • Creative Play and Expression

    Creative Play and Expression

    13 March 2020

    This week at Sherfield we enjoyed two fabulous activity mornings in Pre-Reception and Nursery.  With children joined by parents and staff, they were able to engage in a range of lovely experiences painting, sticking, pasting, making, singing and being creative.  Although these opportunities may seem...

  • Year 2 Water Walk for Charity

    Year 2 Water Walk for Charity

    13 March 2020

    In Geography Year Two are learning about Malawi.  They have found out that many children their age miss school due to collecting water each day, walking an average of 6km per day. 

  • Happy Holi Festival 2020!

    Happy Holi Festival 2020!

    11 March 2020

    Year 4 students have been learning about springtime festivals from different religions around the world.

  • Vocal Concert 2020

    Vocal Concert 2020

    11 March 2020

    The Music Department held their annual vocal concert on Wednesday evening, prepared and hosted by singing teacher Gail Mortley. The evening was very well attended and the audience enjoyed performances from pupils as young as Year 4, all the way up to some of our most experienced singers at GCSE leve...

  • Art for the Boarding House

    Art for the Boarding House

    10 March 2020

    To celebrate the success of the talented artists within the boarding house, work has been photographed, printed and framed to create a new exhibition space. The art ranges from Year 10 to 12 and documents various coursework projects the students have been working on. The media varies from watercolo...

  • Pre-Reception Spring Activity Morning 2020

    Pre-Reception Spring Activity Morning 2020

    10 March 2020

    On Tuesday Pre-Reception held their Spring Activity morning. Many of our families came to join and they all had a fabulous time. There were a variety of activities for children to get involved in including Easter biscuits, spring play dough and a potting shed. They finished the event by singing som...

  • Book Illustrations

    Book Illustrations

    09 March 2020

    The students in Years 3 to 8 worked hard and showed their creativity on World Book Day last week.

  • Parent Survey Results 2020

    Parent Survey Results 2020

    09 March 2020

    Many thanks to all parents who kindly took the time to share your views in our annual parent survey conducted last term.

  • Sixth Sense- Where next?

    Sixth Sense- Where next?

    06 March 2020

    Hi everyone! We’re back from our Emirates trip and into another exciting week at Sixth Form. Last Friday we had the opportunity to visit the University and Apprenticeship Fair to start our application process.

  • Dressing Up and Celebrating

    Dressing Up and Celebrating

    06 March 2020

    Dressing up has certainly been the theme for the week at Sherfield! World Book Day was a wonderful experience with so many fabulous costumes. So much time and effort was put in to celebrate the day in style with so many different characters on display. The house competitions certainly provided an op...

  • 100 Days of School

    100 Days of School

    06 March 2020

    Reception and Year 1 are celebrating their 100th day in class today!

  • Wild, Wild West!

    Wild, Wild West!

    05 March 2020

    Year 6 Historians have been learning about the culture and history of the Native American Indians and have produced some wonderful pieces of homework this week.

  • World Book Day 2020

    World Book Day 2020

    05 March 2020

    At Sherfield, we don’t just dress up for World Book Day! 

  • Friends of Sherfield Easter Egg Collection

    Friends of Sherfield Easter Egg Collection

    02 March 2020

    Friends of Sherfield are once again collecting chocolate Easter eggs for Basingstoke Children’s Services. FOS will deliver all the eggs collected to BCS before the end of term, for them to distribute to low income families in the local community over the Easter period.

  • Body Bingo!

    Body Bingo!

    02 March 2020

    To kick off our new science topic, My Amazing Body, Year 1 have been naming and labelling parts of the human body.

  • GEMS X Competition Success!

    GEMS X Competition Success!

    28 February 2020

    Students from Year 9 and 10 have been working extremely hard in their GEMS X enrichment this term.  The students were tasked with researching how cutting edge technology can be used to develop solutions for some of the biggest challenges facing the world today.

  • Communities pulling together in times of adversity

    Communities pulling together in times of adversity

    28 February 2020

    During the last week, we have witnessed how globally interconnected our world is. As the news is dominated by the Covid-19 virus outbreak, it is important that we spare a few thoughts for the individuals and communities affected across the world. The devastating impact on health and wellbeing is sig...

  • Sixth Sense - Hot chocolate woes and trips a plenty...

    28 February 2020

    Hi, we’re back after a jam-packed half term which is a prime opportunity to review the last half terms work and consolidate knowledge. It is important, however, to break up revision with seeing friends and spending time with family. 

  • Maths and Science is all around us

    Maths and Science is all around us

    27 February 2020

    Year 4 have been exploring perpendicular and parallel lines in mathematics this week. We were surprised at how many examples of these lines that we could find around school.

  • Year 2 explore Ahlberg

    Year 2 explore Ahlberg

    26 February 2020

    Year Two are learning about the author Allan Ahlberg. They have been finding out all about his life and have made a poster about him.  They have read lots of his books and have chosen their favourites!

  • Pancake Maths!

    Pancake Maths!

    25 February 2020

    On Tuesday Year 2.1 celebrated pancake day! The children used their measurement skills to measure all the ingredients and then cooked their own pancakes.

  • A Trip to CERN

    A Trip to CERN

    24 February 2020

    A group of Year 11-13 students visited CERN, the largest particle accelerator on Earth, and the city of Geneva, just before the end of the half term.

  • Junior Rotary help the Camrose Centre

    Junior Rotary help the Camrose Centre

    14 February 2020

    The Junior Rotary Club recently undertook a massive campaign to collect unwanted Christmas gifts and food donations to help the homeless in Basingstoke.

  • What an exciting end to the first spring half term

    What an exciting end to the first spring half term

    14 February 2020

    What an exciting end to the first spring half-term at Sherfield as we waved off our skiers on their trip to Italy!

  • Sixth Sense-An interview with...

    Sixth Sense-An interview with...

    14 February 2020

    We are Millie and Sasha; we are currently in our first year of sixth form here at Sherfield. We believe that the sixth form should have more of a contributive voice within the school. As we are both studying English as one of our A-levels, we both thought that this will be the best way to be heard. ...

  • Year 3s trip rocked!

    Year 3's trip rocked!

    13 February 2020

    Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Stonehenge. They thought about how and why the stones came to be there; how the site has changed over time and how archaeologists and historians uncover facts from history.

  • Exploring the USA!

    Exploring the USA!

    12 February 2020

    This week in Geography Year 6 have been presenting their homework projects about a state of their choice.

  • 50 Things After School Club

    50 Things After School Club

    11 February 2020

    Every Thursday pupils in Senior Prep take part in activities similar to the ’50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4’ National Trust challenge.

  • Demonstrating energy, commitment and a desire to succeed

    Demonstrating energy, commitment and a desire to succeed

    07 February 2020

    Recently Sherfield School rocked the O2 in London.  This week it has been the turn of the Haymarket Theatre in Basingstoke as the students of Horace Green Prep School have entertained us all with their fabulous performances of School of Rock.  With stand-out performances in abundance and a wonderful...

  • Year 9s make self portraits

    Year 9s make self portraits

    05 February 2020

    Year 9’s have been working on portraiture since September and have all produced an A3 canvas self portrait in the style of the artist Francoise Neilly, who uses bright abstract colours and the technique of palette knife application.

  • Year 12 make model buildings

    Year 12 make model buildings

    04 February 2020

    Year 12 DT students Dominic, Emilie, Sam and Jaime have been working hard recently creating models for an imaginary new 6th Form building. Using computer aided design, laser cutting and more traditional techniques. Well done Year 12!

  • Art Trip to Devon

    Art Trip to Devon

    03 February 2020

    Year 10, 11 & 12 Art students have just returned from a 3 night stay in Devon at a crafts and activities hotel.

  • John Williams eat your heart out!

    John Williams eat your heart out!

    31 January 2020

    As part of their thematic learning on the Wild West, Year 6 pupils have been learning how to create their own miniature film scores for a Western movie in Music.

  • An air of positivity!

    An air of positivity!

    31 January 2020

    It’s been a very eventful and fascinating week as we have enjoyed the pleasure of the company of some very special visitors to Sherfield.

  • Poetry Live! 2020

    Poetry Live! 2020

    30 January 2020

    On Thursday the Year 11 students were fortunate to attend Poetry Live! and hear, in person, some of the greatest living poets, including Carol-Ann Duffy (past) and Simon Armitage (present), Poet Laureates for Great Britain.

  • Life Beyond The Sixth Form

    Life Beyond The Sixth Form

    28 January 2020

    The Year 12 EPQ students enjoyed immersing themselves in the world of academic research during their study day at the University of Southampton.

  • Young Voices 2020

    Young Voices 2020

    26 January 2020

    A coach full of 65 very excited pupils from Sherfield Senior Prep made its way to the 02 Arena last Friday. Despite it being Sherfield’s first year participating in Young Voices, students were very well prepared, having learnt all 12 songs (including several medleys) through weekly rehearsals with H...

  • Importance of collaboration

    Importance of collaboration

    24 January 2020

    Collaborating and working with others can be a very stressful experience.  A group project or task at school or indeed at work may be an anxious encounter for some people.  However, opportunities to work within a team and build collaborative skills is really important for our children, so they exper...

  • Big Buddy Workout

    Big Buddy Workout

    21 January 2020

    A huge thank you to all our pupils in Year 1 to 6 who have been collecting their sponsorship money following the Big Buddy workout last Wednesday.

  • Mixed Media Portraits

    Mixed Media Portraits

    20 January 2020

    In the last half term Year 12 artists have been researching mixed media portraiture. They developed and designed their own interpretations on this theme.

  • Gone Fishing

    Gone Fishing

    19 January 2020

    Reception Class' topic this half term is ‘under the sea’. In order to really engage with the topic, the pupils were given the opportunity to explore fish.

  • Tremendous Tens and Ones

    Tremendous Tens and Ones

    17 January 2020

    Year 1 have been exploring the place value of 2-digit numbers this week.

  • Senior Prep English Coffee Morning

    Senior Prep English Coffee Morning

    17 January 2020

    This morning Senior Prep were joined by a group of parents in the library to talk about reading.

  • Young Voices 2020

    Young Voices 2020

    17 January 2020

    Senior Prep are all very excited about the Young Voices concert on 24th January. 

  • Year 10 Moodlighting

    Year 10 Moodlighting

    17 January 2020

    Year 10s have been working really hard recently designing mood lighting using the design programme CAD and are now building their circuits.

  • Importance of Reading in today’s society

    Importance of Reading in today’s society

    17 January 2020

    In a world transformed by technology, social media and dominated by hectic lifestyles, the benefits and more importantly enjoyment of reading sometimes get lost!  Whilst I thoroughly enjoy ‘getting lost’ in a good book, personally I often find it difficult to find the time and space to sit and enjoy...

  • Wild Wild West!

    Wild Wild West!

    10 January 2020

    To build on the Year 6’s theme this term, they made mini bows and arrows in Outdoor Learning, using lolly sticks, tooth floss and ear buds. 

  • Welcome back and a belated Happy New Year!

    Welcome back and a belated Happy New Year!

    10 January 2020

    With Christmas firmly behind us and 2020 in full flow, it is amazing how quick time flies by. As I write this welcome to our first newsletter of the calendar year on the 10th January, we start the beginning of a new and very exciting decade at Sherfield School. As a school and with your support, w...

  • Pre-Reception Go Back In Time

    Pre-Reception Go Back In Time

    10 January 2020

    This week Pre Reception have been going back in time, looking at how people used to live.

  • Winter Welly Walk

    Winter Welly Walk

    10 January 2020

    Reception class went on a welly walk to spot signs of winter. They were able to identify fungi, moss, buds and both birds nests and dreys in the trees! They also noticed that all of the leaves that fell in autumn are now mushy and rotten.

  • Junior Prep Spanish

    Junior Prep Spanish

    10 January 2020

    Last term during Spanish lessons the Junior Prep children had lots of fun learning new vocabulary and improving their pronunciation.

  • Wattle and Daub

    Wattle and Daub

    10 January 2020

    Last term Year 5 learnt about the different aspects of Tudor life. 

  • Head Boy & Head Girl Autumn Blog

    Head Boy & Head Girl Autumn Blog

    13 December 2019

    When looking back on this term, we both feel that it has been memorable and indeed special for a multitude of reasons. We have seen our school grow as we welcome new students, parents and staff to the school, each bringing their skills and talent to help the Sherfield School community blossom, wheth...

  • Sherfields First Lego League

    Sherfield's First Lego League

    13 December 2019

    The legoMindstorms club competed in the Stevenage First Lego League. It was our first competition as a group and an opportunity to put all the recent hardwork to the test. The team were identified by the judges as demonstrating excellent teamwork skills as they competed against some very experienced...

  • Final countdown to Christmas 2020

    Final countdown to Christmas 2020

    13 December 2019

    So, here we are on the final countdown to Christmas and I’d like to talk briefly in our newsletter this week, not about the twelve days of Christmas, but actually about the 65 days of the Autumn term at Sherfield School.

  • Opportunity knocks!

    Opportunity knocks!

    06 December 2019

    As we enter the final week of a busy Autumn term, it is worth reflecting on the opportunities to participate and excel at Sherfield School. Whether this is through the day to day taught curriculum, the rich array of co-curricular clubs and activities or the more extended provision across the school....

  • Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

    Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

    06 December 2019

    The Reception children have been celebrating Saint Nicholas Day today. Saint Nikolas Day is celebrated in lots of different European Countries such as Germany and Poland.

  • UK Maths Challenge

    UK Maths Challenge

    06 December 2019

    Congratulations to the following year 13 and 12 pupils who were awarded certificates in this year’s United Kingdom Senior Maths Team Challenge...

  • The festive season started a little early at Sherfield this year

    The festive season started a little early at Sherfield this year

    29 November 2019

    You may well have noticed that the festive season started a little early at Sherfield this year! Thanks to the very impressive team of helpers from Friends of Sherfield, the school has been transformed once again into a homely joyous retreat.

  • The Trade Game

    The Trade Game

    29 November 2019

    Year 6 have been learning about trade and economics in Geography as part of their thematic learning about The Victorians.

  • Year 11 Mocks Underway

    Year 11 Mocks Underway

    29 November 2019

    Year 11 have been sitting their first mock exams this week.

  • Miss Molly had a dolly

    Reception Explore Nursery Rhymes

    22 November 2019

    Reception have been learning about Nursery Rhymes this week.

  • Wheres Bogdan?

    Where's Bogdan? X Marks the Spot!

    22 November 2019

    Year 1 have been learning positional and directional language in Geography this week. The class meerkat, Bogdan went for a walk.

  • Present please sir!

    Present Please Sir!

    22 November 2019

    Year 6 went back in time today to experience life in a Victorian School room.

  • Outdoor Learning Day with Wandsworth Prep

    Outdoor Learning Day with Wandsworth Prep

    22 November 2019

    On Monday, Year 4 and 5 spent an awesome day in the woods with a group from Wandsworth Prep.

  • Forgiveness


    22 November 2019

    This week at Sherfield, we have been thinking about forgiveness in assemblies and tutor periods. We have listened to amazing stories of people who have shown forgiveness in the most challenging of circumstances. Pupils were asked to reflect on what forgiveness meant to them and share their thoughts ...

  • Community Spirit!

    Community Spirit!

    15 November 2019

    This week, our pupils have celebrated World Kindness Day and supported Children in Need with a range of fundraising activities.  The first group of Junior Prep Kindness Ambassadors have been appointed and have a very important role in spreading kindness and good spirit across our school community. 

  • The Great Sherfield Sewing Bee

    The Great Sherfield Sewing Bee

    15 November 2019

    Year 12 Art students Sasha, Millie and Melinda have been learning to sew this term. After their initial experiments, they were set a “Sewing Bee” task to design and make a dress inspired by a famous artist. The students only had one week to complete it before asking the Reception pupils to model the...

  • Remembrance Day

    Remembrance Day

    15 November 2019

    On Sunday the 10th November, pupils, staff and parents from the school joined members of the Sherfield community to commemorate Remembrance Sunday 2019.  A wreath was laid at the Sherfield-on-Loddon War Memorial by the Heads of School and Heads of Prep School in memory of Capt Aidan Liddell and the ...

  • FAWCO Youth Volunteer in Athens

    FAWCO Youth Volunteer in Athens

    08 November 2019

    Over the half term, I had the chance to visit Athens and all its assets as a cultural volunteer/ambassador for the FAWCO Youth Programme.

  • Londons Burning

    London's Burning

    08 November 2019

    To end their Fire Fire! topic in style, Year 2 set fire to their model houses. 

  • Welcome back!

    Welcome back!

    08 November 2019

    Our annual Fireworks event this evening is a great opportunity to join together as a community and celebrate a great British tradition. This week in assemblies and during tutor time, pupils have discussed the reasons behind the celebrations and the circumstances leading to the Gunpowder Plot in 1605...

  • Harvest Festival 2019

    Harvest Festival 2019

    18 October 2019

    It’s amazing how quickly time flies by as we come to the end of another really positive and very busy half-term at Sherfield School. Many thanks to all members of the school community including pupils, staff, parents, extended family and partners for all their contribution this term. 

  • Young Voices 2020

    Young Voices 2020

    18 October 2019

    Tuesday mornings in the Courtyard Studio have been filled with song this half term, as Senior Prep Pupils have been learning a variety of musical numbers (along with accompanying dance moves!) for Young Voices 2020.

  • Year 9 Able, Gifted and Talented Day

    Year 9 Able, Gifted and Talented Day

    18 October 2019

    This Monday, the Bellevue Group ran an Able, Gifted & Talented Collaborative Learning Day for pupils in Year 9.  This was hosted by Sherfield School with pupils and staff visiting from Farlington and Webber Schools.  The pupils were placed into teams and were set the open-ended task of re imagining ...

  • Year 2s Eco-Crew

    Year 2's Eco-Crew

    11 October 2019

    Year 2 have been learning about everyday materials. They learnt about their properties, suitability and are now learning about recycling. Year 2 is very conscious of how important it is to look after our environment, and in order to start looking after the planet, Year 2.1 have created an Eco-Crew.

  • The future at Sherfield

    The future at Sherfield

    11 October 2019

    Following another successful week at Sherfield, I am delighted to welcome parents to our Headmaster’s Drinks Reception this evening. It is a great opportunity to meet informally, share our experiences and discuss the future at Sherfield. I hope you agree that there is a genuine positivity and optimi...

  • Why Is Teamwork Important in the Classroom?

    Why Is Teamwork Important in the Classroom?

    04 October 2019

    You may not be a fan of rugby or even sport in general, however, it is hard not to admire the collaboration and teamwork involved in excelling in top-level team sport. 

  • Year 6 experience World War 1

    Year 6 Experience World War 1

    04 October 2019

    This half term Year 6 pupils have been learning all about World War 1 as a cross-curricular theme. They have been investigating trench warfare in History, discussing communication during Outdoor Learning and putting together mini performances in class to showcase a medley of recruitment songs.

  • The Daily Mile

    The Daily Mile

    27 September 2019

    This week  Years 2, 3 & 4 have been running The Daily Mile as an initiative to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • Year 7 Camp out

    Year 7 Camp out

    27 September 2019

    Year 7 spent an enjoyable “night under the stars” last Friday. After putting up their tents they took part in a scavenger hunt to find hidden musical instruments. They enjoyed a evening meal followed by a night walk.

  • Year 1s Scientific Investigation

    Year 1's Scientific Investigation

    27 September 2019

    Year 1 have had lots of fun conducting their first scientific investigation this week to find out which materials are the best to build with. The children had to build new houses for the Three Little Pigs after the Big Bad Wolf blew their stick and straw house down. 

  • Sherfield students know how to work together!

    Sherfield students know how to work together!

    27 September 2019

    In a week when politicians have stolen the limelight at a national level and shown us all how not to behave, Sherfield students continue to model excellent behaviour and exemplary attitudes in everything they do.

  • Why is being Curious so important?

    Why is being Curious so important?

    20 September 2019

    “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein It’s no secret that curiosity makes learning more effective and enjoyable. Curious students not only ask questions, but also actively seek out the answers. Without curiosity, Sir Isaac Newt...

  • The Key to Academic Success

    The Key to Academic Success

    20 September 2019

    No matter when in school it occurs, academic failure can have negative consequences for students.  Academic success, on the other hand, can empower students to achieve outstanding results in their studies and future careers.

  • Receptions First Two Weeks 2019

    Reception's First Two Weeks 2019

    19 September 2019

    Reception's first two weeks at Sherfield have been extremely busy!

  • Year 8 go Green!

    Year 8 go Green!

    13 September 2019

    Today Year 8 worked with staff from IBM to explore how technology can be sustainable. In teams of four, the students developed an idea that could reduce carbon, energy, water and waste in school. They took part In a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style workshop to help them come up with those great ideas.

  • Escape Room Art

    Escape Room Art

    13 September 2019

    Year 8 to 12 have been participating in Escape Room Tasks in Art this week. They have had to work together to figure out the clues; using their observation skills, creativity and problem solving abilities they completed tasks in a pressurised time environment.

  • Outdoor Learning

    Outdoor Learning

    06 September 2019

    We have had a great start to our Outdoor learning at Sherfield this week. The Year 2s had a great afternoon in the woods, taking time to use their senses to discover things that normally go unnoticed.

  • UK Maths Trust Summer School

    06 September 2019

    Bonnie in Year 11 was invited to take part in the United Kingdom Maths Trust Summer School over the holidays and spent a week at Woodhouse Grove School in Leeds.

  • Improving Sherfield Estates

    An update from the Facilities Manager

    06 September 2019

    Our Facilities Team has seen a new appointment with Mark French now Facilities and Estates Manager. The team have worked hard to over the holidays to ensure the grounds are ready for the new term as well as working on some new projects which include uncovering the amazing architecture of the walled ...

  • The AVP Diploma

    The AVP Diploma

    06 September 2019

    Sherfield staff were very excited to be launching the new Enrichment Programme to pupils and parents at the inaugural Enrichment Fair this afternoon. The ethos of enrichment at Sherfield centres around the school’s motto – Ad Vitam Paramus - Preparing for Life.

  • A message from the Head Boy and Head Girl

    A Message from the Head Boy and Head Girl

    06 September 2019

    We would like to begin by welcoming everybody back to Sherfield for the start of what we are confident will be a fantastic year for the whole school.

  • All about Me!

    All about Me!

    06 September 2019

    Our topic this half term is ‘All about me’ so this week we are learning about our school.

  • Small changes at Sherfield

    Small changes at Sherfield

    06 September 2019

    The start of term is always such an exciting time of year, as students and staff return refreshed, energised and excited about the new term.  As we all embrace different challenges and new opportunities, we enter the 2019 academic year with renewed optimism and positivity.

  • GCSE Result Celebrations

    GCSE Results

    22 August 2019

    Our pupils have worked extremely hard to achieve impressive results with initial figures showing that 42% of grades were 9 to 7 with an impressive 93% pass rate including Maths and English.

  • Celebrating Examination Success!

    Celebrating Examination Success!

    22 August 2019

    As we approach the end of the summer break, we are delighted to share in the fabulous success of our students in their A-level and GCSE examinations. 

  • Celebrating A Level Results

    A Level Results

    15 August 2019

    Pupils at Sherfield are celebrating significantly improved grades this year...

  • Fresh Food Demos

    05 July 2019

    This week in the dining room we had a number of interesting demonstrations by Holroyd Howe

  • The journey from last September to now

    The journey from last September to now

    05 July 2019

    At the end of a very busy and incredibly rewarding year at Sherfield I hope you agree we have made significant progress in many areas.  As we reflect on the success of our students, it is important to consider the journey from last September to now.  The ‘buzz’, excitement and energy evident yesterd...

  • Building a School Community

    Building a School Community

    28 June 2019

    If you were fortunate to have joined us at Sports Day last week you will have enjoyed the experience of bringing together a school community.  This week we have enjoyed further events including our Pre-Reception Production, Year 8 Farewell BBQ/Rounders match, Move Up Day and our Outdoor Adventure Da...

  • Charity Guide Dog Walk

    27 June 2019

    We are very pleased to let you know that we have raised the grand sum of £467.28 from our annual sponsored walk for 'Guide Dogs for the Blind'. A huge thank you to all of our very supportive parents for their generosity, it is much appreciated.

  • Battlefields Trip

    27 June 2019

    The Battlefields Trip was a great success with pupils in Years 8 and 9 experiencing a fascinating and moving 3 days around Ypres and the Somme.  

  • Walk for Water Aid

    27 June 2019

    On Wednesday Year Two took part in a 6 kilometre sponsored walk in support of the charity Water Aid. Thank you to everyone who has donated, if you wish to contribute the donations page can be found here. 

  • Fabulous Flute Concert

    27 June 2019

    A big thank you to Sam Gill our flute teacher for putting together the excellent Flute Concert on Wednesday evening.

  • Growing Onions

    27 June 2019

    During the last 6 weeks the Year 3 pupils were conducting research in science. The research question was "How does competing for resources impact on plant growth?" The pupils loved doing the experiment and were eager to do another!

  • The Jungle Book

    21 June 2019

    This week saw the postponed year 1 and 2 production of The Jungle Book staged as a promenade performance through the beautiful Sherfield grounds.

  • FIFA House Competition

    21 June 2019

    Last week’s house competition - a PlayStation 4 FIFA tournament - was a fiercely competitive affair, with the frenzied support of the houses bringing back memories of last summer’s carnival atmosphere during the Men’s World Cup.

  • Sherfield Ski Trip 2020

    14 June 2019

    Following an extremely successful ski trip in February we are delighted to announce that we have now secured our booking for 2020; where we are going to be staying at the Hotel Saint Martin in Aprica, Italy.

  • Year 1 Trip to Carisbrooke Castle

    14 June 2019

    Year 1.1 had an amazing ‘Wow!’ introduction to their new topic about Castles with an exciting trip to Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight.

  • Year 2 Trip to Osborne House

    14 June 2019

    Year 2 visited Osborne house in the Isle of Wight last week. Our pupils have worked together to described their exciting day.

  • Year 3 and 4 Residential

    07 June 2019

    Year 3 and 4 had an fantastic time at The Gordon Brown Centre, on their recent residential trip.  We had wonderful weather and enjoyed a whole host of exciting activities over two days.

  • 30 Days Wild

    07 June 2019

    There is an ever-growing body of research that proves spending time in nature has a positive impact on children.  What’s not to love about being outside in Sherfield’s beautiful grounds - we are so very lucky to have the space that we do! 

  • Year 8 Cyber Ambassadors: Online Safety Peer to Peer Training

    07 June 2019

    The Year 8 Cyber Ambassadors took over the Year 8 PCHE lessons this week to share two of the activities they learned about on the recent Cyber Ambassador training.

  • ISA Athletics

    07 June 2019

    The PE department took over 60 pupils to compete at the ISA Regional Athletics at Thames Valley Athletic centre in Eton on Wednesday. Pupils from Year 3 to Year 10 were selected to represent Sherfield School in running, jumping and throwing events. Sherfield took the second biggest team! The pupils ...

  • Prep School's "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"

    28 May 2019

    The Prep School have been extremely busy this term rehearsing their anticipated performance of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat".

  • Photography Club

    24 May 2019

    Since the start of the Easter term we have been running a new Photography Club for all ages from year 7 to 13. Each week we have been exploring the wonderful school grounds, doing walks in different areas and discovering the lesser seen sights of the grounds.

  • Colourful Data Collection

    24 May 2019

    In Year 3 we have been learning about data handling and recording and presenting data. We used packets of skittles to collect data. Starting with the hypothesis "all the packets have an equal number of each coloured skittles".

  • Go Team Sherfield!

    24 May 2019

    On Sunday the 19 June Sherfield Students from Year 2, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 competed in the National Schools Biathle (Run Swim Run) in Leweston.

  • Sherfield Sport Success!

    24 May 2019

    What a great week for Sherfield Sport!

  • SherFIELD

    17 May 2019

    Students across the whole school from the nursery all the way up to 6th form have been working on a collaborative art piece inspired by the work “Field” by Antony Gormley. Each person has made their own tiny terracotta person who looks up from the ground at the viewers.

  • Sponsored Walk for Malawi

    17 May 2019

    After learning about Malawi in Geography, Year Two have decided to do a 6k sponsored walk to raise money for Water Aid. 

  • Sherfield's Mini Masterchefs Get Cooking

    17 May 2019

    Last week it was cup-cakes, this week, cheese straws.  The enthusiasm for our Mini Masterchefs Club has been fantastic and today saw our budding cooks tackling the cheesy task of folding flour, butter and cheese to make a "breadcrumb-like mix" and separating egg yolks for the mixture which they hope...

  • Goldilocks Porridge Tasting

    10 May 2019

    Reception's text driver this week is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children are taking part in lots of different Goldilocks inspired learning, including porridge tasting!

  • Maths is out of this World!

    10 May 2019

    This week saw the first Royal Institution Maths Masterclass at Sherfield for Years 5 and 6.

  • Year 8 Biology The Search for Stomata

    10 May 2019

    This week the Year 8 have been studying Plant Biology, they have been learning about photosynthesis and in this lesson they have learned about the structure of leaves and how they control the movement of gases into and out of the leaf.

  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze

    10 May 2019

    Sherfield School’s DofE group were out again last weekend and this time they were in full force.

  • Year 5 & 6 Trip to Heatree

    03 May 2019

    Day 1 - Monday 29 April After a quick lunch on our arrival and a welcome from the Heatree staff, the children were very excited to move into their bedrooms earlier than expected giving them a chance to choose their bunks and make their beds. Our first activity involved a variety of tasks an...

  • Year 6 Radio Stars

    03 May 2019

    As part of their English unit on Persuasive Writing, Year 6 created products for which they designed adverts for print and they also composed an advert for the radio.  

  • Silver Duke of Edinburgh

    26 April 2019

    On Thursday 4th April, 14 intrepid adventurers, supervised by James Bridges and Victoria Briggs, set out for Exmoor. With poor weather and three days of hiking, totalling 45-50km, on the horizon, the bus journey down to Minehead was a quiet one. Friday 6.00am came about all too soon and the group wa...

  • Year 8 African Drumming Workshop 

    26 April 2019

    Year 8 participated in an African Drumming workshop this morning, delivered by Hampshire Music Service.

  • Model Students

    04 April 2019

    Pre-Reception helped the Senior School with their art project this week.

  • Easter Learning

    04 April 2019

    Reception have been learning all about Easter this week and they have enjoyed participating in all of the fun activities. The children especially enjoyed taking part in the Easter craft activities and cooking Easter nests!

  • Year 4 & 5 Art Trip

    04 April 2019

    The children sketched artworks by great sculptors such as Richard Long and developed their critical appraisal through open discussion as well as having the opportunity in groups to produce their own sculptures using a modular system.

  • Year 6's Go Green

    04 April 2019

    Year 6 have been learning about eco-tourism and what they can do to be eco-friendly. Some of the ideas they discussed included picking up litter, reducing car usage and avoiding plastic bottles.

  • Rock and Pop Concert

    03 April 2019

    Friday evening's concert was a fantastic night!

  • Bus Routes for September 2019

    29 March 2019

    We are planning our bus routes for 2019

  • Year 4 Study Hinduism

    29 March 2019

    Y4 have been studying Hinduism this term. They have been learning about the story of Ganesha, and how he got his elephant head!

  • Reception Fighting Fire!

    29 March 2019

    Reception had a visit from the Hampshire fire service this week.

  • Year 2 and 3 trip to Southampton City Art Gallery.

    29 March 2019

    Year 2 and 3 visited the Southampton City Art Gallery last week.

  • Supercamps Zoolab Visit

    27 March 2019

    Zoolabs visit Supercamps at Sherfield on 11th April

  • Year 2 learn about Malawi

    22 March 2019

    Year Two are learning all about Malawi in Geography this term. 

  • Year 3 and 4 Woodland Walk

    22 March 2019

    Year 3 and 4 ventured into the woods for a Woodland Walk, identified different species of plants and insects and even spotted a deer.  

  • Pi Day continued…∞

    22 March 2019

    In Senior Prep and Seniors Maths lessons on Pi Day we stormed the Sports Hall and pupils took part in a Pi Chain race. Working in teams, the activity was to form the longest paper chain using the digits of Pi.

  • STEAM Competition

    22 March 2019

    This being the third year that students from Sherfield have entered the competition, it was very interesting to see the new challenge that this year’s competition would bring.

  • Sherfield’s French Play on Words

    22 March 2019

    On Wednesday all French classes from Year 6 upwards were treated to some live entertainment by Onatti who bring a different style of theatre in order to make the foreign language come alive.

  • MATH: Mistakes Allow Thinking to Happen!

    22 March 2019

    This week Mrs Walsh, in her role as Lead Practitioner of Numeracy, has been running a series of Numeracy and Maths workshops for Junior and Senior Prep parents.

  • Pre-Reception Spring Activity Morning

    15 March 2019

    On Wednesday the Pre–Reception children and their families had a lovely time joining in with a selection of activities at our Spring Activity Morning.

  • Pi Day

    15 March 2019

    Pupils in the Prep school enjoyed a range of activities to celebrate Pi day; ranging from making Pi dream catchers in Year 2 through to calculating the volume of cake tins in Year 8 and of course everyone got to enjoy pie for lunch.

  • British Science Week at Sherfield

    15 March 2019

    This week we have been celebrating British Science Week with a number of activities. The week got off to a great start with an assembly given by Mr Hamid Rabani from He showed the students the science behind bubbles.

  • Nursery Spring Activity Morning

    14 March 2019

    The Nursery children, parents and staff, joined in with our very popular seasonal activity morning

  • Supercamps Now Booking For Easter Holidays

    11 March 2019

    Supercamps are now booking for Sherfield during the Easter Holidays

  • Easter Egg Collection

    08 March 2019

    The school, with the help of Friends of Sherfield, will be collecting Easter Eggs for Basingstoke Child Services this year.

  • French Week

    07 March 2019

    French week in Pre-Reception

  • World Book Day

    07 March 2019

    Staff and Pupils had a wonderful time dressing up for world book day and exploring their love of reading

  • English and Drama Trip to ‘Macbeth’

    05 March 2019

    Last week the English and Drama Departments took Years 8, 11 and Drama GCSE Year 10 on two trips to the Southampton Mayflower Theatre

  • Pancake Day!

    05 March 2019

    Years 3-8 had a flipping good time on Tuesday making pancakes!

  • Basingstoke and Deane Music Festival winners!

    04 March 2019

    Sherfield pupils take part in the Basingstoke and Deane Music Festival

  • Reception Visit from the Police

    04 March 2019

    On Monday we had a visitor from a Community Police Officer

  • Open Day 7th March

    04 March 2019

    We are looking forwards to welcoming prospective parents to Sherfield on 7th March

  • Year 5, 6 and 7 had the opportunity to learn about Film Making

    01 March 2019

    Year 5, 6 and 7 had the opportunity to learn about professional film making. They were able to use the camera, boom mic and the clapper board

  • This Week in the Kitchen

    01 March 2019

    Sausage Tasting from Solent Butchers and Welsh Cuisine for St David's Day

  • Vocal Concert

    01 March 2019

    Vocal Concert in the Gallery last Friday evening

  • Reception Superheroes

    28 February 2019

    Reception class are learning about Superheroes this half term

  • Sherfield Ski Trip 2019

    25 February 2019

    The yearly Sherfield Ski Trip took place during half term in Prato Nevosso, Italy. The weather was very hot but the snow was fantastic and all of students had a brilliant week.

  • Year 2 Painting Takes Pride of Place!

    20 February 2019

    A few weeks ago our talented artists in Year 2 explored a group project in Pointillism.

  • Sherfield Stars

    15 February 2019

    We have many students performing in theatre productions outside of school which we are extremely proud about.

  • Supercamps at Half Term

    01 February 2019

    SuperCamps now booking for February Half Term