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  • Reception Class this week...

    Reception Class this week...

    02 April 2020

    Reception class have been learning to tell the time. They identified key features of clocks and then made our own natural clocks with seasonal objects that they found outside.

  • Year 10 Art Nature Exhibition

    Year 10 Art Nature Exhibition

    17 March 2020

    Last term Year 10 pupils completed a project on Micro Bugs. Pupils worked in a variety of media to learn a range of recording skills and accurately observing shapes from nature.

  • Poetry and Shakespeare

    Poetry and Shakespeare

    16 March 2020

    After the “Book Week” success, last week has been just as busy with some very exciting events in the English department!

  • Pi Day 2020

    Pi Day 2020

    13 March 2020

    14 March is Pi-day, a day which celebrates this awesome irrational number. As a school, pupils have been involved in various events both in and out of the classroom in the run up to the special day tomorrow.

  • Science Week 2020

    13 March 2020

    This week students at Sherfield have been recognising British Science Week by taking part in a number of activities.

  • Vocal Concert 2020

    Vocal Concert 2020

    11 March 2020

    The Music Department held their annual vocal concert on Wednesday evening, prepared and hosted by singing teacher Gail Mortley. The evening was very well attended and the audience enjoyed performances from pupils as young as Year 4, all the way up to some of our most experienced singers at GCSE leve...

  • 100 Days of School

    100 Days of School

    06 March 2020

    Reception and Year 1 are celebrating their 100th day in class today!

  • Wild, Wild West!

    Wild, Wild West!

    05 March 2020

    Year 6 Historians have been learning about the culture and history of the Native American Indians and have produced some wonderful pieces of homework this week.

  • World Book Day 2020

    World Book Day 2020

    05 March 2020

    At Sherfield, we don’t just dress up for World Book Day! 

  • Friends of Sherfield Easter Egg Collection

    Friends of Sherfield Easter Egg Collection

    02 March 2020

    Friends of Sherfield are once again collecting chocolate Easter eggs for Basingstoke Children’s Services. FOS will deliver all the eggs collected to BCS before the end of term, for them to distribute to low income families in the local community over the Easter period.

  • Body Bingo!

    Body Bingo!

    02 March 2020

    To kick off our new science topic, My Amazing Body, Year 1 have been naming and labelling parts of the human body.

  • GEMS X Competition Success!

    GEMS X Competition Success!

    28 February 2020

    Students from Year 9 and 10 have been working extremely hard in their GEMS X enrichment this term.  The students were tasked with researching how cutting edge technology can be used to develop solutions for some of the biggest challenges facing the world today.

  • Maths and Science is all around us

    Maths and Science is all around us

    27 February 2020

    Year 4 have been exploring perpendicular and parallel lines in mathematics this week. We were surprised at how many examples of these lines that we could find around school.

  • Year 2 explore Ahlberg

    Year 2 explore Ahlberg

    26 February 2020

    Year Two are learning about the author Allan Ahlberg. They have been finding out all about his life and have made a poster about him.  They have read lots of his books and have chosen their favourites!

  • Pancake Maths!

    Pancake Maths!

    25 February 2020

    On Tuesday Year 2.1 celebrated pancake day! The children used their measurement skills to measure all the ingredients and then cooked their own pancakes.

  • A Trip to CERN

    A Trip to CERN

    24 February 2020

    A group of Year 11-13 students visited CERN, the largest particle accelerator on Earth, and the city of Geneva, just before the end of the half term.

  • Junior Rotary help the Camrose Centre

    Junior Rotary help the Camrose Centre

    14 February 2020

    The Junior Rotary Club recently undertook a massive campaign to collect unwanted Christmas gifts and food donations to help the homeless in Basingstoke.

  • Year 3s trip rocked!

    Year 3's trip rocked!

    13 February 2020

    Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Stonehenge. They thought about how and why the stones came to be there; how the site has changed over time and how archaeologists and historians uncover facts from history.

  • Exploring the USA!

    Exploring the USA!

    12 February 2020

    This week in Geography Year 6 have been presenting their homework projects about a state of their choice.

  • 50 Things After School Club

    50 Things After School Club

    11 February 2020

    Every Thursday pupils in Senior Prep take part in activities similar to the ’50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4’ National Trust challenge.

  • Year 9s make self portraits

    Year 9s make self portraits

    05 February 2020

    Year 9’s have been working on portraiture since September and have all produced an A3 canvas self portrait in the style of the artist Francoise Neilly, who uses bright abstract colours and the technique of palette knife application.

  • Year 12 make model buildings

    Year 12 make model buildings

    04 February 2020

    Year 12 DT students Dominic, Emilie, Sam and Jaime have been working hard recently creating models for an imaginary new 6th Form building. Using computer aided design, laser cutting and more traditional techniques. Well done Year 12!

  • Art Trip to Devon

    Art Trip to Devon

    03 February 2020

    Year 10, 11 & 12 Art students have just returned from a 3 night stay in Devon at a crafts and activities hotel.

  • John Williams eat your heart out!

    John Williams eat your heart out!

    31 January 2020

    As part of their thematic learning on the Wild West, Year 6 pupils have been learning how to create their own miniature film scores for a Western movie in Music.

  • Poetry Live! 2020

    Poetry Live! 2020

    30 January 2020

    On Thursday the Year 11 students were fortunate to attend Poetry Live! and hear, in person, some of the greatest living poets, including Carol-Ann Duffy (past) and Simon Armitage (present), Poet Laureates for Great Britain.

  • Life Beyond The Sixth Form

    Life Beyond The Sixth Form

    28 January 2020

    The Year 12 EPQ students enjoyed immersing themselves in the world of academic research during their study day at the University of Southampton.

  • Young Voices 2020

    Young Voices 2020

    26 January 2020

    A coach full of 65 very excited pupils from Sherfield Senior Prep made its way to the 02 Arena last Friday. Despite it being Sherfield’s first year participating in Young Voices, students were very well prepared, having learnt all 12 songs (including several medleys) through weekly rehearsals with H...

  • Big Buddy Workout

    Big Buddy Workout

    21 January 2020

    A huge thank you to all our pupils in Year 1 to 6 who have been collecting their sponsorship money following the Big Buddy workout last Wednesday.

  • Mixed Media Portraits

    Mixed Media Portraits

    20 January 2020

    In the last half term Year 12 artists have been researching mixed media portraiture. They developed and designed their own interpretations on this theme.

  • Gone Fishing

    Gone Fishing

    19 January 2020

    Reception Class' topic this half term is ‘under the sea’. In order to really engage with the topic, the pupils were given the opportunity to explore fish.

  • Tremendous Tens and Ones

    Tremendous Tens and Ones

    17 January 2020

    Year 1 have been exploring the place value of 2-digit numbers this week.

  • Senior Prep English Coffee Morning

    Senior Prep English Coffee Morning

    17 January 2020

    This morning Senior Prep were joined by a group of parents in the library to talk about reading.

  • Young Voices 2020

    Young Voices 2020

    17 January 2020

    Senior Prep are all very excited about the Young Voices concert on 24th January. 

  • Year 10 Moodlighting

    Year 10 Moodlighting

    17 January 2020

    Year 10s have been working really hard recently designing mood lighting using the design programme CAD and are now building their circuits.

  • Wild Wild West!

    Wild Wild West!

    10 January 2020

    To build on the Year 6’s theme this term, they made mini bows and arrows in Outdoor Learning, using lolly sticks, tooth floss and ear buds. 

  • Pre-Reception Go Back In Time

    Pre-Reception Go Back In Time

    10 January 2020

    This week Pre Reception have been going back in time, looking at how people used to live.

  • Winter Welly Walk

    Winter Welly Walk

    10 January 2020

    Reception class went on a welly walk to spot signs of winter. They were able to identify fungi, moss, buds and both birds nests and dreys in the trees! They also noticed that all of the leaves that fell in autumn are now mushy and rotten.

  • Junior Prep Spanish

    Junior Prep Spanish

    10 January 2020

    Last term during Spanish lessons the Junior Prep children had lots of fun learning new vocabulary and improving their pronunciation.

  • Wattle and Daub

    Wattle and Daub

    10 January 2020

    Last term Year 5 learnt about the different aspects of Tudor life. 

  • Head Boy & Head Girl Autumn Blog

    Head Boy & Head Girl Autumn Blog

    13 December 2019

    When looking back on this term, we both feel that it has been memorable and indeed special for a multitude of reasons. We have seen our school grow as we welcome new students, parents and staff to the school, each bringing their skills and talent to help the Sherfield School community blossom, wheth...

  • Sherfields First Lego League

    Sherfield's First Lego League

    13 December 2019

    The legoMindstorms club competed in the Stevenage First Lego League. It was our first competition as a group and an opportunity to put all the recent hardwork to the test. The team were identified by the judges as demonstrating excellent teamwork skills as they competed against some very experienced...

  • Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

    Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

    06 December 2019

    The Reception children have been celebrating Saint Nicholas Day today. Saint Nikolas Day is celebrated in lots of different European Countries such as Germany and Poland.

  • UK Maths Challenge

    UK Maths Challenge

    06 December 2019

    Congratulations to the following year 13 and 12 pupils who were awarded certificates in this year’s United Kingdom Senior Maths Team Challenge...

  • The Trade Game

    The Trade Game

    29 November 2019

    Year 6 have been learning about trade and economics in Geography as part of their thematic learning about The Victorians.

  • Year 11 Mocks Underway

    Year 11 Mocks Underway

    29 November 2019

    Year 11 have been sitting their first mock exams this week.

  • Miss Molly had a dolly

    Reception Explore Nursery Rhymes

    22 November 2019

    Reception have been learning about Nursery Rhymes this week.

  • Wheres Bogdan?

    Where's Bogdan? X Marks the Spot!

    22 November 2019

    Year 1 have been learning positional and directional language in Geography this week. The class meerkat, Bogdan went for a walk.

  • Present please sir!

    Present Please Sir!

    22 November 2019

    Year 6 went back in time today to experience life in a Victorian School room.

  • Outdoor Learning Day with Wandsworth Prep

    Outdoor Learning Day with Wandsworth Prep

    22 November 2019

    On Monday, Year 4 and 5 spent an awesome day in the woods with a group from Wandsworth Prep.

  • The Great Sherfield Sewing Bee

    The Great Sherfield Sewing Bee

    15 November 2019

    Year 12 Art students Sasha, Millie and Melinda have been learning to sew this term. After their initial experiments, they were set a “Sewing Bee” task to design and make a dress inspired by a famous artist. The students only had one week to complete it before asking the Reception pupils to model the...

  • Remembrance Day

    Remembrance Day

    15 November 2019

    On Sunday the 10th November, pupils, staff and parents from the school joined members of the Sherfield community to commemorate Remembrance Sunday 2019.  A wreath was laid at the Sherfield-on-Loddon War Memorial by the Heads of School and Heads of Prep School in memory of Capt Aidan Liddell and the ...

  • FAWCO Youth Volunteer in Athens

    FAWCO Youth Volunteer in Athens

    08 November 2019

    Over the half term, I had the chance to visit Athens and all its assets as a cultural volunteer/ambassador for the FAWCO Youth Programme.

  • Londons Burning

    London's Burning

    08 November 2019

    To end their Fire Fire! topic in style, Year 2 set fire to their model houses. 

  • Young Voices 2020

    Young Voices 2020

    18 October 2019

    Tuesday mornings in the Courtyard Studio have been filled with song this half term, as Senior Prep Pupils have been learning a variety of musical numbers (along with accompanying dance moves!) for Young Voices 2020.

  • Year 9 Able, Gifted and Talented Day

    Year 9 Able, Gifted and Talented Day

    18 October 2019

    This Monday, the Bellevue Group ran an Able, Gifted & Talented Collaborative Learning Day for pupils in Year 9.  This was hosted by Sherfield School with pupils and staff visiting from Farlington and Webber Schools.  The pupils were placed into teams and were set the open-ended task of re imagining ...

  • Year 2s Eco-Crew

    Year 2's Eco-Crew

    11 October 2019

    Year 2 have been learning about everyday materials. They learnt about their properties, suitability and are now learning about recycling. Year 2 is very conscious of how important it is to look after our environment, and in order to start looking after the planet, Year 2.1 have created an Eco-Crew.

  • Year 6 experience World War 1

    Year 6 Experience World War 1

    04 October 2019

    This half term Year 6 pupils have been learning all about World War 1 as a cross-curricular theme. They have been investigating trench warfare in History, discussing communication during Outdoor Learning and putting together mini performances in class to showcase a medley of recruitment songs.

  • The Daily Mile

    The Daily Mile

    27 September 2019

    This week  Years 2, 3 & 4 have been running The Daily Mile as an initiative to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • Year 7 Camp out

    Year 7 Camp out

    27 September 2019

    Year 7 spent an enjoyable “night under the stars” last Friday. After putting up their tents they took part in a scavenger hunt to find hidden musical instruments. They enjoyed a evening meal followed by a night walk.

  • Year 1s Scientific Investigation

    Year 1's Scientific Investigation

    27 September 2019

    Year 1 have had lots of fun conducting their first scientific investigation this week to find out which materials are the best to build with. The children had to build new houses for the Three Little Pigs after the Big Bad Wolf blew their stick and straw house down. 

  • Receptions First Two Weeks 2019

    Reception's First Two Weeks 2019

    19 September 2019

    Reception's first two weeks at Sherfield have been extremely busy!

  • Year 8 go Green!

    Year 8 go Green!

    13 September 2019

    Today Year 8 worked with staff from IBM to explore how technology can be sustainable. In teams of four, the students developed an idea that could reduce carbon, energy, water and waste in school. They took part In a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style workshop to help them come up with those great ideas.

  • Escape Room Art

    Escape Room Art

    13 September 2019

    Year 8 to 12 have been participating in Escape Room Tasks in Art this week. They have had to work together to figure out the clues; using their observation skills, creativity and problem solving abilities they completed tasks in a pressurised time environment.

  • Outdoor Learning

    Outdoor Learning

    06 September 2019

    We have had a great start to our Outdoor learning at Sherfield this week. The Year 2s had a great afternoon in the woods, taking time to use their senses to discover things that normally go unnoticed.

  • UK Maths Trust Summer School

    06 September 2019

    Bonnie in Year 11 was invited to take part in the United Kingdom Maths Trust Summer School over the holidays and spent a week at Woodhouse Grove School in Leeds.

  • Improving Sherfield Estates

    An update from the Facilities Manager

    06 September 2019

    Our Facilities Team has seen a new appointment with Mark French now Facilities and Estates Manager. The team have worked hard to over the holidays to ensure the grounds are ready for the new term as well as working on some new projects which include uncovering the amazing architecture of the walled ...

  • The AVP Diploma

    The AVP Diploma

    06 September 2019

    Sherfield staff were very excited to be launching the new Enrichment Programme to pupils and parents at the inaugural Enrichment Fair this afternoon. The ethos of enrichment at Sherfield centres around the school’s motto – Ad Vitam Paramus - Preparing for Life.

  • A message from the Head Boy and Head Girl

    A Message from the Head Boy and Head Girl

    06 September 2019

    We would like to begin by welcoming everybody back to Sherfield for the start of what we are confident will be a fantastic year for the whole school.

  • All about Me!

    All about Me!

    06 September 2019

    Our topic this half term is ‘All about me’ so this week we are learning about our school.

  • GCSE Result Celebrations

    GCSE Results

    22 August 2019

    Our pupils have worked extremely hard to achieve impressive results with initial figures showing that 42% of grades were 9 to 7 with an impressive 93% pass rate including Maths and English.

  • Celebrating A Level Results

    A Level Results

    15 August 2019

    Pupils at Sherfield are celebrating significantly improved grades this year...

  • Fresh Food Demos

    05 July 2019

    This week in the dining room we had a number of interesting demonstrations by Holroyd Howe

  • Charity Guide Dog Walk

    27 June 2019

    We are very pleased to let you know that we have raised the grand sum of £467.28 from our annual sponsored walk for 'Guide Dogs for the Blind'. A huge thank you to all of our very supportive parents for their generosity, it is much appreciated.

  • Battlefields Trip

    27 June 2019

    The Battlefields Trip was a great success with pupils in Years 8 and 9 experiencing a fascinating and moving 3 days around Ypres and the Somme.  

  • Walk for Water Aid

    27 June 2019

    On Wednesday Year Two took part in a 6 kilometre sponsored walk in support of the charity Water Aid. Thank you to everyone who has donated, if you wish to contribute the donations page can be found here. 

  • Fabulous Flute Concert

    27 June 2019

    A big thank you to Sam Gill our flute teacher for putting together the excellent Flute Concert on Wednesday evening.

  • Growing Onions

    27 June 2019

    During the last 6 weeks the Year 3 pupils were conducting research in science. The research question was "How does competing for resources impact on plant growth?" The pupils loved doing the experiment and were eager to do another!

  • The Jungle Book

    21 June 2019

    This week saw the postponed year 1 and 2 production of The Jungle Book staged as a promenade performance through the beautiful Sherfield grounds.

  • FIFA House Competition

    21 June 2019

    Last week’s house competition - a PlayStation 4 FIFA tournament - was a fiercely competitive affair, with the frenzied support of the houses bringing back memories of last summer’s carnival atmosphere during the Men’s World Cup.

  • Sherfield Ski Trip 2020

    14 June 2019

    Following an extremely successful ski trip in February we are delighted to announce that we have now secured our booking for 2020; where we are going to be staying at the Hotel Saint Martin in Aprica, Italy.

  • Year 1 Trip to Carisbrooke Castle

    14 June 2019

    Year 1.1 had an amazing ‘Wow!’ introduction to their new topic about Castles with an exciting trip to Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight.

  • Year 2 Trip to Osborne House

    14 June 2019

    Year 2 visited Osborne house in the Isle of Wight last week. Our pupils have worked together to described their exciting day.

  • Year 3 and 4 Residential

    07 June 2019

    Year 3 and 4 had an fantastic time at The Gordon Brown Centre, on their recent residential trip.  We had wonderful weather and enjoyed a whole host of exciting activities over two days.

  • 30 Days Wild

    07 June 2019

    There is an ever-growing body of research that proves spending time in nature has a positive impact on children.  What’s not to love about being outside in Sherfield’s beautiful grounds - we are so very lucky to have the space that we do! 

  • Year 8 Cyber Ambassadors: Online Safety Peer to Peer Training

    07 June 2019

    The Year 8 Cyber Ambassadors took over the Year 8 PCHE lessons this week to share two of the activities they learned about on the recent Cyber Ambassador training.

  • ISA Athletics

    07 June 2019

    The PE department took over 60 pupils to compete at the ISA Regional Athletics at Thames Valley Athletic centre in Eton on Wednesday. Pupils from Year 3 to Year 10 were selected to represent Sherfield School in running, jumping and throwing events. Sherfield took the second biggest team! The pupils ...

  • Prep School's "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"

    28 May 2019

    The Prep School have been extremely busy this term rehearsing their anticipated performance of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat".

  • Photography Club

    24 May 2019

    Since the start of the Easter term we have been running a new Photography Club for all ages from year 7 to 13. Each week we have been exploring the wonderful school grounds, doing walks in different areas and discovering the lesser seen sights of the grounds.

  • Colourful Data Collection

    24 May 2019

    In Year 3 we have been learning about data handling and recording and presenting data. We used packets of skittles to collect data. Starting with the hypothesis "all the packets have an equal number of each coloured skittles".

  • Go Team Sherfield!

    24 May 2019

    On Sunday the 19 June Sherfield Students from Year 2, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 competed in the National Schools Biathle (Run Swim Run) in Leweston.

  • Sherfield Sport Success!

    24 May 2019

    What a great week for Sherfield Sport!

  • SherFIELD

    17 May 2019

    Students across the whole school from the nursery all the way up to 6th form have been working on a collaborative art piece inspired by the work “Field” by Antony Gormley. Each person has made their own tiny terracotta person who looks up from the ground at the viewers.

  • Sponsored Walk for Malawi

    17 May 2019

    After learning about Malawi in Geography, Year Two have decided to do a 6k sponsored walk to raise money for Water Aid. 

  • Sherfield's Mini Masterchefs Get Cooking

    17 May 2019

    Last week it was cup-cakes, this week, cheese straws.  The enthusiasm for our Mini Masterchefs Club has been fantastic and today saw our budding cooks tackling the cheesy task of folding flour, butter and cheese to make a "breadcrumb-like mix" and separating egg yolks for the mixture which they hope...

  • Goldilocks Porridge Tasting

    10 May 2019

    Reception's text driver this week is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children are taking part in lots of different Goldilocks inspired learning, including porridge tasting!

  • Maths is out of this World!

    10 May 2019

    This week saw the first Royal Institution Maths Masterclass at Sherfield for Years 5 and 6.

  • Year 8 Biology The Search for Stomata

    10 May 2019

    This week the Year 8 have been studying Plant Biology, they have been learning about photosynthesis and in this lesson they have learned about the structure of leaves and how they control the movement of gases into and out of the leaf.

  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze

    10 May 2019

    Sherfield School’s DofE group were out again last weekend and this time they were in full force.

  • Year 5 & 6 Trip to Heatree

    03 May 2019

    Day 1 - Monday 29 April After a quick lunch on our arrival and a welcome from the Heatree staff, the children were very excited to move into their bedrooms earlier than expected giving them a chance to choose their bunks and make their beds. Our first activity involved a variety of tasks an...

  • Year 6 Radio Stars

    03 May 2019

    As part of their English unit on Persuasive Writing, Year 6 created products for which they designed adverts for print and they also composed an advert for the radio.  

  • Silver Duke of Edinburgh

    26 April 2019

    On Thursday 4th April, 14 intrepid adventurers, supervised by James Bridges and Victoria Briggs, set out for Exmoor. With poor weather and three days of hiking, totalling 45-50km, on the horizon, the bus journey down to Minehead was a quiet one. Friday 6.00am came about all too soon and the group wa...

  • Scholarship Programme 2019

    26 April 2019

    We are delighted to invite applications for the Sherfield Scholarship programme for next Academic Year.

  • Year 8 African Drumming Workshop 

    26 April 2019

    Year 8 participated in an African Drumming workshop this morning, delivered by Hampshire Music Service.

  • Model Students

    04 April 2019

    Pre-Reception helped the Senior School with their art project this week.

  • Easter Learning

    04 April 2019

    Reception have been learning all about Easter this week and they have enjoyed participating in all of the fun activities. The children especially enjoyed taking part in the Easter craft activities and cooking Easter nests!

  • Year 6's Go Green

    04 April 2019

    Year 6 have been learning about eco-tourism and what they can do to be eco-friendly. Some of the ideas they discussed included picking up litter, reducing car usage and avoiding plastic bottles.

  • Rock and Pop Concert

    03 April 2019

    Friday evening's concert was a fantastic night!

  • Bus Routes for September 2019

    29 March 2019

    We are planning our bus routes for 2019

  • Year 4 Study Hinduism

    29 March 2019

    Y4 have been studying Hinduism this term. They have been learning about the story of Ganesha, and how he got his elephant head!

  • Reception Fighting Fire!

    29 March 2019

    Reception had a visit from the Hampshire fire service this week.

  • Year 2 and 3 trip to Southampton City Art Gallery.

    29 March 2019

    Year 2 and 3 visited the Southampton City Art Gallery last week.

  • Supercamps Zoolab Visit

    27 March 2019

    Zoolabs visit Supercamps at Sherfield on 11th April

  • Year 2 learn about Malawi

    22 March 2019

    Year Two are learning all about Malawi in Geography this term. 

  • Year 3 and 4 Woodland Walk

    22 March 2019

    Year 3 and 4 ventured into the woods for a Woodland Walk, identified different species of plants and insects and even spotted a deer.  

  • Pi Day continued…∞

    22 March 2019

    In Senior Prep and Seniors Maths lessons on Pi Day we stormed the Sports Hall and pupils took part in a Pi Chain race. Working in teams, the activity was to form the longest paper chain using the digits of Pi.

  • STEAM Competition

    22 March 2019

    This being the third year that students from Sherfield have entered the competition, it was very interesting to see the new challenge that this year’s competition would bring.

  • Sherfield’s French Play on Words

    22 March 2019

    On Wednesday all French classes from Year 6 upwards were treated to some live entertainment by Onatti who bring a different style of theatre in order to make the foreign language come alive.

  • MATH: Mistakes Allow Thinking to Happen!

    22 March 2019

    This week Mrs Walsh, in her role as Lead Practitioner of Numeracy, has been running a series of Numeracy and Maths workshops for Junior and Senior Prep parents.

  • Pre-Reception Spring Activity Morning

    15 March 2019

    On Wednesday the Pre–Reception children and their families had a lovely time joining in with a selection of activities at our Spring Activity Morning.

  • Pi Day

    15 March 2019

    Pupils in the Prep school enjoyed a range of activities to celebrate Pi day; ranging from making Pi dream catchers in Year 2 through to calculating the volume of cake tins in Year 8 and of course everyone got to enjoy pie for lunch.

  • British Science Week at Sherfield

    15 March 2019

    This week we have been celebrating British Science Week with a number of activities. The week got off to a great start with an assembly given by Mr Hamid Rabani from He showed the students the science behind bubbles.

  • Nursery Spring Activity Morning

    14 March 2019

    The Nursery children, parents and staff, joined in with our very popular seasonal activity morning

  • Supercamps Now Booking For Easter Holidays

    11 March 2019

    Supercamps are now booking for Sherfield during the Easter Holidays

  • Easter Egg Collection

    08 March 2019

    The school, with the help of Friends of Sherfield, will be collecting Easter Eggs for Basingstoke Child Services this year.

  • French Week

    07 March 2019

    French week in Pre-Reception

  • English and Drama Trip to ‘Macbeth’

    05 March 2019

    Last week the English and Drama Departments took Years 8, 11 and Drama GCSE Year 10 on two trips to the Southampton Mayflower Theatre

  • Pancake Day!

    05 March 2019

    Years 3-8 had a flipping good time on Tuesday making pancakes!

  • Basingstoke and Deane Music Festival winners!

    04 March 2019

    Sherfield pupils take part in the Basingstoke and Deane Music Festival

  • Open Day 7th March

    04 March 2019

    We are looking forwards to welcoming prospective parents to Sherfield on 7th March

  • Reception Visit from the Police

    04 March 2019

    On Monday we had a visitor from a Community Police Officer

  • Vocal Concert

    01 March 2019

    Vocal Concert in the Gallery last Friday evening

  • Year 5, 6 and 7 had the opportunity to learn about Film Making

    01 March 2019

    Year 5, 6 and 7 had the opportunity to learn about professional film making. They were able to use the camera, boom mic and the clapper board

  • This Week in the Kitchen

    01 March 2019

    Sausage Tasting from Solent Butchers and Welsh Cuisine for St David's Day

  • Reception Superheroes

    28 February 2019

    Reception class are learning about Superheroes this half term

  • Sherfield Ski Trip 2019

    25 February 2019

    The yearly Sherfield Ski Trip took place during half term in Prato Nevosso, Italy. The weather was very hot but the snow was fantastic and all of students had a brilliant week.

  • Year 2 Painting Takes Pride of Place!

    20 February 2019

    A few weeks ago our talented artists in Year 2 explored a group project in Pointillism.

  • Sherfield Stars

    15 February 2019

    We have many students performing in theatre productions outside of school which we are extremely proud about.

  • Supercamps at Half Term

    01 February 2019

    SuperCamps now booking for February Half Term

  • Year 9 Guest Speaker

    31 January 2019

    Year 9 learned all about life in China from Joanne, one of our 6th Form

  • Year 7: Real life maths

    18 October 2018

    Year 7 has been learning about perimeter and area in maths, calculating these for two of the classrooms in Wynstow. They were set the challenge of researching how much it would cost to carpet both classrooms, one with a luxury carpet and the other with a cheap and cheerful floor covering. The chil...

  • Duke of Edinburgh Silver Expedition

    18 October 2018

    On Friday 12th October, 15 of Sherfield’s finest adventurers journeyed into the New Forest under the supervision of Mr Bridges, Miss Neville-Harris and Mr Warriner. The expedition lasted three days and the groups walked an average of 13km a day through woodland and idyllic villages. The weat...

  • Year 6 Science: Sounds Amazing

    12 October 2018

    Year 6 have been learning about ‘Sound’ in Science these last two weeks, including understanding how sound waves travel through air, how amplitude relates to volume and frequency to pitch. In the Prep laboratory, they pumped air from a sealed jar in which a bell was ringing and experie...

  • Year 9 visit the Houses of Parliament

    12 October 2018

    Last week Year 9, accompanied by five teachers, went to London for the day. First stop was the Natural History Museum and the Living Earth exhibit. Pupils were able to explore and discover more about volcanos and earthquakes, supporting work being done in Geography this half-term. After lunch we t...

  • Year 4 learn about digestion

    12 October 2018

    Year 4 have started learning about digestion...

  • International Language Evening

    05 October 2018

    On Friday 28 September, in recognition of European Languages Week, Sherfield hosted an International Languages Evening. The event provided a platform for our talented linguists to showcase their cultural heritage and their bilingual skills. A range of pupils – from Year 5 to Year 12 – ...

  • Annual Family Fun Day

    04 October 2018

    The Friends of Sherfield annual public Family Fun day took place the last Saturday in September within the Sherfield school grounds, which positively glowed in the glorious late September sunshine. The event was, as always, a great success and saw over £1500 raised for the school and chariti...

  • Year 5 exploring 3D and 2D techniques

    28 September 2018

    Year 5 explored how to sketch a 3D object...

  • Year 10 Design Technology - Vacuum Moulding

    28 September 2018

    Year 10 Tried out vacuum moulding...

  • New Astro surface

    28 September 2018

    The new astro surface is down...

  • The Annual Year 7 Camp

    27 September 2018

    On the last weekend in September, pupils took part in the annual Year 7 camp within the school grounds. After learning how to put up tents, the children enjoyed a barbecue followed by team building and problem-solving games. They then enjoyed a night trek through the school woods and surrounding c...

  • Year 4 explore the art of Andy Goldsworthy

    27 September 2018

    Year 4 have been looking at the work of Andy Goldsworthy; art made from found natural objects. Making the most of the fantastic weather, they collected various coloured leaves and conkers to make a piece of art in the shape of a spiral. Split into two groups, the children set to work organising th...

  • A visit to Windsor Castle

    21 September 2018

    Boarders have a wide range of weekend activities and trips on offer and on Saturday 15 September the boarders, including Mr Macmillan (Housemaster), Mrs Rustom, Mrs Ferris and Mr Rodgers (Houseparents) visited the royal residence of Windsor Castle. Nestled in the county of Berkshire, the castle i...

  • Year 6 learn about light

    21 September 2018

    Year 6 are studying Light this term and, in particular, Shadows this week. Investigations have involved determining the relationship between the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection of light rays on a mirror and the effect of changing one independent variable (object distance from a lig...

  • Reception, Year 1 and 2 get creative

    21 September 2018

    This week we transformed the Reception role-play area into Percy the Park Keeper’s Hut. Year 1 have been researching the History of Sherfield and sketching Buckfield House. Year 2 have been studying the author Jill Murphy and role playing scenes from ‘On the Way Home’ then writi...

  • Charity begins at home...

    17 September 2018

    Charity begins at home...

  • Nursery Guide dog puppy news

    17 September 2018

    We are very pleased to let you know...

  • Sherfield's sporting talent

    17 September 2018

    Yet again we are celebrating the sporting talent at Sherfield...

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme - Bronze Awards

    17 September 2018

    Well done everyone who passed their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh awards!

  • Settling back into the school routine...

    13 September 2018

    The children in Pre-Prep have settled in well to their new classes...

  • Fantastic A Level and GCSE Results

    23 August 2018

    Yet again Sherfield School has performed well across the board...

  • Summer Celebrations

    09 August 2018

    The Summer Term concludes the academic year...

  • Open Day and Scholarships - October 2018

    19 July 2018

    We are looking forward to our Open Days in October...

  • Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton has some good advice for our senior pupils

    10 July 2018

    Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton LVO, MBE, DL...

  • Prep School Prize Giving Day Speech

    10 July 2018

    To teach children well, we need to engage with them as people first...

  • Pre-Prep End of Year Celebration Speech, Summer 2018

    05 July 2018

    It seems incredible that the year has passed already...

  • A Royal thank you for the nursery

    04 July 2018

    Before the Royal Wedding this summer...

  • Sports Update - Tennis, Duathlon and Triathlon

    02 July 2018

    With Wimbledon commencing today it's great to see some of the potential stars of the future doing well for the school!

  • Natural History Museum Trip - Years 9 and 10

    02 July 2018

    On Wednesday 27th June all pupils in Year 9 and 10 visited The Natural History Museum in London.

  • Water Aid Sponsored Walk

    02 July 2018

    On Thursday 28 June, Year Two completed a sponsored walk for Water Aid...

  • 2018 Sports Day Results

    29 June 2018

    On Friday 22 June we had our annual prep and senior sports day...

  • Marie Curie Donation - Dash for Ash

    29 June 2018

    We raised a grand total of...

  • Year 1-13 End of Year Art and Design Technology Show

    26 June 2018

    On Monday 25 June our school welcomed proud parents of students for the annual End of Year Art and Design Technology Exhibition...

  • Sports round up - tennis, athletics and cricket

    25 June 2018

    Our Tennis Team recently won...

  • Year 7 visit Lulworth Cove

    21 June 2018

    This week all of Year 7 travelled to the south coast in Dorset...

  • Ava performs at the Annual Planet Ice Artistic competition

    21 June 2018

    Ava had quite a spectacular weekend...

  • Sherfield School - Website Updates

    19 June 2018

    Over the next six weeks we will be making some updates to the school website...

  • Sports round up from last week

    18 June 2018

    Last week was a particularly good week for sport at Sherfield...

  • Horrible History with the History Squad

    18 June 2018

    On Thursday the History Squad came to the school to talk, demonstrate and generally enthuse Years 6...

  • Science Centre trip for years 7 and 8

    18 June 2018

    Last week all pupils in Year 7 and 8 visited Winchester Science Centre...

  • Student Art and Design Exhibition - 25th June

    18 June 2018

    2018 Student Art and Design Exhibition

  • Peter Pan in the Topiary Garden

    18 June 2018

    The Topiary Garden was turned into Neverland...

  • The annual 'Dash for Ash' 5k run

    07 June 2018

    The annual 'Dash for Ash' is upon us once again...

  • Over £400 raised for Cancer Reasearch

    31 May 2018

    On 17th May the school took part in raising money for Race for Life...

  • Annual Guide Dogs for the Blind Walk

    29 May 2018

    The Nursery and Pre-Reception children, parents and staff enjoyed our annual Guide Dogs for the Blind fund raising sponsored walk on Wednesday 23rd May...

  • Gardening in the Nursery

    25 May 2018

    We have been preparing the raised beds in the Nursery garden...

  • Battle of the Bands!

    21 May 2018

    Battle of The Bands- A fantastic festival of music that made full use of our beautiful Topiary Garden...

  • Years 5 and 6 trip to The New Art Centre at Roche Court

    18 May 2018

    On driving through the gates of Roche Court it felt like entering another world...

  • Nursery and Pre-Reception celebrate the Royal Wedding!

    18 May 2018

    The Nursery and Pre-Reception children had great fun at their Royal Wedding celebration day on Thursday

  • Battle of the Bands!

    14 May 2018

    The Performing Arts Team would like to invite you all to our annual "Battle of the Bands"

  • Experiencing Life in the Trenches

    14 May 2018

    Last week, Yeasr 8 and 9 were entertained and educated by the members of the Trench Experience.

  • Ava goes from strength to strength

    10 May 2018

    Time for an update on our amazing Ava! After recently qualifying for the Great British Development squad, Ava has been taking part in a series of GB training camps in Sheffield and on the West Coast of Scotland.

  • Head of Prep Blog 26 April 2018

    26 April 2018

    Daniel (Year 8) played his first Asia Tennis Federation under 14 tournament in Malaysia during the Easter Break, winning the final and in the process, upsetting the number one and number two seeds.

  • Heatree Day 2

    26 April 2018

    After a (surprisingly) quiet night last night, we woke to a rather damp, grey and drizzly morning here in Devon. One of our instructors cheerfully told us that it wasn’t due to rain this morning – but about 45 mins later it started, and it still hadn’t finished as we went to sleep!

  • Head of Prep Blog - Heatree

    26 April 2018

    At this time each year, all pupils from Year 5 and 6 at Sherfield go away on a week-long residential study and activities trip. They stay at the Heatree Centre on Dartmoor, with the activities enjoyed informing the curriculum back in the classroom for the rest of the summer term. Here’s the report f...

  • Heatree Residential Trip Years 5 and 6 - Day 1

    24 April 2018

    After a slightly longer journey than anticipated (during which the children were very well behaved, although it did appear from the rear view window of the coach that there was a mobile hairdressing salon on board!) we finally arrived at Heatree.

  • Joe Waller - Acoustic Show

    20 April 2018

    Join us on Friday 27 April in the Courtyard Studio to enjoy this Acoustic Show with Joe Waller featuring Jamie Peterson and Rob Purkiss. 

  • Gliding Experience

    20 April 2018

    As you would probably expect, gliding is a very unique experience that is unlike anything else I have ever done. I have been gliding for about a term (I think) and have loved every minute of it.

  • Figure and Flow Exhibition

    18 April 2018

    We welcome you to join us at the Private View on 27 April from 6pm-7pm. 

  • Stevie sprints into 3rd place at her first athletics meet

    17 April 2018

    Our year 7 pupil, Stevie, took part in her first athletics meeting since joining Basingstoke and Mid Hants Athletics Club on the weekend of 7-8th April. 

  • Rock and Pop Concert - Friday 23 March 2018

    27 March 2018

    A rocking Courtyard Studio event with some amazing pupils on showcase.

  • Rotary Competition 2018

    23 March 2018

    On Thursday 15 March, 16 students attended the Rotary Technology Competition held at BCoT. The school entered 4 teams in total across the three age groups. The students had 4 hours to design and make a device that would fire a ball vertically through a loop. They all worked very well in their teams ...

  • Marjorie Collins - Open Exhibition

    23 March 2018

    On Friday 16th March, Sherfield Gallery hosted the private view of its current exhibition, by the winning artist from this year’s Open Exhibition, Marjorie Collins. The vibrant collection features over 30 watercolour paintings with a range of still life subject matter, including flowers, shoes and f...

  • Year 7 Bloodhound: Race for the Line

    23 March 2018

    During Design and Technology lessons year 7 students have been working in teams to create model rocket cars. This was part of a national scheme sponsored by the RAF, Army and Navy and  linked to the Bloodhound SSC.

  • Sports Relief 2018

    23 March 2018

    We have had a fun week raising money for Sports Relief starting with three-legged races on Tuesday. On Wednesday pupils were able to participate in a Sports Quiz and Thursday saw a badminton competition.  It was fantastic to see so many pupils and staff joining in with the Sports Relief Mile at morn...

  • Boarders Blog March 2018

    21 March 2018

    This weekend, 16.03.-18.03. the boarders were able to enjoy a number of exciting and cool activities. Friday night, the start of the weekend was really just like any other Friday, chill night, people watched movies, socialized and order food from Dominos or KFC. Some of us were also amazed by the dr...

  • British Science Week 2018

    20 March 2018

    What a busy and exciting week at Sherfield, celebrating British Science week.

  • The Science, Design and Technology of Music

    20 March 2018

    Children in Year 4 have been looking at the topic of sound this term.  For homework, the children created musical instruments from recycled materials enabling them to explore sound in a different context. 

  • Head of Prep Blog 19 March 2018

    19 March 2018

    It has been another busy week in the Prep School. British Science Week was very much enjoyed over the last few days, with activities including Fish Dissection, Year 2 outdoor Science experiments and BP Engineering and Construction Challenges (Year 7 and 8). Year 5 launched their home made rockets, w...

  • Vocal Concert

    16 March 2018

    Miss Mortley’s pupils sprung to the stage in this Vocal Concert showing off the vast talent Sherfield possesses, featuring a variety of repertoire from both classical and theatre.

  • Marjorie Collins - Winner of Open Exhibition 2017

    14 March 2018

    We would like to welcome you to join us 16-19 March 2018, with a private view 16 March 6.00pm-7.00pm.

  • Global Teacher Prize 2018

    13 March 2018

    In February, the philanthropist Bill Gates announced the ten finalists for the $1 million Global Teacher Prize 2018 set up by Sunny Varkey, founder of the Varkey Foundation and GEMS Education.

  • Head Boy Blog 12 March 2018

    12 March 2018

    Watching my Dad design intricate machines from a young age ignited my interest in engineering.

  • World Book Day 2018

    09 March 2018

    On Thursday 8 March we celebrated a belated World Book Day, pupils and staff from across the school were dressed up as their favourite book character.

  • Rushmoor Royals Open Long Course - Alex wins Gold!

    28 February 2018

    Year 8 pupil, Alex, has recently competed in the long course 50m pool at the Aldershot Garrison.  Alex was chasing Regional qualifying times.

  • Head of Prep Blog 27 February 2018

    27 February 2018

    We’ve had some interesting weather recently and fittingly, children in Year 3 have been studying the weather in Geography this term.  They looked at the weather here in England but also researched other countries around the world.

  • Ben's gymnastic success

    22 February 2018

    Year 7 pupil, Ben, took part in the Abingdon men's artistic invitational competition on the 18 February.

  • British Science Week Celebrations 9-16 March 2018

    19 February 2018

    We have an exciting Science Week planned for our pupils here at Sherfield School. This week will provide a great opportunity to engage pupils in hands-on, practical Science. Last year’s Science week was a great success and created a real buzz amongst the pupils about Science.

  • Head Girls Blog February 2018

    19 February 2018

    On Monday morning before half-term, my tutor group gave an assembly on pursuing excellence. We spoke of our personal achievements and how as individuals we strive for excellence and a sense of achievement.

  • Acting Head Master's Blog - Sherfield’s talented Double Bassist

    12 February 2018

    Morgan J is one of many talented Sherfield School musicians.

  • Imogen makes it through to the National Rider of the Year Finals

    08 February 2018

    Year 7 pupil Imogen receives news this week that she has been selected to attend the national final.

  • Acting Head Master's Blog - Feb 8 2018

    08 February 2018

    Sherfield School recently had the pleasure of hosting the Independent Schools Association London West regional cross country competition.

  • Acting Head Master's Blog

    07 February 2018

    Last week finished in spectacular style with three performances of Oliver! at the Haymarket Theatre.

  • Ava Qualifies for British National Development Squad

    07 February 2018

    At just 9 years old Ava has skated her way into the British National Development Squad

  • Tilly gains success at Brook Farm Dressage

    31 January 2018

    Tilly gained success in a competition at Brook Farm Dressage on Saturday 27th January 2018. The competition was held in an outdoor arena which proved very challenging for both horse and rider due to the high winds and rain.

  • Oliver!

    26 January 2018

    Only 4 days left to purchase your tickets for the Sherfield School production of Oliver!

  • Head of Prep Blog 22 January 2018

    26 January 2018

    Many thanks to all those parents who joined us on Tuesday for the Year 8 into 9 Information evening. Special recognition is due to pupils Ali H and Emily D for giving up their time, speaking so clearly and concisely.

  • Poetry Live!

    26 January 2018

    On Wednesday 24th January, the GCSE and A Level English students were fortunate enough to be able to hear Carol Ann Duffy- Poet Laureate, Gillian Clarke- National Poet for Wales, Simon Armitage- Oxford Professor of Poetry, as well as a host of Britain’s current greatest poets, speak about their work...

  • Head Girls Blog 26 January 2018

    26 January 2018

    Inspirational people are the people we look upon for encouragement, motivation or guidance. The dictionary definition of inspiration is ‘the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative’. In a school environment, particularly at Sherfield, inspira...

  • ISA Swimming Nationals

    26 January 2018

    A round-up from this years ISA Swimming Nationals

  • Pippa's jumping success!

    26 January 2018

    Well done to Pippa for having a clear round.

  • Boarders Blog - Reflection for this term

    22 January 2018

    My first term in Sherfield School is nearly complete, I have many deep feelings that I would like to report through my reflection for this term.

  • Year 1.2 explore the Polar Regions!

    22 January 2018

    Year 1.2 have had lots of fun with plastic milk bottles during their latest topic!

  • Head of Prep Blog 12 January 2018

    12 January 2018

    Happy New Year! Though the festive season is hopefully a time of rest as well as celebration, many of our pupils are still busy competing in all sorts of ways, during the school holidays.

  • Two Flutes!

    09 January 2018

    We welcome Two Flutes to Sherfield School this half term as part of our Liddell Concert Series

  • Open Exhibition

    09 January 2018

    We welcome you to join us during our Open Exhibition

  • Tom Pitches Creative Design to Council Committee

    08 January 2018

    Tom's creative seating design is to be considered for new housing development.

  • Head of Prep Blog 13 December 2017

    13 December 2017

    Last week was very busy indeed, as we celebrated the festive season.

  • U16 Football Teams Big Win!

    06 December 2017

    A massive well done to our U16 boys who won their recent match against Eton College

  • GCSE Science LIVE!

    06 December 2017

    On Friday 1 December our Year 11 students attended the GCSE Science Live event at the Apollo Theatre in London

  • Children in Need 2017

    05 December 2017

    Following a very successful day of fundraising for Children in Need we are pleased to announce that the grand total raised is

  • Head of Prep 1st Blog

    01 December 2017

    Read about the winner at our annual Prep School Spelling Competition last Friday.

  • Boarder's Blog 17 November 2017

    20 November 2017

    This weekend we had a really eventful time. On Friday night we celebrated Bonfire Night, this is a traditional celebration in England where the capture of three men is celebrated that tried to bomb the parliament on the 5.11.1605. Throughout the whole evening guests were able to buy burgers, drinks,...

  • Exciting New Pre-Reception and Pre-Prep Outdoor Facilities

    17 November 2017

    Sherfield Nursery and Key Stage 1 has a brand new outdoor learning and play facility.

  • Prep School Equestrian Success 

    17 November 2017

    Congratulations to Pippa Kelly

  • Sherfield Hosts Regional Prep Schools Debating Competition

    17 November 2017

    Our home teams and Mr Ferrier did a super job hosting the 8th Annual Prep School Debating Competition just before the half term break.

  • Head Boy's Blog 9 November 2017

    13 November 2017

    Happiness. What makes us happy? This is the question I asked myself prior to Mr. Fisher’s assembly on Monday morning and began questioning why we all experience the emotion of joy and happiness.

  • Bonfire Night 2017

    19 October 2017

    Join us for our annual bonfire spectacular!

  • Boarder's Blog 19 October 2017

    19 October 2017

    The entire boarding house, including Mr Macmilian (Housemaster), Miss Briggs (Boarding Tutor) and Mr Mason (Boarding Tutor), went to Windsor Castle. A very historical and interesting part of England’s history.

  • Standing Ovation for Hannah Lindsey-Clark

    17 October 2017

    We were privileged on Friday 13 October, to be entertained by Hannah Lindsey-Clark, a true virtuoso on the flute and an inspiration to all who came to see and hear her perform.

  • Undercurrent 14:21 Auditions - Saturday 21 October

    12 October 2017

    The new home for Youth Theatre in North Hampshire

  • Head Boy’s Blog 9 October 2017

    09 October 2017

    2 October 2017 Miles Bromilow The gift of a shoebox to the people who live in poverty in Eastern Europe brings them great happiness. The simple things that we take for granted in our day to day life brings the people receiving our gifts so much joy. But most importantly, it lets them know th...

  • Sherfield School named one of the top STEM schools in the country

    02 October 2017

    Sherfield School has been named one of the top STEM schools in the country according to new rankings

  • Head Girl Blog 12 September 2017

    19 September 2017

    Friday evening and Saturday morning saw pupils from Year 9 and 12 involved in a Bush Craft survival campout, where it we imagined that the school had come under nuclear attack. Initially we had to decide the five key items to have with you out of options including digestive biscuits, jerry can, nett...

  • OPEN Exhibition 19 January - 7 March 2018

    19 September 2017

    A platform for contemporary visual art: painting, sculpture, photography, print, textiles and drawing.

  • FoS: Family Fun Day - Art Workshops

    14 September 2017

    Please come and join us at one of the art workshops being held throughout the day during the Friends of Sherfield Family Fun Day.

  • Art Exhibition: Private View and Artists Talk

    08 September 2017

    Sherfield Gallery warmly invites you to join us for the Sherfield Artists Autumn Show.

  • Sherfield School GCSE Results August 2017

    24 August 2017

    Sherfield School celebrates a record pass rate at GCSE this year!

  • A Level Results August 2017

    17 August 2017

    Sherfield School has celebrated another year of A Level success!

  • Head Boy's Blog 5 July 2017

    24 July 2017

    Read Head Boy Miles' speech to the school on Speech Day 2017.

  • Ex-Head Boy Blog 5th July 2017

    24 July 2017

    Read Thomas Jenkins' words to the school at Senior Speech Day on 5 July 2017.

  • Head Girl's Blog 5 July 2017

    24 July 2017

    Read Eleanor Smith's address at Speech Day 2017

  • Full STEAM ahead

    07 July 2017

    Sherfield School has a relentless drive to change, innovate and improve. Our new school strategy includes a focus on creative thinking, deep learning and the connections between subjects, particularly the arts and sciences. This will be launched through our STEAM initiative: Science, Technology, Eng...

  • Head Boy's Blog 25 June 2017

    29 June 2017

    Pursuit of excellence was last week’s theme which seemed apt with Sports day concluding a great week for the school. It was a true delight to see all of the pupils, teachers and families having such a wonderful time celebrating what is so fantastic about our school - community and togetherness.

  • Pupil Summer Exhibition 2017

    28 June 2017

    When I curated this exhibition, one thing is certain, we have a huge wealth of talent at Sherfield and the independent nature and mature approach our pupils take to this highly skillful and difficult subject continues to grow year after year.

  • Summer Pupil Art Exhibition

    22 June 2017

    Sherfield Gallery warmly welcomes friends and family to the opening night reception.

  • Sherfield School Community Link, Friday 30 June

    22 June 2017

    Please join us for a presentation and discussion on our plans to improve and develop the school.

  • Head Prefect Blog 19 June 2017

    22 June 2017

    In her second blog as Head Girl, Eleanor Smith writes about the importance of community values.

  • Harrison Rhodes, Gliding Partnership Pupil and Aviator of the Future

    01 June 2017

    I have been attending Sherfield for just over a decade and the Summer of 2017 sees me preparing to sit my A Levels before taking off for a career in the aviation industry.

  • Head Prefects' Blog, 1 June 2017

    31 May 2017

    Introducing our newly appointed Head Boy, Miles and Head Girl, Eleanor.

  • Why board in a UK boarding school?

    24 May 2017

    Boarding has changed so much in the past thirty years. Safeguarding, child protection and wellbeing and happiness of pupils are top of the agenda for every Head Master and House Parent.

  • Boarder's Blog 23rd May 2017

    24 May 2017

    On Saturday 13 May Archers Lodge descended on Ascot. We always match our activities with opportunities to learn and this was a trip that had been eagerly anticipated by out pupils.

  • Head Boy's Blog 23rd May 2017

    23 May 2017

    This week marks my final week as Head Boy here at Sherfield. It has been an amazing journey getting to this point, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my Sherfield experience. Since Year 6, it has been a steady climb of joy for me.

  • Appointment of a Director of Teaching & Learning

    23 May 2017

    We are delighted to announce the appointment of a Director of Teaching & Learning at Sherfield School.

  • Head Boy's Blog 12th May 2017

    16 May 2017

    Everybody makes mistakes in their life, whether it is a wrong number in a maths paper or an offence paid to a loved one in a heated argument. What differentiates us is the ability to learn from your mistakes.

  • ISI Inspection Press Response from Head Master

    10 May 2017

    Sherfield School, Hook, has received an outstanding inspection from Ofsted and the ISI. Sherfield is a unique school, set in 75 acres of woodland and beautiful sports fields, a lake and listed topiary gardens with an innovative new co-educational boarding house.

  • Holocaust Survivors’ Day

    08 May 2017

    Last October, Sherfield School’s Head of History, Peter Booth, made his Sixth Form aware of the Holocaust Educational Trust, a charity that runs exceptional trips for young people eager to learn more about the Holocaust.

  • Head Boy's Blog 5th May 2017

    08 May 2017

    This was the third week I was in breakfast with our Head Master, Mr Fisher, and Head of Sixth Form, Miss Monsauret. As expected, Mr Fisher ignored his coffee and croissant and launched into this week's school theme: leading through innovation.

  • Boarders' Blog 28th April 2017

    08 May 2017

    With all the talk of the looming examinations and associated academic work it was good to have the May Day Bank Holiday. On the Saturday the boarders undertook a trip to Thorpe Amusement Park.

  • Head Boy's Blog 28th April 2017

    02 May 2017

    Confession time: I can't speak a language! Despite school policy, I've managed to avoid learning a language. Some of you might find this surprising, especially as I played a major role in organising this year's International Evening.

  • Head Boy's Blog 24th April 2017

    26 April 2017

    Privilege is something that can easily be taken for granted, especially when we are born and raised in a society that would have been unimaginable to a peasant in the 14th century.

  • Sherfield ABRSM Music Exam Results

    21 April 2017

    Congratulations to our students who recently sat their ABRSM exams.

  • New Head Master at Sherfield School

    06 April 2017

    We would like to welcome Nick Fisher, new Head Master at Sherfield School.

  • Rotary Technology Competition

    24 March 2017

    Pupils win big at the Rotary Technology Competition at BCOT College.

  • Pop and Rock Concert

    24 March 2017

    Sherfield School hosts “Pop and Rock Concert”.

  • An Audience with Enobong Bassey

    24 March 2017

    Enobong’s musical event was a night to remember. 

  • Global Teacher Prize 2017

    23 March 2017

    Maggie McDonnell from Canada wins Global Teacher Prize 2017

  • Holiday Clubs

    14 March 2017

    Enjoy the holidays with one of the many activities on offer!

  • Basingstoke Sports Awards

    14 March 2017

    Liam wins trophy at Sports Awards

  • Sherfield presents The Wizard of Oz

    08 February 2017

    Outstanding performance from Sherfield students

  • Owen races to the top

    08 February 2017

    Representing England Seniors in Bratislava!

  • ISA National Swimming Championships 2017

    07 February 2017

    Sherfield Swimmers win Gold!

  • Thomas receives Oxford offer

    07 February 2017

    Head Boy delighted with offer letter!

  • Squad Success for James

    16 December 2016

    James has been selected!

  • Charlie's Vault Victory

    16 December 2016

    A top result for Charlie in gymnastics

  • Sherfield Staff Christmas Video

    16 December 2016

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Tilly's Short Film Success

    21 November 2016

    Watch Tilly's video here

  • Sherfield remembers the fallen on Armistice Day

    17 November 2016

    Watch the Remembrance video, produced by Mr Jones.

  • Lucy Showjumps at Addington

    31 October 2016

    Congratulations to our NSEA National Finalist.

  • Debating Day Glory

    19 October 2016

    Sherfield ‘A’ crowned winners of annual debating competition.

  • Success on the Slopes

    19 October 2016

    Harry is crowned Regional Champion!

  • Ben wins Bronze!

    19 October 2016

    Success for Ben at the Tom Wilson Invitational Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Competition.

  • NSEA Competition at Sparsholt

    19 October 2016

    First Place for Sherfield's Equestrian Team!

  • Fourth in the League Tables

    07 September 2016

    The Telegraph has published its A Level league tables and it's a result for Sherfield!

  • Elodie wins Silver at the British Championships

    05 September 2016

    The summer sporting success continues..

  • Omnium Track Success

    01 September 2016

    Amber wins Silver!

  • The GCSE Results are in!

    25 August 2016

    Sherfield's GCSE results are 23% above the National Average.

  • Sherfield A Level Success!

    18 August 2016

    Sherfield enjoys record A level haul.

  • Liddell Concert Soundbites

    10 May 2016

    From Opera to drums to flamenco guitar, Sherfield hosts it all!

  • Car Wash for Uganda

    19 April 2016

    Pupils at Sherfield School roll up their sleeves for charity..

  • Liddell Concert Series - Ramon Ruiz and Milica Davies

    18 April 2016

    Classical and Flamenco Guitarists perform at Sherfield 29 April 2016...

  • Mark Michael Art Exhibition

    15 April 2016

    Say What You See - A riveting new exhibition of Mark Michaels work.....

  • Owen Richardson races to victory

    29 January 2016

    Following a move up to the under 20's, Owen takes Silver in his first race.....

  • Open Art Exhibition Begins 22 January 6-8.00 pm

    15 January 2016

    Sherfield's Open Art Exhibition opens 22nd January

  • Sherfield Prep shares lesson in India

    05 January 2016

    Sherfield pupils in Year 4 have been learning about ‘A village in India’ in their Geography lessons...

  • Sherfield Christmas Market

    30 November 2015

    Sherfield's fantastic Christmas Market is here again - a favourite event in our calendar with local families.

  • Ava selected for Professionals on Ice Tour

    19 November 2015

    A Sherfield pupil has performed one of her fantastic solo routines following an invitation to perform for the Professionals on Ice Tour as the only non-professional ice-skater.....and....she's only in year 3!!

  • Amber Training for Cycling Revolution Series

    17 November 2015

    The Revolution series is quite possibly the most popular track event in the UK – and it’s easy to see why.

  • Double Win for Sherfield School Art Students UPDATE!

    30 October 2015

    Two art students from Sherfield School were individually awarded 1st place at the Independent Schools Associations’ South West Regional qualifying round.

  • Sherfield's Owen Richardson Ends Season at No 1 in British Athletics Ranking

    17 September 2015

    Sherfield's Athletics Star, Owen Richardson, sprints away with the titles in this season's athletic events winning 4 Gold Medals and finishing the season at No. 1 in the UK rankings for 400m (under 17 age group).

  • Good News for Sherfield's Artist In Residence

    16 September 2015

    Russell Bignold, Sherfield's Artist in Residence, has portrait pre-selected by The Royal Society of Portrait Painters

  • Amber Joseph - Cycling Success

    26 June 2015

    Amber Joseph has been selected to represent England South

  • Tumbling to Victory

    26 June 2015

    Alex qualifies for the British Championships!

  • Tabitha qualifies for horse of the year show

    25 June 2015

    Top Junior Rider Qualifies for Horse of the Year Show

  • Nicholas Beer Exhibition

    25 June 2015

    A unique Exhibition by the master portrait artist Nicholas Beer and students of his Sarum Studio

  • Art Open Exhibition

    01 October 2014

    Art Open Exhibition - Call For Entries

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