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Boarders Blog March 2018

    21 March 2018

Ice Hockey Champions:

This weekend, 16.03.-18.03. the boarders were able to enjoy a number of exciting and cool activities. Friday night, the start of the weekend was really just like any other Friday, chill night, people watched movies, socialized and ordered food from Dominos or KFC. Some of us were also amazed by the dramatic performance of our current Year 11 peers who performed their final piece for their Drama exam.

Saturday morning was an eventful morning, going up to breakfast at an unusual time because of a power cut wasn’t everyone’s favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning. However, the basketball coach who came in made up for it and everyone enjoyed his professional knowledge of coaching and the sport. Afterwards the girls and boys really enjoyed a badminton session which was going on for about two hours because everyone enjoyed it so much. At 5 O’Clock it was dinner time which a group of us had to rush through due to the fact that we were going to see the ice hockey. The Sherfield School Basingstoke Bisons won the South East National League and were presented with a trophy. The atmosphere was amazing and everyone was really enjoying it. The shouts and VIP lounge which was set up for us helped us stay warm and enjoy the pizza and potato wedges which followed shortly after the match had started. I had the privilege to come onto the ice by myself a couple of times, for some photos. Standing in front of the fans was quite intimidating but also a very good experience. Holding the puck and the man of the match beer with the two captains was very cool and a very good ending to a good day.

On Sunday, the usual tidings and changing of sheets was only a small part of our routine because a large group of us was able to go to the Jump Factory in Basingstoke, everyone really loved getting some energy out while doing flips and tricks on the trampolines.

Another successful weekend complete!

Simeon Hübbe

Head of House


Boarders' Blog

Boarders' Blog

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