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A Dragon at Sherfield School

    24 June 2020

A Dragon at Sherfield School

Year 1 have had a week of excitement. It all kicked off when they watched some ‘CCTV’ footage showing a special visitor in the school grounds.
The children decided to try to capture our dragon guest so they could set him free in storyland.
They designed and built an excellent dragon trap in the woods.
The next day they returned to find a dragon egg in the trap!

Junior Prep News

Junior Prep, News

  • Flipbooks


        15 January 2021

    Year 9 and 10 have been working on the topic of personal sketchbooks this week.

  • Against the clock

    Against the clock

        15 January 2021

    The Year 7 Young Leaders enrichment group were set a challenge to throw a tennis ball / pair of socks in to a bin or bucket as many times are they cou...

  • Who made my t-shirt?

    Who made my t-shirt?

        15 January 2021

    This half term Year 7 have been learning in a different way.

  • Morning Motivation

    Morning Motivation

        15 January 2021

    Due to popular demand Morning Motivation returns on a daily basis for all pupils, staff and teachers to start their day in a positive way.

  • Reception - First Two Weeks

    Reception - First Two Weeks

        14 January 2021

    The Reception Class have been busy the past two weeks. They've been given daily tasks to develop their fine motor skills and life skills. They've take...

  • Games Controllers

    Games Controllers

        13 January 2021

    Year 9 Design & Technology pupils started a new project where they are redesigning their existing game controller.

  • Year 1 to the rescue!

    Year 1 to the rescue!

        12 January 2021

    Year 1 have been working hard getting stuck into this half term’s topic - To The Rescue! They will be learning all about the heroine, Grace Darling, a...

  • Fantastical Butterflies

    Fantastical Butterflies

        12 January 2021

    While the Year 4’s are learning from home, Mrs Warmerdam has set them some Outdoor Learning tasks to get them outside. 

  • Art of Photography

    Art of Photography

        11 January 2021

    In the Art of Photography Enrichment last Friday Year 5 and 6 pupils were introduced to the technical aspects of a digital camera, such as shutter spe...

  • A brush with the law

    A brush with the law

        11 January 2021

    Year 6 had a Sheriff themed DT lesson last week.

  • Marvellous Maps

    Marvellous Maps

        09 December 2020

    In outdoor education this week Year 1 pupils had fun matching map symbols to the real life place they represent.

  • Young Leaders

    Young Leaders

        08 December 2020

    The Year 7 Young Leaders Enrichment group have fully embraced their lessons during Enrichment and are already showing real progress with their leaders...

  • Lino Printing

    Lino Printing

        08 December 2020

    Year 8 have designed an illustration for a nursery rhyme, transferred it to a lino plate and are printing it on a table top press.

  • Year 3 & 4 Art ASC

    Year 3 & 4 Art ASC

        07 December 2020

    This half term some year 3 and 4’s have been attending an Art after school club.

  • Seniors Art Master Christmas Challenges

    Seniors Art Master Christmas Challenges

        07 December 2020

    This week GCSE and A level Art pupils took part in the Christmas Art Master Challenge. Pupils were tasked with creative problems to solve within an al...

  • Egyptian Art

    Egyptian Art

        07 December 2020

    Year 4 have been looking at the Egyptians this term. In Art they have made their own clay plaques, designed and made papier-mâché hippos and have work...

  • Hare Sculptures

    Hare Sculptures

        07 December 2020

    Year 7 have been looking at the work of Barry Flanagan and have designed and made their own dancing hare sculptures.

  • Year 9 and 10 Art Exhibition Gallery

    Year 9 and 10 Art Exhibition Gallery

        04 December 2020

    This term year 9 and 10 have been creating work on the theme of 'In the News'.

  • Reception get Festive

    Reception get Festive

        04 December 2020

    Reception class have been working hard on recording their Nativity this week and taking part in various festive themed activities around the classroom...

  • ‘Tis the season to be jolly!

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly!

        04 December 2020

    This week saw Senior Prep enjoying their Christmas movies in the Courtyard Studio.

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