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Head Boy & Head Girl Autumn Blog

    13 December 2019

Head Boy & Head Girl Autumn Blog

When looking back on this term, we both feel that it has been memorable and indeed special for a multitude of reasons. We have seen our school grow as we welcome new students, parents and staff to the school, each bringing their skills and talent to help the Sherfield School community blossom, whether it be in the classroom or indeed through the wonderful events which we have put on this term.
For instance, we have seen the return of some annual events to the school calendar with the fantastic array of talent displayed at the Autumn concert, the truly magical Christmas Market (complete with the real Father Christmas himself!), and of course the bonfire night celebration, which is one of our personal favourites.
We have also seen the return of the hugely anticipated House Shout, a whole school competition where each house must perform a song through singing, playing instruments, dancing and even dressing up. This competition is certainly one of the most entertaining to watch and take part in, as it brings the whole house together and really brings out the team spirit which we encourage at Sherfield.
However, that has not been the only annual reoccurring event this term, as Years 11 and 13 have just sat GCSE and A Level mock examinations (sigh). However, the teachers and students alike have been hard at work for the exams, and we would like to wish everyone the best of luck with the results and to reassure everybody who sat exams that regardless of what your result was, you should be proud of the effort you have put in. Personally, we have both also been busy applying to university this term, and are constantly refreshing the UCAS website to see if anyone has got back to us, even if it is a reminder that there is a light festival going on, so thanks for that Durham. 
In regards to boarding, there have been all sorts of boarding events that have happened in these past few months. We started the term by playing a few games of rounders with the boarders, and some of the teachers that live in the school grounds, where we were lucky with the lovely sunny weather! Following this, the boarders went on a trip to Bicester Village, a luxury shopping mall which they love going to every year. The boarders finished the first half-term with a spooky Halloween party, where there were even prizes to be won by the person with the scariest and best costume!
Starting the second half-term the boarders went to Oxford Street to observe the amazing Christmas lights and all the decorations. Inspired by London, the boarders then had the opportunity to decorate the boarding house, this included: getting a real tree, putting up lights around the house, and spray painting ‘Merry Christmas’ in all the different languages spoken around the house on the windows, it was a fantastic team building experience. At the end of the term, the head of boarding along with the prefect team organised the Christmas Party that included a delicious variety of food from our school cooks, karaoke, dance battles and Christmas themed costumes.

And finally, both of us are incredibly proud of the positive change that we have worked on across this term. So far, we have put into place plans to revamp the sixth form centre alongside Mr. Brain, Mrs. Seamark, Tilly, Jonny and Emilie, including new furniture, kitchen plans and a new paint-job which has seen us evicted out of half of the sixth form centre, but it will all be worth it! We have also both personally worked with Mrs. Walsh to devise a new structure to the student council which will be implemented next term, allowing each student to have a far louder voice in the school and will allow us to more effectively come up with ways to further improve areas such as education, food, facilities and much more. 
Have a wonderful winter holiday with friends and family, and we look forward to seeing all of you in the new decade!

- William and Elizaveta

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