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Head Prefects' Blog, 1 June 2017

    31 May 2017

Head Prefects’ Blog

31st May 2017

Miles Bromilow, Head Boy and Eleanor Smith, Head Girl


Miles Bromilow: After working through the application process, I am very happy to be able to introduce myself as the new Head Boy of Sherfield School

I began my journey at Sherfield when I was offered a scholarship for tennis. The outstanding coaching I have received has helped me secure a number of personal ISA championship victories, and also enabled me to mentor our younger players.  Despite being both excited and apprehensive about starting at Sherfield, I settled in to life here very quickly, immediately feeling welcomed and part of the school community. This can only be attributed to the caring staff, fellow pupils and ethos of the school. I therefore see this role of Head Boy as a way of giving back as much as I can to the school community.

Following on from Tom Jenkins’ great work as Head Boy, I will work in close partnership with our new Head Girl, Eleanor Smith.  It is our joint aim to collaborate with the prefect team, to have a positive influence and bring the community together by embracing the huge amount and variety of talent that we have at Sherfield. The team and I have each developed projects which involve organizing school events over the course of the year. This is an exciting opportunity for us all to become a cohesive team. My personal ambition is to put together an Arts, Sports and Science Festival which will enable us to showcase a variety of talents but also encourage people to try new things.

Our school motto Ad Vitam Paramus, ‘Preparing for life’, extends beyond just the classroom. My time at Sherfield has allowed me to develop both academically, personally and as a sportsman. I therefore feel proud to be given the opportunity to help younger pupils and hope that through encouraging their involvement in the forthcoming events, they can continue to experience the great community spirit of Sherfield and develop as rounded people going into a competitive world.

I am told that I am approachable to all ages of the school and not just the older pupils that lie within the Sherfield Sixth. One of my goals for the team is for us to create an inclusive, friendly atmosphere for every member of our community and welcome visitors and new pupils with open arms. I feel privileged to be in the position alongside Eleanor and our prefect team to make a change. I am truly excited for the challenges that I will face along the way.


Eleanor Smith: I joined Sherfield in September having previously attended the Junior School for Years 4-6. I spent Years 7-11 at The Abbey School, Reading and last year I began my A Levels at Peter Symonds College. However, I later realised the subjects I had chosen for A Level were not for me and so I made the decision to re-start the Sixth Form back at my alma mater in Sherfield. For me this has been the best decision I could have made. I now realise how much I missed the close community feel, the house system, PE and the great food at lunchtime.  There is now the nutritional supplement of the weekly Head Master’s breakfast, where Miles and I will share our views on the week’s events with Mr Fisher and his team.

Writing this has allowed me to reflect on my time at Sherfield so far. Three years in the Junior School enabled me to remember staff and the Sherfield way of life; it has also made me realise how much the school has changed and developed over six years. Certain things that make Sherfield unique still remain, such as the success of sports teams and individuals, the ever growing choirs, the outstanding artists and musicians in residence, the Sherfield Gallery and the fantastic drama department with their Courtyard Theatre productions and al fresco shows. Our competitively but friendly house competitions generate a frenzy of enthusiastic energy and esprit de corps. Go Loddon!

I feel very privileged to have been chosen as Head Girl to represent Sherfield and lead the pupil body alongside Miles. I have always aspired to be Head Girl since I heard the joint Head Girls speak at The Abbey prior to joining that school in Year 7. And now I have a chance to make  a real difference at Sherfield School.

As Head Girl at Sherfield I am looking forward to continue the legacies of my predecessors with the International Evening and the night-time Ghost Walk. I am also preparing for the challenges of our new events such as Bushcraft Survival in our 75 acre grounds, a STEAM Festival and Murder Mystery Evening.  Our charity work fund-raising and cooperation with Friends of Sherfield will be fundamental parts of our work. Around school I strive to get involved wherever possible, be it house tiddlywinks, Quidditch or egg tossing, Prep School PE, sports matches or the Sherfield Singers.

I hope that Miles and I will make Sherfield proud as the Head Boy and Head Girl.

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