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Outdoor Science

    01 April 2021

Outdoor Science

Today Year 10 GCSE Triple Science class carried out a required practical for AQA GCSE biology: using a transect line to show any correlation between the number of daffodils and light intensity.
Or simply - an ecology study on the front lawn! No daffodils were harmed in this investigation!

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  • Confidence, Creativity and Connection

    Confidence, Creativity and Connection

        01 April 2021

    I’m sure you will agree the return to school has presented a wonderful opportunity for students to re-engage and connect with each other following a v...

  • Outdoor Science

    Outdoor Science

        01 April 2021

    Today Year 10 GCSE Triple Science class carrying out a required practical for AQA GCSE biology.

  • WWII Theme Day

    WWII Theme Day

        31 March 2021

    Year 4 have had such an amazing WWII theme day yesterday.

  • Our Wonderful World

    Our Wonderful World

        31 March 2021

    In Geography, Year 1 have been learning about hot and cold places around the world.

  • Back to the Stone Age

    Back to the Stone Age

        30 March 2021

    Year 3 took part in Stone Age Day on Monday.

  • Let's play a game

        26 March 2021

    How many Christmases have been ruined by that apparently innocuous phrase?  How many seemingly kindly grandmas or favourite uncles have become rabid a...

  • Day of the Dead 2021

    Day of the Dead 2021

        26 March 2021

    Year 7 have been working on a project based on the Mexican holiday - Day of the Dead.

  • Restore Our World

    Restore Our World

        26 March 2021

    Year 9 DT Students are taking part in a STEM competition organised by the British International Education Association.

  • The Magic of Medicine

    The Magic of Medicine

        24 March 2021

    Year 2 carried out a science experiment this week, on the topic of germs.

  • Spring in their Step

    Spring in their Step

        24 March 2021

    Reception class were looking for signs of spring in Forest School on Tuesday.

  • To Infinity and Beyond

    To Infinity and Beyond

        24 March 2021

    This week the children in the Pre-Reception Booster have been learning about ‘Space’.

  • Finding their way

    Finding their way

        22 March 2021

    Year 5 and 6 Outdoor Adventures Enrichment had a fantastic afternoon in the lovely weather on Friday.

  • Lockdown on Ice

    Lockdown on Ice

        19 March 2021

    Ava in Year 8's account of ice skating during the pandemic.

  • The Cars of Sherfield

    The Cars of Sherfield

        19 March 2021

    In our Pre-Reception Booster group this week, they have been learning about ‘Travel and Transport’.

  • You can’t have the rainbow without the rain!

    You can’t have the rainbow without the rain!

        19 March 2021

    It's easy to feel grateful when life is good, but what about when things are not so easy? In the midst of this global pandemic can we, or should we, s...

  • Rhythm Grids

    Rhythm Grids

        18 March 2021

    Year 5 have been getting rhythmic and composing their own rhythm grids, which they performed in groups.

  • Who made my T.Shirt?

    Who made my T.Shirt?

        18 March 2021

    What a fantastic exhibition Year 7 put on last week. We were so impressed with the standard of the work produced and the depth of understanding shown....

  • PI Day 2021

    PI Day 2021

        16 March 2021

    The 14 March each year is World Pi Day (3.14) and as a school we celebrated this on Monday.

  • World Book Day 2021

    World Book Day 2021

        15 March 2021

    What better way to mark our return to School than to celebrate World Book Day? Last Friday saw a stunning array of costumes as staff and pupils fully ...

  • The Wonder of being in School

    The Wonder of being in School

        12 March 2021

    To coin, the opening comments from head teacher John Tomsett and his blog, I have been teaching for 23 years, I taught children from the age of 3 mont...

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