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Why Choose Sherfield?

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Why Sherfield School?  It's a good question and one that we hope you will be able to answer once you begin to look around this website and come in for a tour.

We are an outstanding, all-round academic, active and creative school and offer a whole education for boys and girls from all over the world, whether they be 3 months or 18 years. Having a diverse demographic of pupils in the School is a fantastic opportunity for collaboration through peer-to-peer learning and is one of the reasons why our pupils enter the world well-rounded and prepared.

The school has an inclusive family feel to it and most parents will tell you how much their children have grown in confidence and progressed because of this.

So, what makes us unique? 

We have an extraordinary, thriving enrichment programme. We believe enrichment promotes employability, academic attainment and teaches pupils the skills they need to make good, informed choices.  A successful enrichment program can promote the life-skills needed for everyday life, develop “soft skills” that employers and universities look for, while also giving pupils the opportunity to find out more about their interests and passions. 

Pupils are able to choose from a wide range of activities in consultation with their parents. There is something for everyone and most importantly, an opportunity for them to track their progress and maintain a permanent record of achievement.

"Enrichment, enrichment, enrichment! Friday afternoons are given over to Enrichment, a set period where children work towards their AVP Diploma (the school’s motto is Ad Vitam Paramus – Prepared for Life). Tasks include learning practical skills, running businesses and supporting the local community (art students recently painted a mural in a hospice. Pupils can also choose to study an extra GCSE in a specialist subject.

Extra-curricular clubs are extraordinarily extensive, with origami, nature detectives, mindfulness, ceramics and more."

Maya Boyd, Muddy Stilettos Reviewer, May 2020

We also have a huge amount of parent support with active parent liaisons in each year group, a fantastic parents' association with plenty of all-year-round events, a parents’ café and parents' social media groups.

"I must say all the communication, updates, Parentmail messages, Facebook and Instagram posts are fabulous. It is so nice to be at a school where the communication between parents and school is so great."

Year 7 and Year 8 Parent, 2022

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“I like how the children are always working with different partners. I also like how the children work across the year groups.”

Year 5 Parent, 2020 Parent Survey

“Engaged and caring teachers, amazing staff across the board and very well-led. Feels like an extended family, with the right balance of teaching and developing children into well balanced and thoughtful young adults.”

Year 4 Parent, 2020 Parent Survey

“I can see first hand that teamwork and collaboration are heavily encouraged through the Seesaw app.”

Year 4 Parent, 2020 Parent Survey

“As a boarding student, we have nothing to worry about his well-being. Each time we have the opportunity to visit the school, we see a great team spirit.”

Year 12 Parent, 2020 Parent Survey 

"Sherfield is a friendly school where children who would perhaps go “unnoticed” at other schools, can excel and grow in confidence in a lovely atmosphere."

Year 10 Parent, 2020 Parent Survey

"In just his first term, my son has grown and matured beyond our expectations. He has found a confidence he didn't have before." 

Year 7 Parent, 2020 Parent Survey

"My child has been at the school since infancy and has achieved academically while growing in independence and developing self-confidence and social and emotional skills to prepare him for adulthood."

Year 12 Parent, 2020 Parent Survey

"One of the School’s strengths is its small family environment that creates an atmosphere that prompts confidence in my children."

Year 2 and Year 10 Parent, 2020 Parent Survey

“You've helped my daughter to believe in herself, when her confidence was at rock bottom. It is a daily relief that she is somewhere where she feels safe, interested and valued. Sherfield is education as it should be.”

Year 5 Parent, 2020 Parent Survey

“Both twins have grown in confidence in themselves and understand more so the importance of being kind.”

Reception Parent, 2020 Parent Survey

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