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One column layout help your child settle at school

  1. Visit the School and go to their open events together. Go on as many tours as they need so they can get to know where things are.

  2. Ask the School if they have any events coming up that you can go to such as concerts, fairs, productions. This too will help them get used to the new school environment.

  3. Look on the School website together, ask for their School newsletters, visit their social media pages and flick through the pictures and videos they have. Find the information and images of clubs, activities, trips and lessons you know your child will get excited about.

  4. Make sure your child has all the right uniform and sports kit.

  5. Show your child the School’s lunch menu.

  6. Encourage your child to take part in the Schools clubs and extra-curricular activities. This will help them make friends quicker and often across year groups.

  7. Try to involve yourself in the School so you can get to know the staff and parents. This will make meeting up with other parents and their children, outside of school, a lot easier.

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Two column layout