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Health and Emotional Wellbeing


At Sherfield we have a dedicated Health Centre staffed by our school nurse who has a wealth of experience working in across healthcare settings.  Our Health Centre includes a treatment room and a bedroom where pupils can rest when unwell during the school day prior to collection by parents or before returning to the boarding house if a boarder. 

The Health Centre is open from Monday to Friday 08:00-16:30 and handover for boarding pupils with the boarding house staff occurs each day in the morning and evening to ensure consistency of care. If a boarder is unwell, they will be cared for in the boarding house by the houseparent on duty, who are all first aid trained, in consultation with the school nurses. Boarding pupils are registered with our local GP surgery and accompanied to all appointments by a houseparent.   

The School Nurse takes an active part in health education and promotion within the school as well as providing first aid for minor injuries and care for childhood illnesses, we also ensure children who have a temporary or long term condition have their medical and support needs met through care planning and staff training. 

Emotional Health and Wellbeing is important to the whole school environment and we pride ourselves in having a warm and friendly department where pupils who may need some emotional support can come to when they need to.  We work closely with parents in these situations and external agencies if applicable. 

Lead School Nurse:  Mrs Rachel Redbond


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