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The Case of the Missing Millions

    10 February 2021

The Case of the Missing Millions

Year 5 pupils have been putting their sleuthing skills into practice this week, as they have worked on solving the mystery of the missing millions in the London Chancery Lane Robbery.
Using their knowledge of punctuation and grammar, the detective team solved a number of clues until, on Wednesday morning, they were facing the last two puzzles, hoping that they would be able to track down the location of the stolen goods.
Success, the clues had been revealed….but it wasn’t over yet.  They still had to piece together the location.
Clue 1 – Fortunately, we already speak the language.
Clue 2 – We can exchange some of the money for dollars there.
Clue 3 – It will be very hot and humid because of the tropical climate.
Clue 4 – The flight will take less than ten hours.
Clue 5 – The flag contains blue stripes.
At last, the dogged detectives were able to celebrate – they had tracked the missing money to the Bahamas.
Celebrations continued well into the morning!

Junior Prep

Junior Prep

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  • The Case of the Missing Millions

    The Case of the Missing Millions

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    Year 5 pupils have been putting their sleuthing skills into practice this week, as they have worked on solving the mystery of the missing millions in ...

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  • Fantastical Butterflies

    Fantastical Butterflies

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    While the Year 4’s are learning from home, Mrs Warmerdam has set them some Outdoor Learning tasks to get them outside. 

  • Marvellous Maps

    Marvellous Maps

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    In outdoor education this week Year 1 pupils had fun matching map symbols to the real life place they represent.

  • Year 3 & 4 Art ASC

    Year 3 & 4 Art ASC

        07 December 2020

    This half term some year 3 and 4’s have been attending an Art after school club.

  • Egyptian Art

    Egyptian Art

        07 December 2020

    Year 4 have been looking at the Egyptians this term. In Art they have made their own clay plaques, designed and made papier-mâché hippos and have work...

  • Reception get Festive

    Reception get Festive

        04 December 2020

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