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Tremendous Tens and Ones

    17 January 2020

Tremendous Tens and Ones

Year 1 have been exploring the place value of 2-digit numbers this week and have become quite the experts at representing the number of tens and ones in different ways. They have loved using Numicon, Dienes and Tens Frames as well as drawing their own representations of different numbers.


  • Reception Class this week...

    Reception Class this week...

        02 April 2020

    Reception class have been learning to tell the time. They identified key features of clocks and then made our own natural clocks with seasonal objects...

  • Year 10 Art Nature Exhibition

    Year 10 Art Nature Exhibition

        17 March 2020

    Last term Year 10 pupils completed a project on Micro Bugs. Pupils worked in a variety of media to learn a range of recording skills and accurately ob...

  • Poetry and Shakespeare

    Poetry and Shakespeare

        16 March 2020

    After the “Book Week” success, last week has been just as busy with some very exciting events in the English department!

  • Science Week 2020

        13 March 2020

    This week students at Sherfield have been recognising British Science Week by taking part in a number of activities.

  • Pi Day 2020

    Pi Day 2020

        13 March 2020

    14 March is Pi-day, a day which celebrates this awesome irrational number. As a school, pupils have been involved in various events both in and out of...

  • Vocal Concert 2020

    Vocal Concert 2020

        11 March 2020

    The Music Department held their annual vocal concert on Wednesday evening, prepared and hosted by singing teacher Gail Mortley. The evening was very w...

  • 100 Days of School

    100 Days of School

        06 March 2020

    Reception and Year 1 are celebrating their 100th day in class today!

  • Wild, Wild West!

    Wild, Wild West!

        05 March 2020

    Year 6 Historians have been learning about the culture and history of the Native American Indians and have produced some wonderful pieces of homework ...

  • World Book Day 2020

    World Book Day 2020

        05 March 2020

    At Sherfield, we don’t just dress up for World Book Day! 

  • Friends of Sherfield Easter Egg Collection

    Friends of Sherfield Easter Egg Collection

        02 March 2020

    Friends of Sherfield are once again collecting chocolate Easter eggs for Basingstoke Children’s Services. FOS will deliver all the eggs collected to B...

  • Body Bingo!

    Body Bingo!

        02 March 2020

    To kick off our new science topic, My Amazing Body, Year 1 have been naming and labelling parts of the human body.

  • GEMS X Competition Success!

    GEMS X Competition Success!

        28 February 2020

    Students from Year 9 and 10 have been working extremely hard in their GEMS X enrichment this term.  The students were tasked with researching how cutt...

  • Maths and Science is all around us

    Maths and Science is all around us

        27 February 2020

    Year 4 have been exploring perpendicular and parallel lines in mathematics this week. We were surprised at how many examples of these lines that we co...

  • Year 2 explore Ahlberg

    Year 2 explore Ahlberg

        26 February 2020

    Year Two are learning about the author Allan Ahlberg. They have been finding out all about his life and have made a poster about him.  They have read ...

  • Pancake Maths!

    Pancake Maths!

        25 February 2020

    On Tuesday Year 2.1 celebrated pancake day! The children used their measurement skills to measure all the ingredients and then cooked their own pancak...

  • A Trip to CERN

    A Trip to CERN

        24 February 2020

    A group of Year 11-13 students visited CERN, the largest particle accelerator on Earth, and the city of Geneva, just before the end of the half term.

  • Junior Rotary help the Camrose Centre

    Junior Rotary help the Camrose Centre

        14 February 2020

    The Junior Rotary Club recently undertook a massive campaign to collect unwanted Christmas gifts and food donations to help the homeless in Basingstok...

  • Year 3s trip rocked!

    Year 3's trip rocked!

        13 February 2020

    Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Stonehenge. They thought about how and why the stones came to be there; how the site has changed over time and...

  • Exploring the USA!

    Exploring the USA!

        12 February 2020

    This week in Geography Year 6 have been presenting their homework projects about a state of their choice.

  • 50 Things After School Club

    50 Things After School Club

        11 February 2020

    Every Thursday pupils in Senior Prep take part in activities similar to the ’50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4’ National Trust challenge.

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