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The school motto: “ad vitam paramus” (we prepare for life) sums up our school community goals for all pupils

Our Vision

To be a school where pupils thrive and flourish as they experience the excitement and enjoyment of learning; guiding pupils towards reaching their full potential as passionate and innovative problem solvers, ready to contribute to society.

Our Mission

To be an outstanding, all-round academic, active and creative school where we challenge, inspire and support each other as we build our best futures.

At Sherfield, you can be:

Strong, ambitious and brave - exploring outside of your comfort zone, failing without fear, knowing there’s a whole community behind you.

Enterprising, inventive, playful and fun - being thoughtful, inquisitive and supportive of each other inside and outside the classroom.

Healthy, confident and eager to succeed - learning without limits, wondering without walls and being part of something bigger.

You can be anything, because at Sherfield, it’s your future to own.

Our Core Values

Our mission is expressed through core values that form the guiding principles of everything we do at Sherfield.

Confidence - Our pupils are ready for the challenges and opportunities life presents them after Sherfield. They grow strong, self-assured and motivated by each Sherfield experience and opportunity. Through academic excellence and a supportive environment, they become resilient and creative problem-solvers who believe they can and will achieve what they set out to do.

Creativity - Together, our Sherfield community builds a powerful culture of creativity that is without boundaries. We are critical thinkers who challenge ideas, pave new paths and encourage inventiveness whenever possible.

Connection - As a close-knit community, we know and care for each other. We foster an environment where children, parents and staff work and grow together while building strong and ambitious futures.

Click here to download our Vision, Mission and Core Values School Progress Plan document. To read more about our School Progress Plan and School Priorities, please click here to visit our School Developments page.


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