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Year 2 Trip to Osborne House

    14 June 2019

On Thursday 6th June we travelled to the Isle of Wight. We travelled on the coach for one hour to Southampton and then for an hour on the Red Funnel ferry to East Cowes. - Aarav

Osborne House was Queen Victoria’s holiday palace.  It is very grand! It is pale yellow colour and has turrets and a big clock tower. There are fountains and statues. - Yashk & Caiden

There was a wooden house called the Swiss Cottage.  The Swiss Cottage was the children’s playhouse and it is bigger than most houses today.  We tried on old-fashioned dressing-up clothes. We had watched moving pictures and there was a puppet theatre where we could move the puppets with a stick.  We also saw the kitchen and dining room which are like they used to be in Victorian times.  We saw the children’s toy shop and lots of flower pictures that were made by the princes and princesses. - Alexander & Aliza

The Albert Barracks is where Prince Albert taught the young princes how to be soldiers. There are replica cannons, trenches and a fort. - Rafe & William B

In the children’s gardens they grew fruit, flowers and vegetables.  They have restored them to be exactly the same way is they were in Victorian times.  We saw the replica wheelbarrows. The things they grew were used for them to learn cooking or to eat in the palace.- Freya & Riley

In the Museum we saw a 9-legged spider, a 5-legged deer, a wolf, a crocodile, the tiniest scissors and knife in the world, a shark’s tooth, the skull of a bird, some gems and beautiful shells. - William C and Annabelle

When we were walking to the beach we saw the sculpture trail.  There were five of them, there was a red squirrel, a long-eared bat, a barn owl, a hedgehog and a woodpecker. - Lachlan & Shrihan

The Bathing Machine is at Osborne Beach.  Queen Victoria got changed in it.  The bathing machine was used because in the past people thought it was rude to show your body.  It had big wheels and was rolled out to sea. - Harrison

The Alcove is by Osborne Beach and it is where Queen Victoria used to sit and read a book or paint while watching the sea.  It was round and had lots of patterns and was colourful. - Amelia & Rishika

The Gift Shop has lots of things in it!  They had keyrings, marbles, flags, gems and bouncy balls.  I bought some marbles and a union jack flag. - Ayrton

Finally we went to the play area, we played and played.  The play area was very big and there was a climbing frame and a zip line. - Gabriel




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  • 50 Things After School Club

    50 Things After School Club

        11 February 2020

    Every Thursday pupils in Senior Prep take part in activities similar to the ’50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4’ National Trust challenge.

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    Year 9s make self portraits

        05 February 2020

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  • Art Trip to Devon

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    Year 10, 11 & 12 Art students have just returned from a 3 night stay in Devon at a crafts and activities hotel.

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  • Poetry Live! 2020

    Poetry Live! 2020

        30 January 2020

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  • Life Beyond The Sixth Form

    Life Beyond The Sixth Form

        28 January 2020

    The Year 12 EPQ students enjoyed immersing themselves in the world of academic research during their study day at the University of Southampton.

  • Young Voices 2020

    Young Voices 2020

        26 January 2020

    A coach full of 65 very excited pupils from Sherfield Senior Prep made its way to the 02 Arena last Friday. Despite it being Sherfield’s first year pa...

  • Big Buddy Workout

    Big Buddy Workout

        21 January 2020

    A huge thank you to all our pupils in Year 1 to 6 who have been collecting their sponsorship money following the Big Buddy workout last Wednesday.

  • Mixed Media Portraits

    Mixed Media Portraits

        20 January 2020

    In the last half term Year 12 artists have been researching mixed media portraiture. They developed and designed their own interpretations on this the...

  • Gone Fishing

    Gone Fishing

        19 January 2020

    Reception Class' topic this half term is ‘under the sea’. In order to really engage with the topic, the pupils were given the opportunity to explore f...

  • Tremendous Tens and Ones

    Tremendous Tens and Ones

        17 January 2020

    Year 1 have been exploring the place value of 2-digit numbers this week.

  • Senior Prep English Coffee Morning

    Senior Prep English Coffee Morning

        17 January 2020

    This morning Senior Prep were joined by a group of parents in the library to talk about reading.

  • Young Voices 2020

    Young Voices 2020

        17 January 2020

    Senior Prep are all very excited about the Young Voices concert on 24th January. 

  • Year 10 Moodlighting

    Year 10 Moodlighting

        17 January 2020

    Year 10s have been working really hard recently designing mood lighting using the design programme CAD and are now building their circuits.

  • Wild Wild West!

    Wild Wild West!

        10 January 2020

    To build on the Year 6’s theme this term, they made mini bows and arrows in Outdoor Learning, using lolly sticks, tooth floss and ear buds. 

  • Pre-Reception Go Back In Time

    Pre-Reception Go Back In Time

        10 January 2020

    This week Pre Reception have been going back in time, looking at how people used to live.

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