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Boarders Blog - Reflection for this term

    22 January 2018

Reflection for this term

My first term in Sherfield School is nearly complete, I have many deep feelings that I would like to report through my reflection for this term.

The first thing I want to mention is the British culture. I have been in England for four months, and I have travelled to six famous places.

I felt in awe at the magnificence and splendour of Windsor Castle. I felt grand at the London Bridge, London Eye and River Thames, these significant places have been unforgettable. The history of British warships also had me in amazement. Everything here is playing in my head.

The second thing I would like to reflect on is the education system here, I really like it. In my opinion, it is better than the Chinese education system, because we can choose the subjects we would like to learn. Teachers here are kind and patient, they can explain the content by using easy words and speaking slowly. School staff process student queries efficiently. For example, I was not satisfied with my time table before half term, so I discussed this with my tutor, and after the half term holiday my time table was changed to my requirement. The boarding house is so lovely, I have my own room, and I can get drinks and watch movies in the common room too. This is the best boarding house, I have never seen a better one.

The school also has many activities at the weekend, normally we have clubs on Saturday morning such as economics club, basketball club, art club, dance club and others. Boarding house staff take us to other cities sometimes too. I have been to Windsor Castle, Portsmouth and Oxford Street in London with school, I was really happy with these activities. And every Sunday they take us to Basingstoke or Reading to relax, and do some shopping for any essentials.

The last thing is my growth. Through this period of time I can feel I have grown because I am more adult and politer than I was before. My English has grown rapidly because I write, speak, read and listen to English every day, I cannot live here without English. I have also made mistakes, but they have made me grow and I can learn from these mistakes and change.

As a result, this is a meaningful term, I have gained lots of experience. I will study harder next term and I hope it will be smooth.

Patrick - Full-Time Boarder in Archers Lodge


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    My first term in Sherfield School is nearly complete, I have many deep feelings that I would like to report through my reflection for this term.

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