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Head Boy's Blog 25 June 2017

    29 June 2017

Head Prefect Blog

Blog 3, 25 June 2017

Miles Bromilow

Pursuit of excellence was last week’s theme which seemed apt with Sports day concluding a great week for the school. It was a true delight to see all of the pupils, teachers and families having such a wonderful time celebrating what is so fantastic about our school - community and togetherness. We live in a period where these qualities are most needed and after some of the tragic events over the past month it is great to see these reflected in the wider society where people are coming together to help the victims and families whether it be in Manchester or London.

I am very proud of my house, Wynstow, for winning Senior Sports Day. But whatever house, every single pupil put their upmost effort to participate and take part in the events that took place even if they were trying something new. This in itself can be seen as a pursuit of excellence. The drive and determination to be the best that you can be and this is exemplified so well at Sherfield. It was so admirable to see the pupils who were not necessarily winners but put every joule of their energy to complete their events; the togetherness we saw as fellow pupils urged them over the line.  There were some fantastic events over the course of the morning and afternoon in both the prep and senior sports days. The Sixth Form vs Staff relay proved to be a spectacle. I’m sure we will get them next year!

It has been a great couple of weeks for sporting success with many of the younger pupils heading down to compete at the ISA nationals at the Thames Valley Athletics Stadium, Alongside a fantastic win in the Regional Stage of the Glanville Cup tennis team who now go onto compete for the prestigious trophy against the rest of the regional winners. Liam Hignett, Dean Cooper-Kirby, Alex Dawson and Myself travelled down to the West Hants club to face Bournemouth collegiate in the regional final, a team considered to be the best in the Hampshire, Berkshire and Dorset area. Three of the team played higher ranked players coming through the singles round 6-2 ahead going into the doubles matches. After a couple of tense matches Liam and I were able to close out the tie, the final score 8-4. We can now be considered one of the top 16 school teams in the country.

The achievements and success surrounding our school has resonated with me hugely and despite the end of the academic year nearing a close everyone is still working hard and striving to be the best that they can be!


Miles Bromilow

Head Boy

Head Prefects' Blog

Head Prefects' Blog

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