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Year 4 - Virtual School Week 6

    22 May 2020

Year 4 - Virtual School Week 6

In English, Year 4 have been writing animal poems this week. They have followed a structure and focused on developing some powerful noun phrases, including adjectives and prepositions to add description.

Darcy's poem contained so many superb noun phrases. Hudson's poem rhymed and included some comedy also.

In Science and Geography, the children have been continuing their learning about The Amazon Rainforest.  With a focus on deforestation this week, Year 4 have considered the devastation this can cause including how animals habitats are threatened by changes in the environment. They have created their own lively endangered animal video reports.

Darcy's report was informative, fun, creative and factual. Joao- Ricardo's report on the endangered Mexican Wolf clearly states the risks that the wolves faced but also included information on how they were helped through conservation. He also created the most amazing Toucan drawing! Freddie's endangered animal report was about the Black Rhinos.

Hattie created a super chalk drawing linked to her learning about the Amazon rainforest. Guy read out some interesting facts about the Rainforests.  Freddie used his amazing mathematical skills to calculate: how many square kilometres have been cut down since 2015 -2020, how many square kilometres would that be every day approximately and how many square kilometres would that be over the duration of a decade.

Jack drew a wonderful Toucan, thinking hard about what this species needs from the Rainforest. Richard made a dramatic save the rainforest poster. Ross drew a super toucan picture. Darina made a model of the different layers of the rainforest.

In Art, the class constructed their monument to NHS workers from their designs, producing some fabulous structures to honour our dedicated healthcare workers. Henry's monument was super!

Junior Prep News

Junior Prep, News

  • Lagoona Aqua Park Trip 2021

    Lagoona Aqua Park Trip 2021

        02 July 2021

    Yesterday, Year 4 took a trip to Lagoon Aqua Park.

  • Senior Prefects 2021

    Senior Prefects 2021

        02 July 2021

    Congratulations to our new senior prefect team on their appointment to their new roles - Head Prefects: Jude and Tilly and Deputy Head Prefects: Bonni...

  • A few reflections...

    A few reflections...

        02 July 2021

    As we know, the last eighteen months or so has been a hugely challenging period for everyone.  For students in school, the emphasis and focus has been...

  • Year 8 Outdoor Adventure Day

    Year 8 Outdoor Adventure Day

        01 July 2021

    On Wednesday. Year 8 pupils enjoyed an afternoon at Horseshoe Lake, as a treat before they finish their time in Senior Prep.

  • A-Level Prep Sessions

    A-Level Prep Sessions

        01 July 2021

    The Year 10 Business A-Level preparation group were tasked with operating as a focus group to provide quantitative and qualitative data on a range of ...

  • Independent Schools of the Year Awards 2021

    Independent Schools of the Year Awards 2021

        01 July 2021

    We are thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted in the 'Co-educational Independent School of the Year' category, from a record number of ent...

  • Water Battle

    Water Battle

        01 July 2021

    Year 3 celebrated the end of the academic year with a water fight! They were very excited and had so much fun soaking each other with their water guns...

  • Walk for Water

    Walk for Water

        29 June 2021

    Year 2 ‘Walked for Water’ on Monday, covering 3km in the school grounds to raise money for WaterAid.

  • Year 8 STEM Day 2021

    Year 8 STEM Day 2021

        28 June 2021

    Year 8 pupils had a great day last Friday on their STEM day.

  • Explorer Day and Fruit and Veg Batteries

    Explorer Day and Fruit and Veg Batteries

        24 June 2021

    This week, in Year 4, they had an explorer day where they enjoyed learning more about Christopher Columbus and his fleet of ships.

  • Year 6 STEAM Day

    Year 6 STEAM Day

        24 June 2021

    Sherfield School welcomed Year 6 students from Wandsworth Prep School, The Oratory Prep School, The Hampshire School and Bruern Abbey School to take p...

  • National Thank a Teacher Day

    National Thank a Teacher Day

        18 June 2021

    Teaching is said to be the most influential job in the world. Teachers are known to shape the minds of young people, they support and encourage, they ...

  • Battle of the Bands 2021

    Battle of the Bands 2021

        18 June 2021

    The music department were extremely pleased to hold Battle of the Bands 2021 on Wednesday evening, the first live music event of the year.

  • Year 11 Move Up Week

    Year 11 Move Up Week

        18 June 2021

    This week Year 11 have been trialling A level lessons

  • Tortillas de Patatas

    Tortillas de Patatas

        18 June 2021

    On Thursday Year 10 mixed Spanish and Food classes cooked Spanish omelettes.

  • Mini Beasts

    Mini Beasts

        18 June 2021

    This week Pre Reception have been learning about mini beasts.

  • Drawing in the rain

    Drawing in the rain

        18 June 2021

    After completing their summer exam project Year 9 and 10 were going to be treated to an opportunity to draw some observational studies of the school, ...

  • Rampaging Romans

    Rampaging Romans

        17 June 2021

    The Year 3 children made some incredible Roman shields over their half term break, and they couldn't wait to re-enact a Roman battle! They enjoyed cre...

  • Prop Making

    Prop Making

        17 June 2021

    30 pupils from Years 5, 6, 7 and 8 were selected to take part in an Art workshop where they learnt to make large scale props using willow and tissue p...

  • National School Grounds Week 2021

    National School Grounds Week 2021

        16 June 2021

    For ‘National School Grounds Week’ this week Year 3 pupils made the most of the lovely weather to learn and play some French games outside.

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