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Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

    06 December 2019

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

The Reception children have been celebrating Saint Nicholas Day today. Saint Nikolas Day is celebrated in lots of different European Countries such as Germany and Poland. 

The children received a visit from Saint Nikolas in the morning! There were footprints on the floor and all of the children’s welly boots were lined up with treats inside! Each child had an orange and some chocolate goodies! All the children were very excited to learn about Saint Nikolas and all the joy it brings. Happy Saint Nikolas Day!



  • Sherfields First Lego League

    Sherfield's First Lego League

        13 December 2019

    The legoMindstorms club competed in the Stevenage First Lego League. It was our first competition as a group and an opportunity to put all the recent ...

  • Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

    Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

        06 December 2019

    The Reception children have been celebrating Saint Nicholas Day today. Saint Nikolas Day is celebrated in lots of different European Countries such as...

  • UK Maths Challenge

    UK Maths Challenge

        06 December 2019

    Congratulations to the following year 13 and 12 pupils who were awarded certificates in this year’s United Kingdom Senior Maths Team Challenge...

  • The Trade Game

    The Trade Game

        29 November 2019

    Year 6 have been learning about trade and economics in Geography as part of their thematic learning about The Victorians.

  • Year 11 Mocks Underway

    Year 11 Mocks Underway

        29 November 2019

    Year 11 have been sitting their first mock exams this week.

  • Miss Molly had a dolly

    Reception Explore Nursery Rhymes

        22 November 2019

    Reception have been learning about Nursery Rhymes this week.

  • Wheres Bogdan?

    Where's Bogdan? X Marks the Spot!

        22 November 2019

    Year 1 have been learning positional and directional language in Geography this week. The class meerkat, Bogdan went for a walk.

  • Present please sir!

    Present Please Sir!

        22 November 2019

    Year 6 went back in time today to experience life in a Victorian School room.

  • Outdoor Learning Day with Wandsworth Prep

    Outdoor Learning Day with Wandsworth Prep

        22 November 2019

    On Monday, Year 4 and 5 spent an awesome day in the woods with a group from Wandsworth Prep.

  • The Great Sherfield Sewing Bee

    The Great Sherfield Sewing Bee

        15 November 2019

    Year 12 Art students Sasha, Millie and Melinda have been learning to sew this term. After their initial experiments, they were set a “Sewing Bee” task...

  • Remembrance Day

    Remembrance Day

        15 November 2019

    On Sunday the 10th November, pupils, staff and parents from the school joined members of the Sherfield community to commemorate Remembrance Sunday 201...

  • FAWCO Youth Volunteer in Athens

    FAWCO Youth Volunteer in Athens

        08 November 2019

    Over the half term, I had the chance to visit Athens and all its assets as a cultural volunteer/ambassador for the FAWCO Youth Programme.

  • Londons Burning

    London's Burning

        08 November 2019

    To end their Fire Fire! topic in style, Year 2 set fire to their model houses. 

  • Young Voices 2020

    Young Voices 2020

        18 October 2019

    Tuesday mornings in the Courtyard Studio have been filled with song this half term, as Senior Prep Pupils have been learning a variety of musical numb...

  • Year 9 Able, Gifted and Talented Day

    Year 9 Able, Gifted and Talented Day

        18 October 2019

    This Monday, the Bellevue Group ran an Able, Gifted & Talented Collaborative Learning Day for pupils in Year 9.  This was hosted by Sherfield School w...

  • Year 2s Eco-Crew

    Year 2's Eco-Crew

        11 October 2019

    Year 2 have been learning about everyday materials. They learnt about their properties, suitability and are now learning about recycling. Year 2 is ve...

  • Year 6 experience World War 1

    Year 6 Experience World War 1

        04 October 2019

    This half term Year 6 pupils have been learning all about World War 1 as a cross-curricular theme. They have been investigating trench warfare in Hist...

  • The Daily Mile

    The Daily Mile

        27 September 2019

    This week  Years 2, 3 & 4 have been running The Daily Mile as an initiative to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • Year 7 Camp out

    Year 7 Camp out

        27 September 2019

    Year 7 spent an enjoyable “night under the stars” last Friday. After putting up their tents they took part in a scavenger hunt to find hidden musical ...

  • Year 1s Scientific Investigation

    Year 1's Scientific Investigation

        27 September 2019

    Year 1 have had lots of fun conducting their first scientific investigation this week to find out which materials are the best to build with. The chil...

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