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Head Prefect Blog 19 June 2017

    22 June 2017

On Monday, Mr Fisher spoke about the importance of growing by learning and at this time of the year with exams for Years 7-13 this is particularly evident. Many worry about lining up outside the exam room waiting to be ushered in row by row to sit their papers, whether it be public or internal exams. However the enthusiasm of the pupils is still very much alive despite these hurdles they have to face in the Summer Term.

Recently I have taken three public Maths exams and four internal Spanish and Geography exams. As I begin to receive my papers, I find I am learning from the feedback from my teachers. By acknowledging our errors we are growing by learning and preparing for the future as our school motto suggests, Ad Vitam Paramus, Preparing for life.

As the internal exams come to a close, the Senior School is preparing for Sports Day this coming Friday. The anticipation of one of the most eagerly awaited events in the school calendar has almost arrived and spirits are running high. The last Sports Day I attended was in Year 10 at my last school and the day was solely for pupils, whereas at Sherfield the event welcomes parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends enabling the Sherfield community to grow more than ever to support and cheer pupils across the finish line, over the high jump bar or into the long jump pit. The house spirit, healthy rivalry and amicability of the day emphasises the Sherfield community feel.

Community is a key factor at Sherfield that is evident every day both in and out of lessons. During the week the house meetings and competitions, assemblies and clubs bring pupils of all ages together so that everyone can feel involved. An example of volunteering and community can be seen weekly as members of Sixth Form and Year 10 visit Applewood Care Home in Bramley to entertain the residents with puzzles, jigsaws, painting or a quiz.

Personally I am very involved in my local community by volunteering at Guides as a young leader and unit volunteer. I have been in the Girlguiding Association since the age of 5, and through volunteering I am able to give back to the organisation in many different ways.

Community has been particularly apparent this week in London after the disastrous fire in a residential tower block, Grenfell Tower. As loved ones, homes and possessions were lost, volunteers travelled from all over Britain to offer their support to those lucky to escape the fire. Food, blankets, and other necessities were donated by the British public who rallied together to give donations and aid as soon as the disaster had struck. Adverse events, such as the Grenfell Tower fire can enable communities to be stronger where every type of ethnicity and culture can be bought together for support and strength.

Eleanor Smith

Head Girl


Head Prefects' Blog

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