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During the last 12 months, Sherfield School has been working on a number of key initiatives as part of the School Progress Plan 2018-21. These include the development of:

‘The Sherfield Spirit’ - Strong and supportive partnerships: Engaging fully with parents and students to ensure we are meeting the needs of all our families.

The development of teaching and assessment Introducing CODE: Challenge, Ownership, Dialogue and Engagement and refocused assessment frameworks.

Vibrant and engaging learning experiences - Ensuring that the day to day learning opportunities for pupils are of the highest quality.

School Progress Plan: 2019 – 2021 Priorities

Sherfield School has enjoyed an exciting period of development and transformation over the last 12 months. As we look forward to the future with huge optimism, we will be focusing on three key areas which are aligned with our mission and will support us in bringing our vision to life. The three key areas are:

Making Learning Visible

  • Empowering our pupils to take ownership of their learning and understand why and how they learn.
  • Through independent thinking, reflective thought and dialogue, pupils recognise their own achievements and ambitions.
  • Empowering staff through coaching and development, to deliver the very highest quality of experience for the pupils.

An Inspiring Learning Journey

  • Delivering high quality opportunities through a stimulating and exciting curricular and co-curricular provision.
  • Embracing creative approaches to learning, by removing barriers and facilitating innovation.

A Positive Learning Culture

  • Challenging our pupils to be the best they can possibly be, through a positive learning culture.
  • Promoting key opportunities for pupils to excel and enjoy the rewards of their success.

Click here to download and read more about our Vision, Mission and Core Values School Progress Plan document. To read more about our Vision, Mission and Core Values visit our Mission & Aims page.

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