Teaching & Learning at Sherfield School

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Teaching and learning at Sherfield is excellent and based upon our core values of learning through innovation, pursuing excellence, growing by learning and global citizenship.  We believe that teachers have the greatest influence upon the learning and progress of pupils and therefore as a team we strive for excellence. Teachers provide a positive and inclusive learning environment and experiences for all pupils. At Sherfield we strongly believe in the principles of preparing pupils for life.


We aim to teach every pupil using the most effective learning methods possible by providing expertise and resources to teachers, parents and pupils and through regular and rigorous monitoring and evaluation of teaching and learning against pupil progress and achievement.

We aim to teach every pupil how to learn so that they become fast, independent, confident and self-motivated lifelong learners by:

  •       teaching learners how to self- evaluate, set/work towards targets;
  •       providing or guiding independent access to learning resources.

We aim to treat each person as a successful learner by:

  • recognising effort and achievement;
  • providing appropriate feedback that always shows the next steps.
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