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House Ethos

The Houses are a key ingredient to the happy community at Sherfield School. They provide a friendly environment where students feel welcome and secure.

Each House celebrates the diversity of its student's community, helping to develop confident and caring young people who feel at ease in all manner of company. The House system encourages a sense of belonging, offers opportunities in leadership and mentoring and celebrates the achievements of all within. 

House competitions are held on a weekly and half termly basis and offer a diverse range of challenges and opportunities in the Arts, Academics and Sports. This inspires self - confidence, creativity and reinforces the belief in fair competition among its members.

Every pupil is allocated a House by the Headmaster upon entering Year 3. The Headmaster takes into account factors such as individual skills and strengths, previous school friends and family history when choosing the best fit for each pupil. Heads of House lead the community and are supported by a Deputy and a team of staff. Pupils are given the opportunity to run for House Captain positions in Year 8, 11 and 12 and are responsible for supporting the Heads of House.

One of the exceptional qualities of a Sherfield education, noted again in our latest inspection, is the integration of its pupils. We are justly proud of the quality of the House system at Sherfield School and we do all that we can to ensure that all pupils share in as much of that experience as possible.

See below for a playlist of some of our House Competitions.


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