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PGL Liddington - Five (and six) go on an adventure!

    19 May 2022

PGL Liddington - Five (and six) go on an adventure!


Recently, the Year 5 and 6s went on a trip to PGL Liddington. It was an amazing week away and we all had a blast (even the teachers!). Here at Sherfield, we get to go on some incredible school trips, which give us a lot of opportunities to enhance our learning. 

Some of the skills we worked on during the week were independence, facing new challenges and fears and, most importantly, resilience!

Most of the activities were loved by all the children but some of our favourites were: giant swing, zipwire, canoeing, trapeze and climbing. The overall favourite for everyone was the giant swing - Ms. Divers even faced her fear of heights on this one. On the giant swing, the children would be attached by the safety equipment and, after all of the safety checks had been completed, the rest of the group would pull the rope to hoist them up. Then, after you get to a height at which you feel comfortable, someone would pull a green rope and release the swing - lots of screaming and terrified faces were caught on camera!

Each evening, we would go outside and play different games, the favourite was ‘Capture the Flag’. 

We all stayed in dorms of 4-6 children. It’s safe to say some rooms were a bit crazy but we all loved being in a room with our friends. Most evenings we had time in our rooms before lights out. We’re sure we all went to sleep at a reasonable time each night, but the teachers will tell you otherwise. It was clear from the quiet bus journey home that we were all suitably exhausted by the end of the week. 

We all had such a fun week, even when it rained, and can’t thank all the teachers enough for organising it for us. We definitely came back as better communicators, teammates and risk takers - we can’t wait for the next one!

Issy and Pippa, Year 6

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