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The power of rest and recovery

    12 February 2021

The power of rest and recovery

First and foremost, please accept my gratitude and sincere thanks for your continued support towards the Sherfield cause during another challenging lockdown period of remote learning.  The impact that you have had in encouraging and supporting your children during this difficult period cannot be underestimated.  Behind every successful ‘remote learner’ is a network of support which can sometimes be forgotten or taken for granted.  I have no doubt that there have probably been moments when retaining the motivation and focus has proved challenging, so well done to all for the incredible efforts. Next week certainly presents an opportunity to recharge the batteries, to spend time away from computer screens and engage in other activities. 

There are some very interesting parallels with the world of sport with athletes constantly adapting and refining their training programmes and developing ‘blocks’ of specific training.  In the sporting world, these blocks are often interspersed with rest and recovery periods and even an ‘off season’ where athletes are encouraged to take a break and do something completely different.  This provides significant physical and mental benefits and enables the body to recover.  Often the most successful athletes are the ones who are able to develop the most effective training regime which recognises the impact of ‘overtraining’.  The power of rest and recovery is often underestimated.

Last week was Children’s Mental Health Week and the ‘off screen’ day was an opportunity to highlight the importance of learner well-being.  We are very conscious of the impact on young people and the need to ensure appropriate support is available and effective.  Therefore, if you do have any further concerns about the continued remote learning and your child please do ensure you contact us, we are always here to help.  Our children have proven to so be adaptable and resilient, developing their independent learning skills immeasurably and I’m sure that their individual and collective response to the challenges will enable them to flourish when they do return to school and beyond into the future.  

Remote learning has also been a major challenge for our staff!  I have to say the last twelve months have probably provided the best and most effective professional development for school staff.  Again, responding in a flexible, innovative and creative way, working together collegiately to shape the curriculum in a different way has been essential.  Staff also need to switch off next week and will I’m sure be spending time away from their screens, so if you do send any correspondence please do not be offended if you do not receive an immediate response.

Finally, some thoughts on the immediate future: with warmer weather hopefully heading our way soon and Spring almost upon us the outlook is much brighter.  As the country begins to consider a route back to normality, we are very much looking forward to the school community returning from the 8 March.  As soon as we have confirmation on return dates, we will of course be in touch straight away and share plans for re-opening fully.

Thank you once again for all your support and please enjoy a break from remote learning support.

Kind Regards

Mr Brain, Executive Head

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