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Year 6's Go Green

    04 April 2019


Everyone should support Eco-tourism because it would help and change our environment for the better.

Eco-tourism is an environmentally responsible way to enjoy natural and cultural experiences. If everyone were an eco-tourist, then the environment would be prettier and there would be more things to enjoy.

If everyone behaves in an eco-friendly way, then the damage of global warming and climate change can be reduced.

As no one does anything about climate change, school children across the world have been on a school strike to encourage their local parliament to take responsibility and act. Every Friday they peacefully demonstrate and try to convince them to do something about global warming. This was started by a 16-year-old girl called Greta Thunberg from Switzerland who sat every Friday for months outside her local parliament protesting. This encouraged other children to do the same.

Year 6.2 have been learning about eco-tourism and have learnt about what we could do to be eco-friendly. Some ideas are picking up litter, reducing car usage and avoiding plastic bottles.

Some slogans we came up with are:

  • Don’t use a plastic bag, or else you’ll make a plant sag.
  • Don’t ask to wash your towels every day at a hotel, to have an eco-friendly stay.
  • Don’t drive to keep a tree alive.



  • Life Beyond The Sixth Form

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    This morning Senior Prep were joined by a group of parents in the library to talk about reading.

  • Young Voices 2020

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    Senior Prep are all very excited about the Young Voices concert on 24th January. 

  • Year 10 Moodlighting

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        17 January 2020

    Year 10s have been working really hard recently designing mood lighting using the design programme CAD and are now building their circuits.

  • Wild Wild West!

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        10 January 2020

    To build on the Year 6’s theme this term, they made mini bows and arrows in Outdoor Learning, using lolly sticks, tooth floss and ear buds. 

  • Pre-Reception Go Back In Time

    Pre-Reception Go Back In Time

        10 January 2020

    This week Pre Reception have been going back in time, looking at how people used to live.

  • Winter Welly Walk

    Winter Welly Walk

        10 January 2020

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  • Junior Prep Spanish

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    Last term during Spanish lessons the Junior Prep children had lots of fun learning new vocabulary and improving their pronunciation.

  • Wattle and Daub

    Wattle and Daub

        10 January 2020

    Last term Year 5 learnt about the different aspects of Tudor life. 

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    Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

        06 December 2019

    The Reception children have been celebrating Saint Nicholas Day today. Saint Nikolas Day is celebrated in lots of different European Countries such as...

  • UK Maths Challenge

    UK Maths Challenge

        06 December 2019

    Congratulations to the following year 13 and 12 pupils who were awarded certificates in this year’s United Kingdom Senior Maths Team Challenge...

  • The Trade Game

    The Trade Game

        29 November 2019

    Year 6 have been learning about trade and economics in Geography as part of their thematic learning about The Victorians.

  • Year 11 Mocks Underway

    Year 11 Mocks Underway

        29 November 2019

    Year 11 have been sitting their first mock exams this week.

  • Miss Molly had a dolly

    Reception Explore Nursery Rhymes

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    Reception have been learning about Nursery Rhymes this week.

  • Wheres Bogdan?

    Where's Bogdan? X Marks the Spot!

        22 November 2019

    Year 1 have been learning positional and directional language in Geography this week. The class meerkat, Bogdan went for a walk.

  • Present please sir!

    Present Please Sir!

        22 November 2019

    Year 6 went back in time today to experience life in a Victorian School room.

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