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Time Learning Remotely

    19 June 2020

Time Learning Remotely

We hope you and your family are well! We wanted to tell you what we have done in Lockdown, so this is our story during our time inside.
Our Experience
As you know, our lives have been stuck inside the cosiness and warmth of our homes. It has been so weird being inside for so long, not able to see our friends, family and the outside world. Zooms, work and constant wondering about the different possibilities to stop this worldwide pandemic. We have tried our absolute best to cope with all the uncertainty of the last few months.
Our Independence, Bravery and Courage

These words have been a re-occuring theme throughout our lives in Lockdown. Independence, Self-esteem, Courage and Bravery, these were what mattered the most. We have been on our own, but the support and cheers pushed us, helped us and surprised us! For instance: riding a bike, cooking meals, supporting key workers... These are examples of us showing that we are not just normal school children, but brave, supportive and creative. This goes for our parents and teachers as well! 
They have put in so much effort organising and encouraging us to do our best, to try to fill our days with imagination and to explore beyond the historical questions waiting for us in the PowerPoints. This has been a hard time, but we kept on going, trying to do everything with only our knowledge and self-determination.
Our Support
Our support has been great during this difficult time. We could get help from parents, or from our teachers in the google classrooms or in the zooms. Teachers have been amazing with helping and uploading all of our tasks, putting challenges up and making sure everybody has a challenge of their liking. The Zoom calls with the teachers helped us to understand what to do and how to do it. Extra zooms for the children who aren't as confident as others helped a lot too!
Our Interaction
Our interactions were limited in this hard time. It has been amazing to be able to go on Zoom, Houseparty, Facetime and text or maybe meeting up for exercise or a picnic outside. Seeing friends on the first day of school was amazing, being able to talk face to face was the best. Planning to go on Houseparty at a certain time and playing quick draw or trivia was so fun.

Our Achievements
During our time in Lockdown, our hard work has paid off! Awards or certificates have been presented to lots of people; via Zoom assemblies or on Seesaw. Not even a pesky virus could stop our joy from being spoilt. In year 4 we have all achieved our Bronze awards , many have gained Silver and Gold awards too. Weekly Role model awards, TTRockstars awards, house points and hundreds of thousands of words read on Accelerated Reader. This proves that our teachers explain the tasks clearly so we understand what to do. As we check our Seesaw the next day, we see all of these different Awards, waiting to be announced in our Junior Prep Assemblies. Happiness flows as we receive the round of applause from our friends and we try hard again the next day, until life returns to normal.

Written by Darina and Harriet, Year 4

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