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Nick Brain, Executive Head

Welcome to Sherfield

I warmly welcome you to Sherfield School. I hope this website will give you a clear idea of our values and the opportunities available here, whether you are reading through the information as a student, prospective student or parent, previous student or a visitor.

Sherfield School is an outstanding, all-round academic, active and creative school where learners thrive and flourish as they experience the excitement and enjoyment of learning.  As one of the top independent co-educational day and boarding schools in the UK, we offer a wonderful learning environment within exquisite park and woodland surrounding a listed heritage building. 

Through a rich variety of experiences, our learners become passionate and creative problem solvers, ready to contribute to a global society.  As ambitious, enterprising, inventive and innovative young minds, they develop the confidence, resilience and resourcefulness to be successful in tackling the challenges life presents to them. Through academic rigour and a supportive environment, they grow strong, self-assured and motivated by each Sherfield experience. 

As a school community, we challenge, inspire and support each other as we create and imagine our best futures. We know and care for each other and foster an environment where students and staff feel supported whilst building strong and ambitious futures. Together we build a powerful culture of creativity that is without boundaries. We are critical thinkers who challenge ideas, pave new paths and encourage inventiveness whenever possible.

We pride ourselves on our close relationship with parents and place great value on individual contact.  Friendliness and willingness to listen are the starting points for effective collaboration and these you will find here.

If you have any questions, or would like to visit the school, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our students take great pride in showing visitors around our school. Thank you for spending time visiting our website. 

Nick Brain

Executive Head


Meet the Head

With 25 years of teaching experience within a range of educational settings, Nick has gained a real insight into the provision of high quality educational experiences. 

Prior to joining Sherfield in September 2018, Nick was Executive Headteacher of two exceptional senior schools in South Wales, with more than 2500 students.  In addition, he was an executive board member of the Central South Consortium Strategy Group, leading school improvement and school-to-school support across more than 400 schools.  Nick has been a member of an Independent Advisory Group providing advice and support to the Welsh Government on educational reform and leadership.  He was also a Headteacher representative for a Qualifications Wales Stakeholder Group supporting Welsh Government on developing skills for the future. 

Through a varied and exciting career in education, Nick has been fortunate to experience many wonderful opportunities to support young people and enable them to succeed.

  1. Who/what inspired you to become a teacher?

The incredible positive impact you can have on the future of so many young people is definitely a big attraction.  Every day is a new experience and daily interactions with children provides a real spark and excitement to life.  Coming from a family of educators, it might sound inevitable that I join the profession!  Even from a young age I was always eager to lead, coach and support others and as my interest grew through working more with children in the UK and abroad, my desire to embark on a teaching career grew.  I really believe that the opportunity to teach is a privileged position and with passion and commitment you can make such a difference.

  1. What achievement are you most proud of as Head?

I have been very fortunate in my career to work in many outstanding environments and learn so much through such varied experiences.  There are many highlights which include regional and national recognition for the successes in different schools, however I would have to say that leading an environment, which enables children to flourish and thrive with a smile on their faces every single day has to be the greatest highlight that just keeps on giving!  The ethos and culture at Sherfield School most definitely typifies this approach.

  1. What does a successful school look like to you?

First and foremost, the learning environment needs to be warm, friendly and supportive, built on positive relationships between all members of the school community.  With a strong base of support, including positive well-being, happy and vibrant learners eager to get involved, children will be curious and creative, solving problems every single day.  With a strong academic core coupled with varied and enriching co-curricular and wider curricular experiences, children will experience a passion and love for learning whilst also developing as well-rounded, global citizens ready and equipped to succeed in life.   

  1. What is the most important quality you want every child to have when they leave Sherfield School? And why?

This is a very difficult question to answer I have to say!  There are many really important qualities which are all so important.  I suppose, if I have to provide one, then I would say humility is often a very understated quality that can be forgotten.  We always talk about positive mindset, building confidence, being creative and connecting with others.  Underpinning this is a real sense of humility which enables learners to understand emotional intelligence and the subtleties surrounding getting the best out of life and other people in the best possible way whilst staying grounded and humble at the same time.

  1. Please give 5 words to describe the ethos of Sherfield School.

Warm, friendly, engaging, child-centred, positive


senior leadership team's Blog

"Sherfield is on top form, with parents writing glowing reports about the school’s revived focus...He has a positive, open manner and talks a lot about mindset and outlook, about helping the pupils to flourish and thrive. The children clearly think he’s the bee’s knees – on our visit, I lost count of how many smiling little ones ran up to him to say hello. He also knew them all by name, which is lovely. Sherfield prides itself on its community feel and Brain has really focused on re-involving and supporting parents in all aspects of school life, from his daily meet and greet at the door to his flexible approach to wrap-around care."

Maya Boyd, Muddy Stilettos Reviewer, May 2020

"Nick Brain took over in September 2018 – and in that time, he’s completely turned the school around. Since his arrival, numbers have skyrocketed by over 30 per cent, and his superbly calm demeanour means he’s a huge hit with parents, pupils and staff.

Mr Brain was drawn to the school by its warmth and strong sense of community – something that he’s fully invested in himself. He lives on site, his children are pupils at the school and he spends a heroic amount of time getting to know his charges, popping in and out of classrooms and celebrating individual pupils’ achievements."

Talk Education

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