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 Best nursery in the area, great teachers, fantastic grounds. 


Year 11 Parent:

 Sherfield has been nothing but excellent in the support, encouragement and guidance Neha has received in all of her subjects. I know she benefited immensely from the French exchange arranged by the school and it is opportunities like this and others (Chamber orchestra, house captain etc) that help children grow and build on their strengths. Her progression from Year 7 to Year 11 is a real testament to the teaching strengths that Sherfield has and can only make the school even more successful. 


Reception and Year 4 Parent:

 I've been a parent here for 6 years and I have 2 children at the school. I am very happy with the school, the staff & the facilities, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sherfield School. 


Year 4 and Year 9 Parent:

 Both my children attend Sherfield School, they’re having a brilliant experience there. Both enjoying the academic and sports side that the school offers. Would highly recommend the school - both the children and us, have made many friends there. 


Year 6 and Year 8 Parent:

 We have two children in the school with very different academic abilities and have been pleased with how the school has approached both their learning requirements.

The enrichment program has been very well received and our children look forward to Friday afternoons when they can go 'off curriculum', learning a new skill, developing friendships and gaining a wider sense of the world around them - it really is a great addition to the week.

No school ever gets everything right all of the time, just as all children have their ups and downs throughout learning. When needed to, we have been able to approach teachers and senior management to discuss any matters and have found them to be approachable and helpful and above all, open to constructive suggestions making us feel that we have a part to play in shaping the school.

We have found the discipline, reward and recognition to be fair, opportunities to take part in sports and the arts very good. There is an air of respect and kindness and always smiling students and teachers!

To date, we are very pleased with our choice, our children speak highly and proudly of attending Sherfield and we're very much looking forward to seeing the school continue to grow and prosper. 


Tilly’s Parents:

 Tilly started in nursery at Sherfield when she was just two years old. We’ve all been very happy ever since. We felt that it was important to find a school Tilly could stay at through her school years. Changing schools can be very unsettling.

We wanted an independent school that was warm and inviting, with small classes to give the children optimum attention. A co-educational school was also important. Sherfield has a real family feel and good relationships between parents and staff. The staff are approachable and supportive.

Tilly has always loved school. She looks forward to going back after the holidays. Even when she’s poorly, she tries to convince us she’s well enough to go - a brilliant achievement by the school!

Tilly has a very close knit year group. She loves her tutor and adores her maths teacher, despite maths being her weakest subject. Tilly is really enjoying her lessons. 


Partnership programme success

 We particularly like Sherfield’s partnership programmes. The partnerships give students with ability and passion a great opportunity for specialist training in their chosen activity. Tilly has been on the Equestrian programme since she was eight - as an academy rider at Wellington Riding and now the Elite Team. Sherfield School arranges Tilly’s weekly training schedule and transport.

Sherfield’s Partnership Coordinator is always available for a chat and very helpful with questions. Tilly would love to pursue her equestrian activities and hopefully combine these with her interest in film-making. We will support her 100%.

We hope that Tilly continues to be the kind and thoughtful child that she has become. Sherfield produces well-rounded little adults who go out into the world prepared for their futures. 


Charlie's Parents:

 We selected Sherfield for our son because the school met all of our criteria. We wanted a school with small class sizes to accelerate learning and confidence. It was important Charlie went to a school that he would feel a part of and bond with. From our first meeting with the Head of Prep, we felt the sense of family that the school radiated.

In just his first term, Charlie has grown and matured beyond our expectations. He has found a confidence he didn't have before. He wakes up early every day to make sure he gets on his bus and doesn't miss a day at his new school.

Sherfield supports Charlie’s love of gymnastics. He can train at his club through the week and enter regional competitions where he is winning numerous medals. He is very gymnastics-focused at the moment. He is pushing himself to one day gain a place in the Team GB squad. With Sherfield School and gymnastics, he seems to have found himself at last. 


Amelia's Parents:

 We chose Sherfield for Amelia when she was two and a half years old. We liked Sherfield’s small class sizes, family feel, early introduction to foreign languages, wide range of after school clubs, affordability and excellent OFSTED reports. We felt positive about how well the children behaved at Sherfield, how happy they seemed and the enthusiasm of the teaching staff.

Sherfield can take a child through their entire school life - from three months to 18 years in a co-ed environment. Amelia mixes with children of different nationalities and faiths, with no selection criteria and Common Entrance later in Amelia's academic life. The school has provided Amelia with a warm, happy, nurturing environment for eight years.

Amelia enjoys most aspects of school life, especially science, languages, DT and learning piano. She played in a recorder group with friends and enjoys the fabulous equestrian programme. Horse riding is one of Amelia’s main passions. Sherfield supports her in this through the school’s Equestrian Partnership. Amelia has ridden since she was six. She’s had her own loan pony since she was eight. Amelia has had success in local show jumping events. In the Pony Club, she has won and been placed in show jumping and dressage activities. Due to the Sherfield Equestrian Program, Amelia's riding has improved substantially. She now has the skills to compete in the highly competitive NSEA competitions for the school. She aspires to the One Day Eventing arena in the future.

Our main aspiration for Amelia is that she leaves Sherfield with the grades to continue her education to degree level. At the moment, Amelia's main desire is to "do something with animals." She has mentioned being a vet.

We also hope she has the positive empathetic qualities of a confident, grounded individual who has the confidence to share her opinions and the skills to help others and understand others’ views.


Year 8 Parent:

 My daughter enjoys life at Sherfield. She’s made plenty of friends across the school. The staff are open and friendly. The weekly feedback emails from her tutor are very useful.

The recent presentation on moving into Year 9 was also very useful. Her buddy is incredibly supportive towards her. This has really helped her settle. 


Reception Class Parent:

 My husband and I are very pleased with the way our son has integrated into Sherfield’s Reception Year. We are very happy with his academic achievements.

He enjoys school and has made good friends in both Reception classes. We are extremely pleased with his class teacher. He cares a lot about pupils’ emotional wellbeing as well as the academic side.

The weekly newsletters are a fantastic way of keeping in touch with our son’s progress. 


Year 5 Parent:

 Our son is very much enjoying Sherfield. We are very pleased with the teaching and the environment. Our son has made very good friends and enjoys the academic and sporting challenges.

We hear nothing but positive feedback from him. The teaching our son is receiving is excellent. 


Year 1 and Pre-reception Parent:

 In both Pre-Reception and Year 1, we have been very impressed with the new wide format touch screen boards. 

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