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Debating Day Glory

    19 October 2016

Sherfield School hosted its seventh Annual Prep School Debating Competition this week.

Five local schools took part – Sherfield, Yateley Manor, Farleigh, LVS Ascot and Holme Grange – with each putting forward two teams.

Sherfield A team were crowned winners of the competition, overcoming Yateley Manor B in the final, with Sherfield B coming in third place.

The teams were made up of two students each, from either year 7 or 8, with each team participating in a minimum of four debates. Teams were given 20 minutes to prepare once the motion for the debate was drawn.

There was a wide variety of topics, with motions ranging from whether or not all cars should be electric to the ideal length of the summer holidays. The motion for the final debate was: ‘This house believes we will always be European’.

Each debate saw the motion proposed and opposed twice, questions from the floor and a summary of arguments from each team. The debates were judged by impartial teachers who also provided feedback for the teams.

Debating has numerous benefits for both young people and adults. It builds general knowledge around varied subject areas, develops communication skills in the form of both speech and body language, and increases confidence and self-esteem.

Teacher of Maths at Sherfield and organiser of the competition, Derek Ferrier, said the day was a huge success.

“The competition this year was excellent,” commented Mr Ferrier.

“It is designed for novice speakers of 11 to 13 years and we had a terrific development of all the speakers during the day as they competed with and learnt from each other.

“The standard this year was the highest we have seen. Public speaking is a valuable life skill and these young people have become confident standing up to speak in front of others.”

Megan, a member of the triumphant Sherfield team, said: “This was a unique opportunity for me to try debating – I hope to be able to do more in the future. Every competing team was worthy of winning, but it was fantastic to win at our first competition.”

Head of Sherfield Prep School, Mr Meakin reflected “When young children intercept me in the corridor, jumping up and down with excitement over their performance at debating, we know we are doing something worthwhile and meaningful. Well done to all who took part.”


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    Big Buddy Workout

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    A huge thank you to all our pupils in Year 1 to 6 who have been collecting their sponsorship money following the Big Buddy workout last Wednesday.

  • Mixed Media Portraits

    Mixed Media Portraits

        20 January 2020

    In the last half term Year 12 artists have been researching mixed media portraiture. They developed and designed their own interpretations on this the...

  • Gone Fishing

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    Tremendous Tens and Ones

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  • Senior Prep English Coffee Morning

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  • Young Voices 2020

    Young Voices 2020

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  • Year 10 Moodlighting

    Year 10 Moodlighting

        17 January 2020

    Year 10s have been working really hard recently designing mood lighting using the design programme CAD and are now building their circuits.

  • Wild Wild West!

    Wild Wild West!

        10 January 2020

    To build on the Year 6’s theme this term, they made mini bows and arrows in Outdoor Learning, using lolly sticks, tooth floss and ear buds. 

  • Pre-Reception Go Back In Time

    Pre-Reception Go Back In Time

        10 January 2020

    This week Pre Reception have been going back in time, looking at how people used to live.

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