Sixth Form Curriculum

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Pastoral Care

At Sherfield, pastoral and personal care are key at all levels. We place great emphasis on empathy, motivation and social and cultural awareness. Pupil wellbeing is at the heart of Sherfield.

Tutor groups are small and every pupil has a tutor. Each child has a high level of support. Our aim is to ensure each child achieves their full potential in a nurturing environment. We take our partnership with our parents’ very seriously. Tutors contact parents with progress updates. Regular parent information evenings give further contact.

Sherfield School House system

Pupils are placed in one of four Houses: Buckfield, Loddon, Lydney and Wynstow. Children mix with all age groups in their house. Each house has a monthly assembly. Housepoints are awarded for competitions in areas such as sport, art, music, maths, English and languages. Children work together for team success. Each house also raises funds for charity.

 The school provides excellent support and guidance. Tutor groups are small and pupils are known well by their teachers. Staff are fully committed to helping the pupils to achieve the best of which they are capable and relationships between staff and pupils are very positive.  (ISI Inspection Report).

 Pupils demonstrate excellent standards of personal development; they are aware of the needs of others and have caring and responsible attitudes… and show a keen awareness of spirituality; they know right from wrong and appreciate a wide range of cultures.  (ISI Inspection Report).


Sherfield School’s extra-curricular life is exciting and diverse. Our extended lunch break means pupils can enjoy a wide range of activities, develop skills and make great friends.

We offer Sixth Form students:


  • Senior Portrait Masterclass    
  • Set Design and prop making    
  • Open studio time for GCSE students    
  • GCSE Ceramic portraits    
  • Installation/sculpture class    
  • Prep and Senior Art Club    
  • Open Studio time for GCSE students    
  • Costume Design    
  • Fabrics and Fashion

Science, and Design Technology

  • Boat making: Designing and Making Radio Controlled Boats
  • Young Engineers
  • The Science Documentary Club
  • The Science Project Club


  • The Geographical Society


  • French song society    
  • GCSE Spanish    
  • Ab Initio language


  • Senior Maths Club        


  • Advanced Drama Club    
  • Sherfield Rock Choir/Glee Club    
  • Creative Music Society    
  • Sherfield Woodwind ensemble    
  • Senior Ukulele Orchestra    
  • Senior Rock Academy    


  • Football
  • Netball
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Fitness Suite
  • Mountain Biking
  • Ice Skating


  • Film and Media Club
  • Air Army Cadet Force
  • Senior Cookery Club
  • Diplomacy
  • Debating
  • The Roman Society
  • Victorian Society
  • Young Enterprise
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Two column layout