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Sherfield School’s popular and stimulating nursery school is open to children from the age of three months.

Our Independent Schools Inspectorate report praised our outstanding Early Years and Nursery classrooms, excellent outdoor play areas and tailored teaching and support for each child. The Nursery has been rated outstanding by ISI in the last three inspections - 2017, 2014 and 2010.

We place real emphasis on helping each child develop their academic, physical and social skills. All Nursery and Pre-Reception children have a designated person to help them settle in and liaise with parents.

Our youngest children enjoy a nurturing and caring learning environment with our encouraging nursery school staff. With frequent walks and outdoor activities, the children experience nature and enjoy wildlife in Sherfield’s beautiful surroundings.

You are welcome to visit the nursery to see the children learn and play, and to take in the stunning grounds and buildings.

Contact us on to arrange a visit.

"Best nursery in the area, great teachers, fantastic grounds."

Nursery Parent, August 2020


Nursery school structure



Our Caterpillar room is for children aged 3 to 19 months. In this room we try to encourage the children to learn through sensory and explorative play. With this we are inspired by the curiosity approach which is to create a very natural and curious environment for children to thrive and flourish which is our pedagogy.



Our Ladybird room is for children aged 18/19 to 30 months. In this room we encourage children to further their learning through discovery and adventure as they explore schemas and create strengthen relationships with others.



Our Butterflies room is for children aged 30 months to the September before they go to school. In this room we develop their independence and confidence.

Our outstanding staff encourage children as their learning develops and they become used to structure. Children have regular visits to the school library. They enjoy music and movement sessions in the dance studio. Sherfield’s young children also love our outdoor spaces. The Nursery garden has a superb range of outdoor equipment. There are areas to dig and play, and trails to explore.

Throughout their time in Butterflies, children learn independence as they prepare for Pre-Reception.

They are given chances to make more choices which increases confidence and communication. Regular visits to the school library and hands-on sessions with our Clever Touch Smart Boards ensure that children learn through play in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.


Beyond the nursery

Sherfield School operates a two-year Reception cycle programme, 'Head Start', from age 3 to 5 which maximises your child's continuous learning and development during what research shows are the most critical years of a child's education and brain development.

With the Early Years Foundation Stage seven areas of learning at its core, this two year programme is the start of their school education at Sherfield and pupils are invited to join the school from Pre-Reception.

Children enter into Pre-Reception, and the school, the September following their third birthday. They are joined by a few additional new pupils. Two terms before they transition to our Reception class they will have the opportunity to spend time in small groups in our 'booster class' which is next to our Reception classes.

Children in Butterflies who are due to start Pre-Reception from that September will be invited to join the programme from the January before.

Please click here to learn more about our Pre-Reception and Reception.

Nursery Handbook


Excellent inspection results

Sherfield School’s Early Years and Nursery were inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in October 2014.

Our provision was judged outstanding in all areas. Read the full report here


Nursery Admissions

If you would like to register your interest for admissions please click here.

Please note that Sherfield School does not offer the EYE grant funded sessions (i.e. 15 free hours or 30 free hours funding).

Click here to view the fees.

"Sherfield’s nursery is a relaxed, friendly facility in the school’s former boarding house...The carer to child ratio is high, and it was nice to see some little ones simply being cuddled. The outdoor area is well-equipped, with a mud kitchen and lots of toys. Children spend a lot of time outdoors and use a good deal of the grounds for supervised nature walks (when I arrived, they were walking hand-in-hand through the daffodils). Children have regular visits to the school library and enjoy music and movement sessions in the dance studio. Pre-reception children have timetabled activities including PE lessons and yoga."

Maya Boyd, Muddy Stilettos Reviewer, May 2020


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