Food technology

“ Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.”


Our aim at Sherfield is very simple; we want our pupils to cook well, so that they eat well and stay well.  Our superbly equipped teaching kitchens allow the pupils to acquire valuable life skills; they are able to choose, cook and eat healthy and delicious food.  Our practical, cookery-centred curriculum is unique to Sherfield School; we have pupils who show “evidence of excellent practical skills” (WJEC, Oct 2012) and outstanding GCSE exam results.

In Years 7 and 8 the pupils study for one term per academic year, within that term we study two topics

Year 7 Topic one: Healthy Day

Apple and Raisin Breakfast Muffins
Pitta Chips
Lamb Biryani

The pupils imagine that they are at home on their own for the day; what will they cook for themselves? We teach them how to make a healthy breakfast, main meal and snacks. They learn how to work safely in the kitchen: basic food hygiene, using the hob, oven and cutting skills with a sharp knife. Pupils understand how to use the “Eatwell Plate” to balance meals.
Topic two: Pasta Mania

Macaroni Cheese
Tomato Sauce
Bolognaise Sauce
Simple pasta shapes – Farfalle
Filled pasta

The pupils build on the techniques learned, making at least three different pasta sauces. Pupils will make pasta and some pupils will make tortellini or ravioli.
Year 8 Topic one: Cakes!

Victoria Sandwich Cake
Scones, Thumb buns
Brownies, Brandy Snaps
Swiss Roll, Baked Alaska
Decorated gateaux
Bakewell tart.

A favourite topic for all pupils! By the end of this topic the pupils know how to make cakes using each of the four main cake making methods.
Topic two: Love Food Hate Waste This is a relevant and highly topical issue. The pupils learn about the extent of food waste locally and nationally. They understand the causes of food waste. They learn how to store food correctly and cook with left overs (rechauffe)

Other opportunities

In addition to this, the pupils can take part in after school cooking clubs e.g. Christmas Cooking, Great Sherfield Bake Off.

At Sherfield, the head of Food and Catering is also responsible for the school Catering function and this has enabled us to embed what is taught in class about healthy eating at lunchtime, where the pupils are able to help themselves to a healthy and balanced lunch. We also use the Catering kitchens as evidence of good practice for our GCSE pupils.